CSGO Betting Sites for Poor Players

Making bets on CSGO games is a very interesting procedure, but it can be a daunting and very expensive adventure. If you are a player looking to enjoy the fun of CSGO betting but are on a small budget, there are a lot of CSGO betting sites for poor players.

In this article, you will find out some different sites that accept low wagers, how to pick bookmakers that accept low deposits and learn how to manage smaller bankrolls. You will also be introduced to different wagering bonuses available to players and also how to take advantage of these CSGO wagering bonuses.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
2 100% up to €100 Review Play
3 3 deposit bonuses Review Play
4 100% up to €100 Review Play
5 10% Cashback Review Play
6 100% up to €122 Review Play

Pick a bookmaker accepting low deposits

A bookmaker is a person or an organisation that accepts and pays off bets on sporting events at already stated odds. They are sometimes called a bookie or a turf accountant. Looking for cheap bets sometimes needs a little bit of caution as there are a lot of scams online offering juicy rewards and making outrageous claims. Be sure to check if they are officially licensed. Take the time to read about reviews on different CSGO gambling sites for poor players. You can easily differentiate the real ones from the fake ones based on what other players say about them.

As a guide, Betway is a very good bookmaker accepting low deposits for CSGO bets. They are officially licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. They have been in operation since the year 2006. Betway accepts a minimum deposit as low as £10, this allows players with lower budgets to have the opportunity to place bets. They offer different forms of withdrawal methods, ranging from Cheque, Neteller, PayPal, Visa Electron, Visa, Bank Transfer Express, Skrill. The withdrawal period is the fastest when using e-Wallets, which is processed within 24-hours. The good thing is that Betway has live chat support for inquiries.

Apart from Betway, another good bookmaker accepting low deposits is GG.Bet. GG.bet is also officially licensed. GG.bet also accepts deposits as low as 10 Dollars or 10 Euros. By signing up on GG.bet, players have access to the CSGO free bonus that the website offers. Deposits made by players are risk-free since their operations are transparent and regulated. GG.Bet also have a good support system that is prompt and effective. They also offer a wide variety of bank options for withdrawals. These options are Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard. If you will like a fast withdrawal, its best to opt for the e-Wallet option, which is processed within 24 hours.

Take advantage of CSGO bonus offers

As discussed above, bookmakers offer welcome bonuses, it can be a deposit bonus and sometimes it can be a no-deposit bonus, depending on the website. Regardless of what it is, your aim is to find a way to maximise these bonuses and make the biggest winnings out of it. Some good bookmakers offering bonuses for poor players are Arcanebet and Esportbetting.com. To claim these bonuses, sometimes you will need to fill in a CSGO promo code while signing on some of these sites. One of Arcanebet’s promo code is ‘EB200’. On the other hand, with Esportbetting.com, most times, all you need to claim bonuses there is to just sign up.

You can use this welcome bonus to make CSGO free bets. If you’re lucky enough to grab a no-deposit bonus, this means that you’ll just need to sign up and get playing instantly. Any bets made are completely risk-free as you haven’t even had to put any of your own money in. Win or lose, you’ll come out on top. Even those welcome bonuses that do require a deposit in order to claim, offer you the chance to experience the site as a whole and get used to the way the betting system works. You’ll double your bankroll for playing, and a couple of losses will just add experience.

Apart from welcome bonuses, you also have access to a number of other types of key bonuses as a regular player. The other bonuses are Reload Bonus and a Loyalty/VIP Scheme. Reload bonuses are offered to players making extra deposits after that initial one. Some bookmakers make reload bonuses available to all players on their first deposit of the week or month, while others only offer them based on certain criteria. Some offer daily reloads or give them for every single deposit made by the player. It’s best to research every bookmaker and see which one offers the best reload bonuses.

Learn how to manage smaller bankrolls

For players planning to put in a small budget into betting on sportsbook matches and are hunting for the best wagering sites that accept low deposits, you have to be very cautious on how you place your bets because any mistake made can make you lose all your money.

The first thing to do is to follow a simple strategy. The strategy is in three different parts, which is either to bet 5% of your entire wagering balance on a high-risk bet, or bet 10% of your entire wagering balance on a medium risk bet and 20% of your wagering balance on a low-risk bet. This strategy helps to keep your wagering balance alive, regardless of how and it helps to give a guideline when you want to determine how much you want to bet.

To determine if a bet is a high risk, low risk or medium risk, the best way is to do quick research on the match overviews and betting tips on different blogs. Many classify these matches based on the risk level. You can also join forums and follow threads about the specific tournament or matches. From the discussions, you can easily identify the risk level of the match and make decisions based on this.

Another tip is to make sure you celebrate the small wins you get. Placing little bets will most likely win you small gains, though there might be some cases of big wins. It is a good practice to enjoy the moments of these small wins. Also, try to spread your balance across multiple small bets on games you have a good chance to win. Sometimes, making an underdog bet is smart but the bet should be low. Taking this precaution helps you to avoid losing all your balance completely since bets placed on different games gives you a higher chance of winning.

Final thoughts

Placing a bet on CSGO matches with low budget is now possible. If you are a gambler on a low budget and you are a huge fan of sportsbook, you can still wager even with your balance. All you need to do before diving right into wagering is to make sure you pick the best bookmaker website to start betting on.

These bookmakers should have a very good track record and have years of experience to back up what they offer, officially licensed and accept low deposits. These bookmaker websites should also have good customer support that is accessible always.

You need to be ready to do a lot of research on wagering strategies and maximising odds. Having a low budget gives you a limited room for error because any error can lead to a loss of all your balance. There is a possibility of becoming tempted to put in more of your money, but you should only ever wager what you can afford to lose. Finally, you can only enjoy the benefits of playing on these sites when you take a step now. Just go on any of the sites recommended, place your bets and start enjoying your wins.