CSGO Jackpot Sites

CS:GO gambling has become very popular in recent times. Players are able to make bets on a wide range of games as well as make specific bets on a multitude of outcomes. Taking this further, some sites have added a jackpot option to their sites. CSGO jackpot sites are the next big thing, taking CSGO to a whole new level and potentially doubling any winnings in a very short period of time. Playing with skins, players can increase winnings and this jackpot form is now one of the highly sought after alternatives when it comes to CSGO betting. This article will outline all that you need to know about this area of the betting world and help you to get the most out of your play.

Best CSGO Jackpot sites 2019

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We take our responsibility in providing you with correct and safe information very seriously. With that in mind, we offer recommendations for sites that match out specific criteria.

  • Safety and security is a top priority so we make sure to recommend sites that offer secure connections and protect client data from third parties. We also ensure that all sites are registered and licensed with reputable governing bodies, which means that players will have protection if there are any issues on the site.
  • The market and bets provided are also very important, so we select sites that have a wide range of betting options suited to a range of player needs. In addition, we choose sites that have more competitive betting odds.
  • Bonuses are also important and the sites we promote all have great welcome bonus offers helping players to get a kick start in this betting world.
  • Usability and player friendliness is also very important when it comes to the design and layout of the site and this is also taken into account when we suggest sites to play on.
  • Low bet sites are of great importance in the arena of CSGO Jackpot. Many sites have a high minimum buy-in but we make sure to cater to the budget players out there with a list that offers low bet sites as well.

What is CSGO Jackpot?

CSGO jackpot offers simple rules and an easy layout. However, it is important for players to understand that is all about skin play rather than real money.

What are the rules?

The game takes place in rounds. To join the first round, you will need to exchange any skins you wish to use in order to participate. The exchange will award you with tickets and it is these that you use to join the jackpot rounds. All you need to do prior to the exchange is to make the decision on how many skins you wish to exchange. The particular skins in your possession will dictate how many you need to exchange to buy in. A high-value skin may require you to only need one skin to join the game. However, it’s not the number of skins deposited but the number of tickets gained through the exchange that is important.

Ticket to participate

It is important now to explain the value of the tickets. Each skin will have a value in dollars and in conjunction with this, each ticket is worth a cent. The higher the value skin, the more tickets you will get. The value of skins is determined by a steam analyst website and can fluctuate, though as a player you will be able to check the value for yourself. To join a round, you will have to have the number of tickets to value $100, though this can vary between sites. After entering the round, you will be given an estimate on what your winning chance is and this is based on the total amount that was deposited. For instance, if the total pot is based on 1000 tickets and you put in 500 of them, then the chances of winning are 50%.

CSGO Jackpot strategies

This is a game with a lot of luck involved, so there is only so much that can be done to improve the odds of winning. However, as with all gambling, there are a few strategies that can be implemented in order to increase the chances of striking it rich, particularly as this is a game against other players.

csgo jackpot pot sniping

Pot sniping, for example, is the most commonly used method and is a tactic based on joining the game seconds before it is about to end. The trick here is placing a big enough bet with odds that can help you win the entire pot. The idea here is to deposit so much that you will have at least 50% of the tickets, giving you a much higher chance of scooping that final prize. By doing it at the last second, other players will have little, or no, chance to respond.

Though this sounds like the perfect strategy, there are some downsides. The bigger the bet, the higher the chances are that you will win but of course, this also means that you can lose more if this fails. For many players, especially those with a smaller or limited bankroll, a better option is to play with lower but consistent amounts. Another negative outcome is that the other players may catch on to this tactic and actually stop playing against you. The aim here is to have fun and pot sniping can remove that for everyone.

Small CSGO Jackpot sites

As previously mentioned, most of these CSGO jackpot websites have a minimum buy-in of $100. This can be out of the range for many players. However, there are a number of CSGO jackpot low pots sites that will offer lower deposits in order to play and it is these that we will promote in order to allow players of all budgets the chance to participate.

Gamble responsibly and win big!

At the end of the day though, it is always important to remember a few simple things. Though the draw of playing is a big one, you must always be mindful of the bankroll that you are running. Never bet more than you can afford to lose no matter how tempting. Stick to your budget, play responsibly and utilise some of the strategies, and you will see yourself on the way to making some decent wins.