ESL One Cologne 2015 Betting

esl one cologne 2015 betting

The major will take place august 20-23 in Cologne. Real money betting will be available for this event. The 16 best teams in the world will attend and $250 000 are up for grabs, the winner takes home $100 000. We’ve listed the best options for ESL One Cologne betting.

Prize pool: $250 000
1st prize: $100 000

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fnatic  se

The best team in the world and favourites to grab the first place. Fnatic won the big ESL ESEA Pro League S1 finale. They have looked incredibly strong this year so far, with olofmeister, the best player in the world, leading the team to a lot of victories. Seems like the only team to really been able to threaten fnatic the last couple of months is TSM. Fnatic will most likely win their group. But upsets may occur, since the group stage is decided by bo1 matches.  pl

You can never count VP out at big LAN tournaments, it’s an experienced team with the likes of Neo, Taz and Pasha. VP recently won CEVO and $30 000. Should be able to go far in Cologne.

mousesports  de

mousesports has shown a pretty decent form the last couple of months, they managed to take a second-place at Acer Predator Masters for example. The team doesn’t really belong at the absolute top, but they can definitely be a threat on a good day. Especially bo1 matches.

Na’Vi  ua

Na’Vi has been really impressive the last couple of months, a player that really has stood out is GuardiaN. They won ESWC and placed second at CEVO-P S7. Na’Vi will definitely be a team to count on at ESL One Cologne.

Renegades  au

The best team in Australia, but not even top 10 internationally. I don’t think they will be able to do any damage in Cologne. Will be extremely tough for Renegades to even make it out of the group stage. Even though it’s unlikely, it would be fun to witness some upsets.

Team Kinguin  _European Union

Kinguin is a very skillful team with players like ScreaM, Maikelele and Dennis. Has improved a lot recently, beating teams like mousesports, HellRaisers and FlipSid3 in bo3s. May very well succeed in the group stage.

Team eBettle  pl

One of the weaker teams in the tournament. But anything can happen in a bo1 group stage. But realistically shouldn’t be able to go far, would be very surprised if they’d even make it through group stage.

CLG  us

The second best team in North America, but has still some improvement to do if they want to be able to challenge the European teams. The bo1 format in group stage should fit them well, as they have the potential to upset some top teams. But they have one hell of task in front of them since both NiP and TSM are in the same group.

NiP  se

The former best team in the world, but hasn’t impressed for a while now. If they can’t redeem themselves in this tournament I think some changes within the team is coming. But one has to remember that they always seem to get to the finals in major tournaments. Will they manage to pull out the famous NiP magic again?

EnVyUs  fr

Recently made some changes within the team, now consists of the following line-up: Happy, NBK, kioShiMa, KennyS and apEX. On paper an extremely strong team and they recently won IEM Gamescom beating TSM in a bo5. They are favorites to top their group and has the potential to go really far.

Luminosity (ex KeyD Star)  br

Luminosity signed the players from KeyD Star not too long ago. May be able to upset in the group stage, but it will be tough against EnVyUs and Team Kinguin. Not very likely that they will go far.

Team SoloMid  dk

Been putting up good numbers this year, beating fnatic in a few finals. TSM is clearly one of the favorites to win ESL One Cologne 2015. Should be able to top their group. I think anything less than semifinals would be a disappointment for TSM.

Immunity  au

A fairly unknown team from Australia. Would be a miracle if they even make it through groups.

Flipsid3 Tactics  ua

Star player “S1mple” is no longer part of Flipsid3, taking his place is davcost. They could luck out in the bo1 group stage and beat the top teams nV and Kinguin. But are not expected to go that far.

Titan  fr

Haven’t seen much of Titan since the french swap, current roster: Ex6TenZ, Maniac, RpK, SmithZz and shox. It’s hard to tell how they will perform due the recent changes. And the fact that they have fnatic and Na’Vi in the same group will make it extremely tough to go forward in Cologne.

C9  us

The great American hope. Been in great shape the last couple of months placing second in several tournaments and beating likes of nV (with their old line-up). Skadoodle has proven to be one of the best AWPers in the world right now. C9 is expected to at least make it through groups, if C9 manage to do just that anything can happen. Potential to go far in ESL One Cologne.

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