Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a First-Person shooter developed by Valve and it was released August 2012. CSGO is a sequel to the classic games Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. Ever since CSGO was released, it has grown into one of the biggest eSports games today. Plenty of tournaments and leagues are being played annually, both online and at LAN. Competitive CSGO is played between two teams consisting of five players each: terrorists versus counter-terrorists.

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Most sportsbooks out there
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Real money bets on CSGO has gained a lot of popularity. First-Person shooters have for a long time been a fan favorite in gaming, so the success story of CSGO didn’t come as a surprise. It can, however, be a bit tricky to find the most suitable sportsbook for one’s needs when it comes to CSGO betting. It’s of importance to do a check up on a sportsbook’s eSports offering, security, licensing, bonuses, etc. But don’t worry, we’ve done all of this for you!


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Step 2. Fill in the form. 1. Account Information, 2.Personal Details, and 3.Contact Details.

That’s it! You’re ready to make your first deposit and start betting on CSGO!

betway lander betway signup form

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There’s a lot of sportsbooks out there that are providing customers with wagering on CSGO and other eSports games. The editors of esportsbets24 have reviewed every trustworthy sportsbooks that are offering bets on csgo. Betway, bet365, Unibet, Betsafe, Betsson, Bet-at-Home, Expekt, PAF, Bovada (US players only), Nordic Bet, EGB and Pinnacle Sports

CSGObetting Advice

To get an edge when betting real money on CSGO and other eSports, it’s essential that know what you’re doing. A great start is just to play the game. That way a fundamental knowledge of the game’s mechanics will be gained. Knowing how the game works will come in handy when watching the pro’s play.

Get the latest CSGO news and scores on http://www.thescoreesports.com/csgo/news. Also, a mobile app is available that delivers csgo news straight to your pocket.

  • Keep track of the CSGO scene
  • Head to head results past matches?
  • Is any team playing with a stand-in?
  • How’s the team’s current form?
  • Any recent changes to the team? Roster changes?






Most of us might be familiar with how traditional sports like football or ice hockey betting works. The process of esports wagering is the same.

However, the whole aspect of real money betting can be a bit confusing for beginners. So, how can CSGO odds be explained? Odds are the ratio between amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability either way. Let’s say the odds are high on an outcome, the likelihood of this coming true is not very likely. And because of that, the reward would be greater.

If you bet on an outcome with low odds, the probability of this coming true is very likely. But with less reward.

Still confused? No worries, examples images below will help.

Example 1 – Betway
betway esports odds example

As shown in the picture, a bet on ”Team Refuse” would result in 2.10 times the wagered money. If ”Team Refuse” wins, that is. So, a €100 bet on ”Team Refuse” could potentially give €210 in winnings.

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Example 2 – Special Bets Betway
betway special esports odds

The example above is the odds for guessing the Map 2 winner in a bo3 match. If you think that ”ik” will win map 2 and places a bet of €100 you stand a chance to win €240.


A fair amount of sportsbooks that are offering csgo betting is welcoming new customers with a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus can be a great way of increasing your betting bank. However, keep in mind that with a deposit bonus comes terms and conditions that are unique for each sportsbook.


There are two types of betting for CSGO and other eSports; standard betting and live betting.

Standard betting includes standard and special odds. Standard odds in the sense which team that will take the win or if the game will end in a tie.

Special odds could, for example, be a matter of which team to win the first map or get the first kill. In other words, odds that do not include the standard odds of which team to win or if a match ends up a tie.

Live betting


Competitive CSGO is played 5v5, terrorists against counter-terrorists. A game can last up to 30 rounds, the first team to reach 16 will win the match. Overtime can occur if the game ends in a tie, 15-15. The terrorists’ primary objective is to plant the bomb on the bomb sites (A or B) before the time runs out. Or simply eliminate all the counter-terrorists. The counter-terrorists are supposed to prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb, or defuse the bomb if the terrorists manage to get the plant.

The most common maps are de_dust2, de_cache, de_train, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_cobblestone and de_overpass. The absolute highest level of competitive csgo takes a lot of tactics. You could look at csgo as really advanced chess. You’ll have to think about your moves ahead.

Another important aspect is how the economy works in csgo. Please see the images below for additional information.



Start EndTournamentOrganizationPrize Pool
January 13January 17StarLadder StarSeries XIVStarSeries$200,000
January 22January 24DreamHack Leipzig 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
February 4February 7Global eSports Cup Season 1$200,000
February 9May 1ESL Pro League S3ESL ESEA$512,000
February 19February 21ESL Expo BarcelonaESL€75,000
March 2March 18Intel Extreme Masters X - WCIEM$250,000+
March 17March 18CPL S - Finals$80,000
March 29April 3MLG Major Championship ColumbusMLG$1,000,000
April 12April 17DreamHack Masters MalmöDreamHack Masters$250,000
April 22April 22DreamHack Bucharest 2016DreamHackTBD
May 6May 8DreamHack Austin 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
May 24July 30 ELEAGUE Season 1ELEAGUE$1,400,000
June 18June 21DreamHack Summer 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
July 5July 10ESL One Cologne 2016ESL One$1,000,000
October 28October 30DreamHack Cluj 2016DreamHackTBD
November 24November 27DreamHack Winter 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000