Astralis Winner of IEM Katowice 2017

iem katowice astralis winners

The Danish superstar team Astralis beat FaZe, in a straightforward manner, 3-1 to be exact, in the grand finale.

One would have thought that it would be either SK or VP against Astralis in the finals. However, they couldn’t even make it out of groups. Instead, FaZe was the team that went up against the Danish squad in the IEM Katowice final. And it was, in fact, FaZe that had the strongest start, winning the first map.

They joy didn’t last for the international team though. As the talented Device and co began to feel comfortable and hitting their shots. We all know that when these players hit their fullest potential, they’re almost impossible to stop. Astralis managed to close out the grand finale after three straight maps after the loss on Cache.