Eports betting sites 2019

medalBrowsing the internet in search of the best esports betting site can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve gone through the trouble to list the very best esports betting sites on the market.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
2 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
3 2 x €13.37 risk free bets Review Play
4 100% up to €50 Review Play
5 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
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So, what does it take to get listed on Esportsbets24? Quite a lot actually, since we solely want to bring attention to sportsbooks that meet our requirements. To be more specific, criteria’s that are required includes gambling license, good reputation, a wide selection of esports, profitable eSports bonus offer, support for a variety of devices, and a secure website.

New esports betting sites

Due to esports being the fastest growing spectator sport in the world, nearly every gambling companies have added esports betting to their sportsbooks. And it’s not exclusively well-established businesses that have made the priority to jump on the bandwagon. We also see a lot of new launches of websites entirely dedicated to offering esports odds.

Before adding a new esports betting site, we always try it out for ourselves first. And that is to make sure that the website holds a certain standard. Trust me; we do not add all new companies just for the sake of it. If that were the case, you’d see more companies listed on our site. We strictly aim to provide you with the absolute best esports sportsbook start-ups in 2017.

Please check in with us regularly as we always are working on extending our list of esports betting websites. There are already a ton of established companies out there, so it can be exciting to mix it up a bit by exploring something new.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
2 2 x €13.37 risk free bets Review Play
3 100% up to €50 Review Play
4 €30 FREE Bet Review Play

Legit esports betting

shieldWhen you’re looking to gamble online, it’s of great importance to find a legit operator. And it’s perhaps especially important for esports. Largely because of the shady skins betting sites circulating online. That’s why we’ve taken advantage of our years of gambling and esports knowledge. So, we ended up creating Esportsbets24 to ensure that you choose a legit esports betting site.

Now, how do we determine whether a site is legit? There are a few factors that we’ve taken into consideration:

Gambling license

Every single site that is offering gambling services needs to hold a license. And this goes for esports betting sites as well. So, to provide you the best possible experience, we only list websites that operate legally and holds a license.


A site’s reputation can be a deal breaker for many, for good reasons of course. It’s important to know that a gambling company has a history of satisfied customers. What are people saying about the brand that is of your interest? Did they have an overall pleasant experience?

Selection of esports

Providing bets on at least CSGO, League of Legends and Dota 2 is an absolute requirement to be listed on Esportsbets24. Additional esports games are, of course, a plus. Most of our listed sites do in fact offer bets on all known esports.

Exclusive bonus offers

Via Esportsbets24, you’ll get access to the markets most profitable esports bonuses. You will also find exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else. Compare bonus promotions on our site and choose whatever sportsbook that suits you the best.

Mobile device support

Thanks to modern technology you can get started with esports betting no matter where you are. Stuck in traffic? No worries, get the time to pass by placing bets on CSGO or whichever esport you prefer. Esports mobile betting is easy, fast, and fun!

Website security

Security is a vital factor in gambling environments. A trustworthy company should take its customers safety and integrity seriously. Our featured sites utilities full protection, so it’s just as safe as using your online bank, etc.

Esports betting odds explained

We’re sure that most of you are familiar with traditional sports odds. But for those who aren’t, we thought we’d give an explanation.

Let’s say that Heroic and Astralis are facing each other. And the odds are 4.25 on Heroic and 1.18 on Astralis. Meaning, Astralis are heavily favored. Higher odds give a higher payout but are less likely to occur. And the other way around, low odds gives less payout but is considered a “safe” bet.

A €100 bet on Heroic, in this case, would give you a total of €425 in winnings, 100 * 4.25 = 425.

Mobile esports bets

Today’s customers want more as technology advances. Thanks to mobile phones we get fast access to all kind of information and services 24/7, so why would gambling be any different? There’s nothing strange about wanting to place bets on esports whenever you feel like it, regardless of where you’re located or what time it is.

Carry esports betting with you and take your experience to the next level. Our favorite esports mobile betting sites guarantee a fun time and hopefully massive winnings. Whether you want to place mobile bets on CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch or even FIFA – we’ve got you covered.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
2 2 x €13.37 risk free bets Review Play
3 100% up to €50 Review Play
4 €30 FREE Bet Review Play

Useful betting tips

Maximize your esports betting winnings by following our guidelines. Not sure where to bet? No problem, we have reviewed several prominent esports betting sites. We also explain how esports odds work and what you should keep in mind when you’re deciding which sportsbook to choose.

Check out our comprehensive guide for additional eSports betting tips. Our guide provides you with neat tricks that could potentially give you an upper hand when placing bets on CSGO, League of Legends and other popular eSports.

Esports deposits & withdrawals

credit cardSmooth and secure payment options are necessary for any legit bookmaker. Today’s customers are very selective when it comes to sharing sensitive information such as banking information. That’s why we bring you esports gambling sites with high-security standards, which guarantees you absolute trustworthiness with your monetary transactions and personal data.

Our recommended bookmakers offer lots of deposit & withdrawal options. Choose between alternatives like VISA Maestro, MasterCard, Skrill, Nordea by Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal, Paysafecard, Entropay, Trustly, Bank Wire and Cheque!