Prepare For The 2016 LCS Summer Split

Prepare For The 2016 LCS Summer Split

LCS Summer Split Betting

Tournament: 2016 LCS Summer Split
Date: June 2nd – July 31st

The final split before Worlds 2016 is starting June 2nd and this split is bringing us new teams and a brand new format and schedule. The EU LCS still follows the regular Thursday-Fri, but all the matches are now Best of 2. NA will have Best of 3 matches instead and now begin right after EU on Friday and continue all the way to Sunday. With new teams, new format. and lots of roster changes this could be the most exciting split yet.


As stated earlier EU will now have Best of 2 matches instead of Best of 1, the schedule remains the same. EU LCS did not have any teams qualify through challenger this split, but previous Elements were bought by German football club Schalke 04, the roster is the same except for changing the mid player in favor of Fox.

Perhaps the most interesting roster change is Fnatic bringing back their old support player Yellowstar who last year helped them to the semi-finals at Worlds 2015. G2 who won the last split have changed out their carry Emperor and support player Hybrid in favor of Origen duo Zven and Mithy. Origen who lost their bottom duo to G2 have opted to replace them with Forg1ven and Hybrid. With these changes in the top teams and the new format, this will be a thrilling split.


NA will be using Best of 3 matches which means there’s always a winner and no ties. Due to the potential of matches being very long the schedule will now be over 3 days instead of the regular 2. Due to 2 teams being banned and forced to sell their spots we now have 3 new teams counting the challenger qualifier. Team Envyus have taken over Renegade’s spot and changed out most of the players. Phoenix1 have purchased Team Impulse’s spot and only keeping 2 of the previous players. Lastly, we have Apex coming from the challenger qualifiers, a team that features LCS veteran Xpecial and other talented players like Apollo and Keane.

CLG who have won the last 2 splits and performed well at MSI reaching the grand finals have, as expected, not made any roster changes. Team Solomid lost their support and captain Yellowstar to Fnatic and have replaced him with up and coming player Biostar. Immortal’s who seemed unstoppable in the last split going 17-1 in groups ended up getting trashed in the semis by Team Solomid. They have only changed out some of their support staff and kept their players. One team to keep an eye on is Echo Fox who struggled the last split due to visa issues, forcing them to play with subs for a large part of the split. With all their players ready for this split they could prove quite fearsome.

LCS Summer Split Betting Information

LCS EU and NA having two different formats are great for you that wants to bet on LoL. Best of 2 series have a chance of ending in a draw, increasing your betting options, and also a larger chance for upsets than a BO3. BO3 series, on the other hand, are generally won by the better team and there’s much less chance of an upset. With all the new players and teams anything could happen of course and that’s what makes betting on esports so exciting.

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