Starcraft 2 (SC2) is the sequel to the extremely popular Starcraft: Brood War and was released in 2010. Since then there have been 2 expansion packs: Heart of the Swarm (2013) and Legacy of
the Void (2015). Starcraft is one of the pioneers in eSports and is very popular for betting. With the release of Legacy of the Void in late 2015, the interest for the game has been renewed and there are large amounts of tournaments to bet on.

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Starcraft 2 is one of the biggest eSports titles to bet real money on. With its exciting real-time strategy gameplay it’s not hard to understand why. Finding sportsbooks that offer money betting on esports, specifically Starcraft 2 can be difficult, that’s why we provide you with all the info you will need to get started with Starcraft 2 betting.


Betway has made themselves famous for their great odds betting and offers brand new customers a 100% deposit bonus up to £30. Here you can bet money on Starcraft 2 and other eSports titles. Betway offers a broad betting market with advantageous odds.

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Unibet offers a 50% risk-free bet and offers a wide array of different eSports titles to bet on. You’ll find the latest leagues and tournaments to bet real money on.

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Of course, there are more sportsbooks if Betway or Unibet don’t suit you. We at have reviewed all the serious sportsbooks that allow bets on Starcraft 2 and other esports: bet365,bet at home, Bovada, Expekt, Betsson and Pinnacle Sports.


Playing the game is an advantage, but not necessary, there are plenty of people that do not play and only follow the professional scene and still have a successful betting career in SC2. We still recommend playing the game a bit so you understand the core mechanics, you can also read the Starcraft 2 wiki to get an understanding of the game.

If you easily want to be able to know the latest match results we recommend As it is a smartphone app you can get the latest news directly in your pocket.

Keep an eye on the scene
How have previous matches ended?
How is the player’s current form?
Any recent patches that may affect the match outcome?




You’ve most likely heard of odds before, but what exactly is it? The probability of a match is an easy way to explain it. When speaking about esports betting the odds are the likelihood for an outcome to happen. In most cases, this is which player will win the match. See example 1.

Example 1

unibet starcraft 2 betting

Here we can bet money on which player will win the match. If we bet on aLive (2) on 2.10 odds we will receive 2.10* our money. A $100 bet will give us $210 (2.10* 100 = 210)

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Example 2

betway starcraft 2 odds

Here we see the same type of odds where we can bet on who will win the match. If we play on CJ HerO who has low odds (1.40) we will receive a smaller amount of money. The reason his odds are so low is that the sportsbooks believe he has a higher chance of winning. If we bet $10 on CJ HerO we receive 1.4*10 = $14.

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Starcraft 2 Deposit Bonuses

Most sportsbooks offer a deposit bonus for new customers. This is good since you will receive a bigger amount of money to play with. Deposit bonuses can at times come with different rules on how you can use them so looks this up for the sportsbook.


You can play on regular betting odds, special-odds, and live betting.

Regular betting includes standard odds and special odds. Standard odds refer to 1,X,2 which means what team or player will win or if the result is a tie. These odds you will always find on every sportsbook that offers esports and Starcraft 2 betting.

Special odds can, for example, be which player wins the entire tournament or who wins the first map

Live betting on Starcraft 2 can be exciting since you can place bets while the match is being played. If you see a potential comeback you can place a bet at the current odds. It is of great importance to keep an eye on the matches you intend to live bet on.


Starcraft 2 is an RTS game that is primarily played 1 versus 1 where each player builds a base and an army with the goal of destroying the other player’s base. You can play as 3 different races that each offers unique ways of playing. The gameplay is split into two parts – Macro and Micro. Macro is your economy, your base, a good macro means you have a steady flow of new units being produced, a steady flow of resources from your workers, and a good base layout. Micro is your ability to control your army, attacking, defending, formations. A player with good micro will keep as many of his units alive as possible.

Since Starcraft 2 offers so many strategies a match could take anywhere from a minute to over an hour. In the competitive scene, they play a variety of maps that are often changed. A problem with the Starcraft 2 esports scene is that it has been dominated by South Korea for very long but after the latest expansion and new rules by Blizzard this has changed.

Starcraft 2 has the official WCS league that is played 3 times a year and there are a plethora of different tournaments that are part of the “WCS Circuit”. In every event, you can win WCS points and money. At the end of the year, the 16 players with the most WCS points qualify for the Blizzcon WCS finals. Due to South Korea’s domination, they have received their own WCS league separate from the international one. It consists of GSL and Starleague.


StartEndTournamentOrganizationPrize Pool
2016 WCS Globa Playoffs and FinalsWCS$500,000
Dec 01Dec 01World Electronic Sports Games 2016WESG$402,000
Aug 12Aug 142016 WCS Circuit - Summer Circuit ChampionshipWCS$150,000
Jul 28Jul 31IEM Season XI - ShanghaiIEM$50,000
Jul 14Jul 162016 Dreamhack Open: ValenciaDH$50,000
Jun 23Jun 26HomeStory Cup XIIIHSC$20,000
Jun 022016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2SSLTBD
May 272016 Global Starcraft II League Season 2GSL$194,480
May 14May 162016 WCS Circuit: Spring Circuit ChampionshipWCS$150,000
May 06May 082016 DreamHack Open: AustinDH$50,000