Astralis Invited to IEM Sydney 2017

IEM Sydney 2017 Danish Squad

Astralis is the third team to receive an invitation to the IEM tournament in Australia, May 6-7.

IEM Extreme Masters have arranged several successful events the past couple of years, and they’re now ready to try their luck in Sydney, Australia for the first time. The hottest team in the world, Astralis, is now confirmed as one of the participants. Previous teams to get an invite to the $200,000 event are SK and the Aussie boys in Renegades.

Eight teams will try their best to claim the IEM Sydney champion title. And it might not come as a surprise that Astralis are favorites since they recently won IEM Katowice. There are three more invitational spots to fill, and we’re hoping they’re going to well-deserving teams. Two more CSGO squads will get the chance to play at IEM Sydney via qualifiers in China and Australia.

It’s great to see that eSports is conquering the world and we’re looking forward to Australia’s first CSGO tournament.

Check out the Astralis IEM Sydney 2017 hype video below! 😊