CSGO Betting Sites

csgo betting sitesIn recent years esports has become hugely popular with the general public, with a particular focus on a select few games, of which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), is one. As with all sporting events, viewers of the sport enjoy placing wagers on the outcomes of specific games, teams and tournaments and to this effect, a number of esports betting pages have sprung up throughout the internet.

Esportsbets24.com has compiled a list of the best CSGO betting sites based on a number of factors that include how secure and legal they are. The site also covers the extras that are associated with other casinos, such as bonus offers specific to that betting site, payment options that are available and much more.

There are a number of Esportsbooks that we recommend, and these include Betway, bet365 and Arcanebet. Each of these sites offers safe and secure betting options along with a wide range of betting options, top-notch odds and a large game market, allowing players to have an excellent set of choices when it comes to anything esports related.

Best CSGO betting sites 2019

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
3 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
4 100% up to €100 Review Play
5 Bet €10 get €30 in free bets Review Play
6 100% bonus up to €50 Review Play
7 Check bonus info Review Play
8 100% bonus up to €100 Review Play
9 3 deposit bonuses Review Play
10 100% up to €100 Review Play
11 10% Cashback Review Play
12 100% up to €122 Review Play
13 Awesome odds Review Play
14 Plenty of eSports & great odds! Review Play

Each of these sites in the above list of CSGO betting sites is consistently touted as being one of the best around when it comes to esports. There are many reasons for this, which we outline here:

checkFirstly we should look at the security. All these sites offer top-level security measures, with encryption protocols on their pages in order to ensure that third parties are unable to access any of the private banking data that players will input into the site.

checkSome pages go all out on the graphics but this can be a burden to the site and the player, as it can take time to load and be rather confusing, particularly to the new player. With that in mind, all of these sites offer clear and easy to use interfaces that allow players to find the different areas of the website quickly and efficiently.

checkIt is also important that these sites cater to various different payment methods that are on offer. For the majority of casinos or sportsbooks, there are consistent payment methods across the board, utilizing such providers as MasterCard and Visa, as well as various eWallets such as Skrill, PayPal, Trustly and Neteller. In the world of esports betting, there are now additional payment options that these sites all provide. Cryptocurrency is one such example, with Bitcoin being the frontrunner in this area.

check 3In addition to this, some esports sites allow players to play using skins, which are items that are collected during gameplay of the specific game in question. This is done through a provider called SkinPay and allows players to make bets with these sought-after items, winning and losing as the bet outcomes dictate.

check 4The bonus offers available are also really important when it comes to choosing a site. Each of these sites awards players with different welcome offers that include free bets and small cash bonuses that can be spent on various events on the site.

check 5The final aspect of choosing a site is the selections, gaming markets and odds that are available. As esports betting is so new, there are a number of sites that don’t offer quite so many options when it comes to betting on CSGO. However, the CSGO betting sites that we have listed above, all offer a good range of betting options and also competitive odds for these bets.

How we rate a good CSGO betting website

In conjunction with the above-mentioned attributes of the different CSGO betting sites, we also look at the customer support system, game selections and what additional features, such as in-play live betting and streaming options, are available. Finally, in order to really stand out above the crowd, a truly great site will also offer players a series of news articles that will outline the current status of the various teams and the upcoming tournaments, providing players with a well-rounded view of the sport as a whole.

Boost your bets with bonus offers

csgo betting bonusWagering on esports can be lucrative, but using bonus offers can propel this to a whole new level. Many sites will offer a number of welcome offers to this effect, with the free bet offer being one of the best out there. Other offers include a first deposit match bonus, which is usually set at 100%, therefore doubling any money placed into the account and allowing further chances of winning.

arcanebet bonus offer 2018

A final option is the use of cashback bets, which greatly reduce the risk that is involved with betting as a whole, as a percentage of the losses will be returned after a month of play. It should be noted, though, that while these options are all great for improving the player’s chances, they all have wagering requirements attached which will need to be fulfilled before any bonus winnings can be withdrawn.

New CSGO betting sites 2019

new csgo betting sitesAs the years go by, there are new esports betting sites constantly popping up. As such, we endeavour to list the latest and best sites in the industry in order to give players the best knowledge when going forward to find a betting site. Many players are sceptical about joining new sites, after all, they have just surfaced and it is unclear whether they can be trusted, if they offer secure payments or simply whether they have the same comprehensive gaming selection that other, long-term sites might offer.

However, many of these fears can be removed as often, these new sites have taken note of what previous sites have offered and will provide players with a better, more all-around site on which to play. Newer sites can emerge instantly at the top of the game and consistently offer players a user-friendlier interface, wider game market, better bonuses and highly competitive odds.

CSGO betting advice

csgo betting adviceThere are a number of strategies that can be employed in the world of CSGO betting to gain an edge. First of all, players should get to know the teams that are involved in a particular event. Different teams offer different playing styles, meaning that knowing how they play can have a significant effect on the potential outcomes of a game and therefore on what bets to place. In this vein, it is also important to know the different maps in the game as there are advantages and disadvantages to each that can also affect the outcome.

Some other CSGO betting advice is to take note of odds and CSGO match betting. Different sites will offer different odds, with some more competitive than others. To get good odds, players need to be aware of the value. Bookmakers will place a harsher penalty and bet on a team that has a higher chance of winning. With this in mind, players should place their bets carefully as underdogs may have better odds but be less likely to win. It can be better to win a smaller amount than to lose it all.

Are there any free CSGO betting sites?

All online CSGO betting sites are free to join. Players only spend money when depositing to make their bets. However, even this is sometimes avoided, as sites such as Betway offer a free bet bonus offer when players sign up. This type of offer is not as common as one would like, but does allow players to enjoy the setup of the site, the ability to explore what is on offer and even partake in a bet or two, all without the fear of losing one’s own money.

Payment options

payment optionsThere are a large number of payment options that can be utilized by the player in order to place their CSGO bets. The most common ones are the real money options, where the player’s funds are drawn directly from their bank account. These methods can include bank transfers, the use of cards such as Visa and MasterCard or through eWallets such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

Cryptocurrency is the newest payment method to take the internet world by storm. The main contender is Bitcoin and in order to cater to the growing demand, many online sites have started accepting Bitcoin as part of their payment system.

The final payment option is specifically for esports fans, as it caters to the gameplay that is involved. This is paying with Skins. Skins are items that can be collected when playing the game in question and some CSGO sites, like Arcanebet, are now accepting these items as payment. The rarer the item, the more it is worth.

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

counter strike global offensive map cache

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game that was created by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is actually the fourth in the series of games from this company and is available to play on a number of different game devices, including Xbox, PlayStation and Windows. The general overview of the game is putting two teams against one another – one team are terrorists attempting to set and place a bomb, while the other team are Counter-terrorists, charged with preventing this from occurring.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay

As mentioned above, the basic gameplay is one of achieving an objective before the opposing team. The task or the side the team has landed will dictate what these tasks entail, but generally, these are planting or defusing a bomb, rescuing or guarding hostages and securing locations to perform these tasks. The game is played in a series of rounds, at the end of each, the players are rated individually and given in-game currency, which they can then use to purchase or upgrade their weapons that can then be used in the next round. Winning a round will earn each player on the team a larger amount of money, as will completing the series of objectives that are laid out. If a team member kills one of their own, this can result in a penalty.

There are eight distinct game modes, each of which can be played on a different map, and it is these that teams can choose between when selecting the gameplay in a tournament setting. The eight game modes are as follows; Weapons Course, Flying Scoutsman, Wingman, Demolition, Arms Race, Deathmatch, Casual and Competitive. Each of these can be played on a different map, which the teams can choose themselves. The one used in professional play is Competitive mode and this pits two teams of five players against each other for a period of around 45 minutes.

How to get better at the game

As the game became mainstream, players developed a number of strategies within the game to improve their winning potential. One of these is commonly called ‘rushing’ where players move to a specific, strategic point on the map as fast as possible. This is often used when one team is employing a move called the ‘eco’. This is when a team has no more money with which to buy weapons, armour or any other necessities within the game. Because of this, they will save what little they have for further rounds and will, essentially, be running on the bare minimum. Rushing can also be used when there is little time left in the round and an objective desperately needs to be fulfilled. Another strategy is to use smoke bombs to block the line of vision for the opposing team.

In general, though, getting better is the same as with all things – practice and time. Players will spend hours honing their skills and working together in order to improve all of their skills across the board. Of course, if a particular player is good in a certain area, then it is prudent for the team as a whole to work out where best to put the player in order to improve the whole team.

Tournaments & leagues

CSGO is one of the major esports games available and to this end, there are a large number of tournaments and leagues of varying levels that players can join. The ELEAGUE is one of the bigger events and is held in venues around the world throughout the year. Likewise, the DreamHack Masters also has a number of venues including Marseille, Stockholm and Malmo. The ESL Pro League also operates throughout the year and is currently on its seventh season. The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship is also currently underway and is being held in Katowice and Sydney this year.

Start EndTournamentOrganizationPrize Pool
January 13January 17StarLadder StarSeries XIVStarSeries$200,000
January 22January 24DreamHack Leipzig 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
February 4February 7Global eSports Cup Season 1$200,000
February 9May 1ESL Pro League S3ESL ESEA$512,000
February 19February 21ESL Expo BarcelonaESL€75,000
March 2March 18Intel Extreme Masters X - WCIEM$250,000+
March 17March 18CPL S - Finals$80,000
March 29April 3MLG Major Championship ColumbusMLG$1,000,000
April 12April 17DreamHack Masters MalmöDreamHack Masters$250,000
April 22April 22DreamHack Bucharest 2016DreamHackTBD
May 6May 8DreamHack Austin 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
May 24July 30 ELEAGUE Season 1ELEAGUE$1,400,000
June 18June 21DreamHack Summer 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000
July 5July 10ESL One Cologne 2016ESL One$1,000,000
October 28October 30DreamHack Cluj 2016DreamHackTBD
November 24November 27DreamHack Winter 2016DreamHack ZOWIE Open$100,000

Last words

bell last wordsOverall there are a large number of CSGO sites springing up throughout the internet. For the most part, they offer an excellent and comprehensive look into the online betting world, providing players with ample opportunities to bet on almost any outcome they can think of. However, it is important to remember that while this all might be fun, there is a responsibility to pay attention to what you, as the player, are gambling. Players are suggested that it is important to pay attention to their bankroll and to not exceed their limits, as this is where play slips from being a fun pastime to a slide into addiction.