Astralis vs FaZe

Preview This is the final game that takes place during the group stages. It could also very well determine who advances to the grand final later that day. Will Astralis

MiBR vs Liquid

Preview Here we have two teams, hoping to make amends from their upset exits at their recent events. MiBR were shocked at WESG and Liquid were one of the victims


Preview This matchup could be one of the most interesting during the group stage this weekend. ENCE is a newcomer to the top of CS:GO. They’ll be facing off against

FaZe vs NiP

Preview Here we have two teams that had bumpy roads at Katowice. They clash in the opening set of games in Sao Paulo this weekend. Both reached the Quarter Final


Preview Two of the highest placing teams from the recent Major face off against each other in the opening round of games. We see the formidable Brazilians MiBR face off

Windigo vs G2

Preview This match has the potential to be the best we see at WESG this year. A team almost expected to get to the final this time around. Facing off

Fnatic vs AGO

Preview I think it’s fair to say it’s an unexpected semi-final match-up. It’s also likely that it only came about due to the number of teams that pulled out of

ENCE vs Astralis

  Preview It’s all come down to this. Thirty-two teams started this major. The final two have been decided. Underdogs ENCE faces off against possibly the best team in CS:GO

MiBR vs Astralis

  Preview A semi-final that is bound to be a thrilling experience. Two of the powerhouse teams in CS:GO will battle it out in the hope of earning their place

NaVi vs ENCE

Preview This semifinal matchup is without a doubt a shock to many. This is down to ENCE pulling off the biggest upset of the tournament so far. We’re all in