CSGO Roulette Sites

csgo roulette sitesCSGO roulette is an alternative gambling option in the world of CSGO gambling. CSGO has become hugely popular to bet on in recent years, as there has been a surge in popularity of eSports and the events that surround them. CSGO roulette simply takes this to the next level and offers a skin gambling option very similar to the traditional table game that many of you will already know.

There are a number of sites that offer this game and we will outline what to look for in such a site, how to play and the best ways to progress successfully.

Best CSGO Roulette sites 2019

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In order to make sure that our players receive nothing but the best, Esportsbets24 only lists the very best of CSGO roulette sites of 2018. This means that all sites go through a careful vetting process to ensure that they all adhere to our strict requirements. We want nothing but the best for our readers. With this in mind, we make sure that all sites have the following attributes:

Firstly, the site must be safe, offering players a secure platform on which to play. This means that the site must be licensed with a recognized governing body as this gives some protection to the players and prevents sites from making off with all their money. In addition to this, we make note if the site offers SSL encryption protection, stopping third parties from getting any of the private data that players might give to the site.

We also make sure that we choose sites that offer a wide range of gaming options, utilizing a number of different markets. This will also be affected by the odds that are available and we ensure that we present the sites that have the most competitive odds.

Finally, any of the sites we promote all have user-friendly interfaces that allow players to navigate easily and successfully throughout the site. We also make sure that we choose sites that have enticing welcome bonus options as these bonuses can greatly enhance the player experience, especially when just starting out.

What is CSGO Roulette?

CSGO Roulette is set up in the same way as regular roulette. However, there are a few necessities that must be observed before you can begin playing. For starters, you must be eighteen years old in order to play. Most sites that are not linked to Steam are all registered gaming companies and as such, they have an online license that will have to follow all rules and regulations. Failure by them to do so can result in their license being removed. If there is no age limit in place, then the site is probably not registered and may be fraudulent, leading to irretrievable loss of money for the players.

Many players will simply play CSGO roulette by linking their Steam account to the site that offers the roulette gambling feature. This is because these sites only accept skins and Steam is the site that facilitates the exchange of these skins. Once at the website ready to play, the skins will be exchanged for coins that then can be used to play the roulette game. Player’s should check out Thunderpick.com, as this a legal site that offers CSGO Roulette, or as they call it, Spin.

What are the rules?

The general rules of CSGO roulette are very similar to the rules in place for regular or traditional roulette. However, there is a main difference in that the focus of the game is on the red and black rather than the number that the ball lands on. Essentially it is a rather simpler version of the classic game. There is still a single green pocket, though on some sites this is gold. There are some sites that offer more than one green pocket and this simply serves to make the game more exciting, as it effectively changes the house edge. Accurately guessing the ball to land on the green will give a vastly bigger payout than if it lands on the red or black pockets.

Can I get free coins?

In some cases, players do not necessarily have a large number of skins to exchange, or their skins may not be worth as much as they would like. Alternatively, you may simply wish to keep your skins rather than exchange them. In these cases, there are other ways to get coins with which to play. Free coins can be found on a number of websites and often you can find them as part of a welcome offer or campaign. These are particularly predominant on new sites that are trying to bring in new players to their fold.

Thunderpick.com, for example, is one such site. It offers new players free coins simply by including their website name as your name in your steam account. This makes it very easy to get some extra coins with which to play. Usually, to get these though, you will be required to input a code in order to get them.

CSGO Roulette strategy

All gambling comes with its fair share of strategies and CSGO roulette is no exception. As it is so similar to roulette, there are already a number of roulette-based strategies already in place.

The Martingale is one of the most popular strategies when it comes to roulette and is all about the numbers. Every time you lose a bet, the idea is to double the bet on the next one. When you win, you return to the original bet size and the start the process again at the next loss. This can help to negate any losses along the way as you can recuperate them instantly. On the other hand, if you hit a losing streak, you can run your bankroll into the ground very quickly. The Reverse Martingale works in exactly the same way except that the doubling of the bet comes on each win. However, both strategies cannot guarantee a win simply because roulette is such a luck-based game. It is also not recommended to use if you have a small or limited bankroll.

CSGO Roulette payment options

For the most part, payment for CSGO roulette is done through the conversion of skins from steam. The values of skins will all vary depending on the rarity of the skin in question. Values can fluctuate and are monitored by a third party site. However, there are other methods of payment that can be used and these include the use of card payments such as Visa and MasterCard, eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller, and even cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. With such a wide array of choices, players will be sure to find something that suits them.


CSGO roulette adds yet another dimension to an already intense and exciting online gambling option. The combination of two very different betting games is an interesting one and has started to increase in popularity as players look for new and ever-exciting ways to earn some extra cash. However, it’s important to gamble responsibly, being mindful of your bankroll at all times. When the fun ends, it is also a sure sign that the gambling should end too.

Bearing this in mind, there’s no reason this can’t be oodles of fun. So, get out there, score some free coins and get playing!