FaZe vs Liquid

Preview FaZe Clan vs. Liquid is a match with two teams overflowing with raw talent and mechanical skill. We’re seeing some of their players at their peak, but who will

Liquid vs FlyQuest

Preview A team that has a rich history within NA LCS and dominated last year. A team that is trying to start building their history as a franchise within League

Cloud9 vs TSM

Preview This is a classic affair for North American League of Legends. Two teams that have been involved within the scene for as long as anyone can remember. They will

G2 vs Origen

Preview The two top dogs from the LEC Spring Split will go head to head this weekend. It’s the winner bracket final, with the winner of this best of 5

Fnatic vs Splyce

Preview Fnatic and Splyce will face off tomorrow night lower bracket semi-final of the LEC Spring Playoffs. Both played through the quarter-final stages last week. They now look to book

ENCE vs NaVi

  Preview It’s time for a rematch. Can NaVi get revenge for the defeat they suffered against ENCE in the Katowice semi-finals? Fans will be in for a treat, but

Renegades vs NiP

Preview It’s fair to say the bracket at StarSeries Season 7 is heavily stacked on one side. With NiP, Renegades, NaVi and ENCE all falling on the same side of

Tyloo vs Renegades

Preview Renegades were one of the two major upset runs at IEM Katowice 2019. They pulled off a 3-0 record in Challengers Stage, 3-1 in Legends and finished with a

Fnatic vs NiP

Preview Two CS:GO legends will meet in the opening round of the league. Both are trying to build to their former stature, both overcoming issues, and inconsistencies. This could very

North vs NRG

Preview An interesting match up in the early stages of the league. The Danish side of North will face off against NRG, a team who have had many ups and