CSGO Crash Sites

csgo crash sitesBetting on the esports game CSGO is highly popular and on the rise with each passing month. However, with this popularity there comes the need to make the game even more exciting and this is where CSGO Crash comes in. Crash is a CSGO gambling method that adds a frustrating yet exciting addition to the CSGO game. Highly risky, CS:GO Crash can actually reward well with huge payouts, though as with most gambling options, you can lose everything in an instant. This article will outline all the details of CSGO Crash and give tips on finding the best sites to play and how to get the best rewards from taking part in it.

Best CSGO Crash sites

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
2 100% up to €100 Review Play
3 3 deposit bonuses Review Play
4 5% deposit bonus Review Play

best csgo crash sitesThere are a number of sites that offer CSGO Crash but it can be hard for new players, in particular, to distinguish between a good site and a fraudulent one. This is where we come in. To help you as players, we only recommend the best sites and we do so by using the following guidelines.

We make sure that all the sites we recommend have strict security and safety measures in place. This means that the sites are registered and licensed with a recognized governing body that ensures player safety. Having these licenses does mean that players won’t be able to lose money so much as the site will have an obligation to ensure their safety. In addition, we make sure that the site has an SSL encryption in place preventing third parties from getting their hands on private client data.

Sites are also chosen on the range of betting options that they provide. In conjunction with this, we choose sites that have competitive odds that allow players to get the best they can out of play.

It is also important that there is a wide range of payment methods in place, and with that in mind, we recommend sites that have a variety of options including cards, eWallets, skins and cryptocurrencies. Alongside monetary options, we also choose sites that have bonus options in place. These welcome bonuses can also help players to get off the ground.

Finally, we also take into account the functionality and usability of the site.

How to make a profit in CSGO Crash

Similar to other CSGO gambling options, the long-term odds are not that great for winning. This type of betting is not conducive to being able to control the outcome of the bets and has rather similar odds to those in football or boxing. Luck is one of the biggest factors in CSGO Crash sites and, as such, profits and loss will ebb and flow in a similar fashion.

CSGO Crash codes

csgo crash codesWhenever you sign up to a new site for CSGO Crash betting, there is a chance of getting some bonuses. These bonuses can help later on in giving you valuable experience and not having to use your own money. With this in mind, you can get crash codes upon registration. Most of these sites will need you to link your steam account when creating a new account on their site. During this process, you should input the bonus code to get your bonus. If you don’t put the bonus in on registration, you will be too late to claim the bonus. Check out our list of sites and you can find bonus codes to use and compare them across all the sites, ensuring that you choose the best option.

Collect free coins

csgo crash free coinsFollowing on from the bonus codes, there are also other ways to get free rounds on CSGO Crash websites. This comes in the form of free coins. These free coins can be found on a number of gaming platforms and are often included in bonus offers and promotions when signing up. To clarify for newcomers, these free coins are the equivalent of free money, as they are what you get when you exchange your skins and allow you to play the CSGO Crash game.

Understand the rules

understand crash rulesTo elaborate further on CSGO Crash, we’ll look at the rules that need to be followed. The first step to participating in the game is to exchange some of your skins for coins. Each skin will have a different value depending on what it is worth and this will have a bearing on how many coins you are awarded. Before the game starts, players need to carefully decide how much they are going to place as a bet.

Once the round has started, the game is a simple diagonal line that rises up the screen. This is a multiplier that starts at zero and counts its way up through to one hundred and on. During the count, you, as the player have to decide when you think the game will crash. If you bet too late, then you lose the bet, as the game will have already crashed. Get out before that point. If you get out prior to the game crashing, your bet will be multiplied by the value that you exited the game on, paving the way for some potentially lucrative wins.

Thought out CSGO Crash tactics

csgo crash tacticsAll gambling games have a series of strategies that can be implemented in an attempt to give better odds to the player. With CSGO Crash it is important to try and create some kind of strategy in order to make a profit. However, there is nothing fixed and many players tend to prefer trusting their instincts, something that can work well seeing as it is just a luck-based game. Others do like to use a system but there is no tried and true method to success.

Use the auto bet feature

In some cases, those who like to use a system will use an Auto Bet feature. This feature allows players to set specific functions and settings within the game. Choosing the settings correctly can result in a profitable game system if it is set up in the correct way. Players can choose bet size, the automatic cash out value, decreasing or increasing the amount placed as a bet for future rounds on a loss and on a win. These systems can work if luck is on your side, but of course, they can also result in spectacular failures.

Happy Crashes!

CSGO Crash is a highly risky yet very exciting gaming option. If you’re lucky you can make some serious earnings but if luck is not on your side, you can be going home with nothing. This is part of the charm and what draws players back again and again. Head out now and try your luck!