The beta version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was released January 2014, and the full adaptation of the game saw it’s light a few months later. Hearthstone is a digital card collection game developed by Blizzard. The game has more than 10 million registered users. Hearthstone is known for its fast pace speed and easy to use interface. And on top of that, it’s also free to play. Hearthstone is also available on Android devices and iPhone.

A few sportsbooks offer Hearthstone betting. Hearthstone lacks a bit when it comes to leagues and tournaments, compared to other esports games. Betway, bet365, and Betsafe are the sportsbooks that usually have Hearthstone available to bet on whenever a tournament is live.

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Hearthstone is a relatively new esports game, there are, however, already sportsbooks out there that provide real money betting on it. Along with the growth of Hearthstone, it’s getting a lot more common to see Hearthstone odds at different sportsbooks. One well-established sportsbook that offers Hearthstone betting is Betway.



Betway is one of the best options right now if you’re looking to bet on esports. They have an entire section dedicated to eSports with lots of games to bet on. Betway also run their blog filled with eSports news and expert tips from public esports profiles like Lurppis. A great experience awaits those who choose to sign up with Betway. Besides Hearthstone you will also be able to place real money bets on League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks and Call of Duty.

As a customer at Betway, you’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus up to £30 (bonus offer may vary depending on where you live). Find out more about Betway in our review.

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2 steps – Betway registration

Step 1. Click on ”Register Now” to set up an account.

Step 2. Fill in the Betway registration form.

Congratulations! You’re ready to make your first deposit. All of the most common payment methods are available.

betway lander  betway signup form

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There are plenty of sportsbooks other than Bet365 and Betway out there. Please have a look at our reviews of bookies to see which ones that are providing Hearthstone betting. Perhaps you’ll find a more suitable sportsbook than Betway or Bet365?


There are quite a handful of things to give some consideration when placing bets on Hearthstone. First of all, a great way of getting into how a specific game works is, of course, to play the game! That’ll get you some basic understanding of how the game work. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of helpful guides and videos that hopefully will get you going.

Get the latest scores and news about Hearthstone via TheScoreEsports. Download their app and get the latest Hearthstone news straight to your pocket!

  • Get into the game – play it, watch pro games, read guides
  • Previous head-to-head matchups?
  • The current form of the player?






Real money bets on Hearthstone or any other esport works exactly like traditional sports betting. Don’t worry if you’re new to betting; we will explain eSports betting in detail. We’ve even put together a couple of example pictures with Hearthstone odds.

Odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you place a bet. 5/1 for every £1 you bet, you will win £5. Can also be calculated as 1 / (5 + 1) = 0.16, there is a 16% chance that the outcome will occur.

Betway – special odds example
betway hearthstone odds

A bet on “Hearthstone To Be Part Of Winter Olympics 2030” will potentially get you 100 times your money.

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Excellent deposit bonuses are offered by most of the today’s sportsbooks; these bonuses are often eligible for esports as well. Almost all of our listed sportsbooks offer new customers a deposit bonus. However, make sure that the sportsbook is providing bets on Hearthstone before you claim any bonus offer.

Betway and bet365 are two gambling companies that provide their customers with very generous bonus offers. However, keep in mind that the offer may vary depending on where you live. Both Betway and bet365 have Hearthstone betting available from time to time.


Standard odds are the most common type of bets when wagering on Hearthstone. Live betting is not available as for now; that’s something we’ll see shortly.

Standard odds are referring to a match winner or if a game ends up as a tie.

Special odds could be which player to take the lead in a match or the exact winning score.


Hearthstone is played one versus one in turn-based matches using digital cards. The players equip weapons, summon minions or cast spells using their cards. The game can be played between two real life players or against a computer-controlled opponent. Each player picks a hero representing a particular class. Each class has its unique cards with special hero abilities. There are nine classes available: “Mage”, Jaina Proudmoore, “Priest”, Anduin Wrynn, “Warlock”, Gul’dan, “Paladin”, Uther the Lightbringer, “Warrior”, Garrosh Hellscream, “Druid”, Malfurion Stormrage, “Hunter”, Rexxar, “Rogue”, Valeera Sanguinar, “Shaman”, Thrall.

Each hero starts with 30 health. If a hero’s health goes down to 0 or hits negative, the player controlling that hero loses the match. A Hearthstone match takes place on a battlefield that is randomly selected. There are currently eight different battlefields: Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Pandaria, Strangletorn, Naxxramas, Goblins vs. Gnomes, Blackrock Mountain, and Grand Tournament.