The game was developed by Valve and is the stand-alone sequel to the Warcraft 3 map Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Valve released the game in 2013 after being in public beta since 2011. Since then Dota 2 has gained a lot of popularity and is today one of the most played games on Steam. There is multiple professional leagues and tournaments.

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Gambling money on Dota 2 is something that is steadily growing ever since the sportsbooks gave us the possibility to bet money on this popular e-sport title. Big tournaments with high prize pool have created a craving for persons that follows the scene to be involved and earn money on their favorite teams.


If you’re not yet a member on Betway, you’re eligible to get a deposit bonus to get such a good start as possible. A 100% bonus of up to £30 is available on your first money transfer. Betway got a big e-sport market with a lot of betting possibilities. As a player, you won’t have any problems finding odds for Dota 2 leagues and tournaments. Besides betting on Dota, you will find other e-sport titles to bet real money on such as CSGO, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and more. Betway is an excellent choice if you want to try out e-sport betting. Read our review of Betway.

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Becoming a Betway member

Step 1. Click on “Register Now” once you’re on Betway’s website.
Step 2. Fill in the form properly.

Easy huh? You’re ready to deposit and place your bets!

betway lander  betway signup form

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There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to Dota2 betting if Betway or bet365 don’t suit you. We recommend that you take a look at our comprehensive reviews of each sportsbook that offers real money betting on esports. Betway, bet365, Unibet, Betsson, Bet-at-Home and Pinnacle Sports.


We recommend that you play and have an understanding of how Dota 2 works. Since that allows you to understand how the game functions. And can more easily follow the game when watching matches. Keeping an eye on the professional scene and the different teams and recent results also help. In Dota 2 you can buy tickets for most tournaments and watch them in-game. You can also view them free on streaming sites like Twitch.

For the smoothest way to get information about match results, we recommend With this smartphone app, you will always get the latest results, and you can even get live info from games currently being played.

Follow the professional scene
Look up recent matches between the two teams
Is any team playing with a stand-in?
How is the team’s performance? Are they currently in a slump?
Has the team made any changes recently like recruiting a new player?




If you haven’t played on Odds previously; the most basic rule is that the higher the odds are, the more money you receive from a possible win. At the same time, you have to take into account that the greater the odds are, the more unlikely you are to win. Lower odds mean you are more likely to win, but you’ll receive less money.

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Example 1


betway dota 2 odds betting

Above we see that the odds for Evil Geniuses winning the Shanghai Major are 3.80. So if you bet $100, you will receive 3,8 times that money, giving you a total of $380.

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Example 2


Betway specialodds betting

Here we have an example of special odds from Betway’s “Other markets” where you can find “specials” to bet on. In this case, you can bet on whether or not Team A will win at least one map with 1.35 in odds.

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Receiving a bonus amount of money to bet with when depositing money is common when looking for sportsbooks to use. Most sportsbooks offer a deposit bonus, and it’s a great way to get started with real money betting in e-sports. Keep in mind that the bonus and how you can use it varies depending on the requirements by the sportsbook.


The most common betting market is which team will win. You place a bet on either Team 1 or Team 2. If the odds for Team 1 winning is 2.00, you receive twice the money. Comparing odds between different sportsbooks facilitates becoming a good better in Dota 2. Here at our website, you’ll get help picking a sportsbook that fits you and ensures you get the best possible sportsbook when it comes to real money betting on Dota 2.

Special odds can be which team gets “First blood” or which one reaches “First 10 kills”. Sometimes there is also the possibility to bet money on which of the teams kill Roshan first. Such special bets differ from the regular betting market since not every sportsbook offers special bets.

Live betting on Dota 2 is an exciting alternative letting you, the player bet money on which team will win while the match is being played. Live odds give you, who follows games, a significant advantage since you will have some insight on the game outcome. Is a team about to make a comeback? Don’t miss your chance to place a bet before it’s too late!

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Dota 2 belongs to the MOBA genre (Multiplayer online battle arena). Two teams, Radiant, and Dire play against each other on a map that is always the same. Each team has 5 players, and the goal is to destroy the other team’s base, the ancient. Each lane on the map has creeps that are controlled by the computer and simply run down the lane stopping only to attack enemy creeps, heroes, and buildings. There are sets of towers on each lane that shoot at enemies and have to be destroyed if you want to push down your lane. When the enemy Ancient is destroyed, the game is over.

All heroes are free, and as the game progresses, you will increase in level and earn gold from killing creeps, buildings, and heroes. You can buy different items from the shops on the map.

Currently, there are 111 heroes to pick from in Dota 2. Each hero serves a role and offers unique gameplay. Some heroes are more suited for the support role, the most important part about support heroes is that they don’t need tons of gold and XP to be useful. Some heroes are more suited for the carry role and focus on farming and eventually dealing out tons of damage. All heroes in Dota 2 are free and available to new players.

Ranking system
In Dota 2 there is a ranked matchmaking where the player is placed with other players that have a similar MMR (Matchmaking Rating). It is analogous to the standard mode except you can see your MMR and eventually end up on leaderboards if it is high enough. You need to be a certain level before unlocking the ranked matchmaking. Ranked can be played with groups but in that case, you get a party MMR instead of a solo MMR.


StartTournamentOrganizationPrize Pool
DecemberThe Summit 6The Summit
OctoberMarsTV Dota 2 League 2016MDL
AugustThe International 2016The International$8,771,936
JulySL i-League StarSeries Season 2SL i-League$300,000
JulyThe Summit 5The Summit
JulyNanYang Dota 2 Championships S2NYC$200,000
JuneESL One Frankfurt 2016ESL One$250,000
JuneThe Manila Major 2016Majors$3,000,000
MayWePlay Dota2 League Season 3WePlay$208,239
AprilESL One Manila 2016ESL One$250,000
AprilSL i-League Invitational Season 4SL i-League$100,000
MarchDota Pit League Season 4Dota Pit$195,274
MarchThe Shanghai Major 2016Majors$3,000,000
JanuaryMarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 WinterMDL$277,668
JanuarySL i-League StarSeries Season 1SL i-League$302,227