A Complete Guide to IEM Sydney 2018 Betting

A Complete Guide to IEM Sydney 2018 Betting

iem sydney 2018 betting

Looking to bet on IEM Sydney 2018? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Competitive Counter-Strike returns to Australia with IEM Sydney 2018, a tournament which features the world’s best CS:GO squads. The event starts May 1 and ends May 6 with a bo5 grand final in front of a crowd in the Qudos Bank Arena. 16 teams from across the world are participating in the run for the $250,000 prize pool.

Follow this guide to get started with IEM Sydney 2018 betting. Whenever an esports event occurs, it’s important to find a safe bookmaker, and that’s why we have prepared this guide for you. By reading this article, you will not only find the best betting sites but also get odds comparison and match predictions.

IEM Sydney 2018 betting sites

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Our selected betting sites already have numerously available odds on IEM Sydney 2018. Outright winner odds are obviously up on most sites, but some also have Match winner odds, which is great for multiple betting.

IEM Sydney 2018 match winner (Tuesday, May 1)

Chiefs vs fnatic
loud9 vs Grayhound
FaZe vs Order
Mousesports vs B O O T d S
NRG vs Astralis
Space Soldiers vs Renegades
TyLoo vs SK

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IEM Sydney 2018 Outrights

Betway 4.00 | Arcanebet 3.50 | Esportsbetting.com 3.90

Betway 5.50 | Arcanebet 6.50 | Esportsbetting.com 5.50

Betway 5.50 | Arcanebet 6.50 | Esportsbetting.com 5.50

Natus Vincere
Betway 6.00 | Arcanebet 5.50 | Esportsbetting.com 6.00

Betway 7.00 | Arcanebet 7.50 | Esportsbetting.com 6.75

Betway 7.50 | Arcanebet 7.50 | Esportsbetting.com 7.25

Betway 8.00 | Arcanebet 8.00 | Esportsbetting.com 8.00

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More about IEM Sydney 2018

Tournament: IEM Sydney 2018
Dates: 2018-05-01 / 2018-05-06
Esport: CS:GO
Location: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Qudos Bank Arena
Prize pool: $250,000
Format: Group-stage (initial bo1 matches, rest will be bo3) Grand final bo5
Stream: Twitch.tv ESL

Top 5 teams attending IEM Sydney 2018

Astralis recently convincingly won DH Masters Marseille 2018. So naturally, they’re the favourites heading to IEM Sydney 2018. Two teams we are used to seeing reaching finals are SK Gaming and FaZe. Although they’re strong contenders, both teams are kind of in a slump, which increases Astralis chances to continue their winning streak.


As mentioned, Astralis won DH Masters Marseille, and it seems like they’re back in great shape. Their latest addition, Emil ’Magisk’ Reif, performed really well and it looks like he fits in nicely in the team. It’s not only the fact that they won the Marseille tournament, but they did it with such ease. Winning tournaments back-to-back is always hard, so we’ll see whether the pressure gets to the Danes or not. As SK and FaZe are not looking too good, this is Astralis chance to climb the world rankings again.


FaZe is clearly struggling without their superstar Olofmeister. It’s not that Xizt is necessarily a bad player, it’s just that there are not many players who can fill Olofmeister’s shoes. Also, their players who normally performs well are slacking a bit, so all the blame can’t be put on Xizt. We will probably see a more structured FaZe heading to IEM Sydney 2018; they should have a good idea by now on how they want to play with Xizt in the team.


Mousesports was looking awesome up to DH Masters Marseille 2018 where they didn’t live up to the expectations. However, we still believe strongly in this line-up as they have a lot of fire-power and have managed to overpower a handful of top teams recently. If they’re coming to Sydney with confidence, they can absolutely do severe damage and grab the title. Their toughest opponent will surely be Astralis, SK, Fnatic and Na’Vi as all of them been looking strong lately.

Natus Vincere

S1mple playing like a god wasn’t enough to beat Astralis in the DH Masters Marseille finals. Unfortunately, we don’t see Na’Vi reaching the grand final in IEM Sydney; there’s so much one single player can actually do. It would take a godlike s1mple and underperforming opponents for Na’Vi to succeed in Australia. If you do believe that Na’Vi can keep up the pace and maybe win this time you can get up to 6 times your money.

SK Gaming

SK, the former world champions have dropped several placements in the world ranking. They currently rank as number 8, which means that they’re out of top 5 for the first time in a very long time. In DH Marseille, they didn’t even get out of groups, which has been a recurring thing for the Brazilians. The ongoing roster changes is, of course, contributing to the fact that they have been going through a rough patch lately. And bringing in Stewie2k to the team means that they now are doing their communication in English.


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