light bulbTo bet real money on esports is getting more frequent. It’s a good way to earn some money and matches tend to get more exciting when betting on them. Today a lot of the bigger sportsbooks offer bets on esports. More and more are starting to get into the esports scene as it grows larger. As a new player that wants to get started with esports betting, there is a lot of bonus offers that we list on our website. On our website, you can find out what sportsbooks that have bonuses and how much you can get in bonus.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 150% bonus up to €150 (code: EB150) Review Play
3 2 x €13.37 risk free bets Review Play
4 Check bonus info Review Play


League of Legends
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
Dota 2
Starcraft 2
Heroes of The Storm


notebookYou can start by reading our reviews about the listed sportsbooks to get some pros and cons. Be sure to take your time to choose a sportsbook that suits you best. It would also be wise to read about the bonus requirements when registering to a new sportsbook. And remember, the requirements for bonuses can change from time to time.

You should also do some research about the players/teams that you decide to bet on. That will increase your chances to win money on esports betting. We made a checklist that you can use before you decide to bet real money on esports.

  • The current shape of the team/players?
  • Head to head statistics, who won last time they played?
  • Do any of the team have home soil advantage? If it’s played out on lan.

Information like this could be the key to winning. It could take some time to get good at esports betting, and it could be wise to take advice from people on different esports forums. Sometimes even the sportsbook offers could give you some tips on esports betting.


  • Do they offer esports betting on the games you prefer?
  • Does the sportsbook have a license?
  • Dedicated customer support?
  • Good bonuses?
  • Available payment methods?
  • User-friendly website


Bovada (US)


1 = that team 1 wins the match, 2 = that team 2 wins the game or X = that there’s a draw between the two teams. In some games, there is no X and the winner will be decided during overtime. Some sportsbooks even offer special bets like who will draw first blood in DotA 2 or who will win the knife round in CSGO.

Keep in mind that not every sportsbook offers special bets.


bookPreparation is key – reading esports news sites regularly is a good idea, that way you’ll gain knowledge that can be helpful; such as roster changes, tournament schedules etc. Simply put, even basic research before you place your bets can make a huge difference. Also, read our reviews to figure out which sportsbook that suits you the best. People value different things and some might find a big bonus necessary to get started, others might prioritize a sportsbook that offers a larger esports selection. In the end, it’s all about finding the right sportsbook for you and your specific needs. Remember to be smart when placing esports bets; it does not always have to be your favorite team winning a match. Instead, always think of ways you can maximize your winnings. Good luck!