Betting Overview: DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017

Betting Overview: DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017

dreamhack masters malmö 2017 betting

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Summer vacation has come to an end and competitive CSGO is back again with DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 up next. This highly anticipated tournament kicks off August 30th and lasts for five full days. 16 elite teams from across the globe will participate in the fight for the sweet $250,00 prize pool as well as the chance of being crowned the new champions.

This article provides a DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 betting overview. If you’re looking to bet real money on the event, you can feel safe on our recommended betting sites. We explain how and where to book tickets if you want to experience DH Malmö on site, we also got you covered if you wish to follow the tournament online. Furthermore, we have pinpointed each team’s current form along with picked the teams we see as favorites to win the entire event. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, whether it’s for betting or just to learn more about the tournament, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with what this article has to offer.

DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 betting

You’ve reached perhaps the most interesting part of this article – where and how to bet on DH Masters Malmö. We’ve gathered the best betting sites based on bonus offers, esports selection, odds and how well long-term players are being treated. We concluded that Betway, bet365 and Unibet are the sportsbooks that have the most complete coverage of DreamHack Masters Malmö. Find out more about each brand by reading ours in depth reviews.

There are already a ton of great odds available: if you believe that the current DreamHack Masters Malmö champions Ninjas in Pyjamas will defend their title, you can potentially win 11 times your money. Which means if you bet €100 you could walk away with €1100 (100 * 11 = 1100).

Easy as pie, right? Check out the bonus offers for DH Malmö 2017 below!

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DH Malmö 2017 facts

dh malmö 2017 facts

In this section, you’ll find general information about DH Masters Malmö 2017. Among other things, we’ve found out where you can purchase tickets to the event and which esports personalities that are included in the broadcasting team. We also give you an insight on all of the contenders and underdogs. Additionally, we submitted a schedule for those who want to be sure not to miss a single match. Dreamhack’s Twitch channels have also been added for those of you watching DH Malmö online.

Tickets to DH Masters Malmö 2017

Are you longing for an unforgettable esports experience next to thousands of other fans? In that case, purchase a ticket to DH Masters Malmö 2017, one of the most prestigeful csgo tournaments there is. You need to be quick though, as the tickets are often sold out within days. Down below we answer frequently asked questions.

How and where can I purchase tickets?
You can get your tickets on, easiest is to get an e-ticket which you can print or just show directly on your phone at the Malmö Arena entrance.

How much does a ticket cost?
The price of a ticket varies a lot, it depends on where in the Arena you want a seat, or how much luxury you want to be included. If you want access to a private bar, free food & drinks you would have to pay a bit more than a regular ticket. The cheapest option, a regular ticket, goes for €48 while premium tickets cost as much as €184. It’s even possible to book an entire private skybox for €2637.

How many tickets can I buy?
The maximum limit is 15 tickets per household.

Where do I collect my ticket?
E-tickets are printable, or you could just show your ticket on your phone at Malmö Arena.

Broadcasting team

broadcasting team dh malmö 2017

There are quite a few familiar faces in the broadcasting team who will lead us through Dreamhack Masters Malmö. Alex ”Machine” Richardson is, like many times before, the desk host. Besides to broadcasting profiles, we’re used to seeing we’ll also see professional csgo players as expert commentators.

Here’s the complete broadcasting team:

Alex ”Machine” Richardson

Sue ”Smix” Lee
Tres ”stunna” Saranthus
Pala ”Mantrousse” Gilroy Sen

Chad ”SPUNJ” Burchill
Janko ”YNk” Paunović
Jakob ”Pimp” Winneche
Halvor ”vENdetta” Gulestø

Matthew ”Sadokist” Trivett
Henry ”HenryG” Greer
Jason ”moses” O’Toole
Anders Blume
Dustin ”dusT” Mouret
Vince Hill

Where can I watch the event?

DH Masters Malmö will be available via two channels on, both of which can be found on Dreamhack will have a second stream live during group play since several matches will be played at once.


Unfortunately, the groups have not been announced yet. However, below you’ll see a detailed schedule on when each group will play its matches, playoffs included.

Day 1 – Wednesday, August 30th – main stream

13:00-14:30 Group A – initial match #1                       bo1
14:30-16:00 Group B – initial match #2                        bo1
16:00-17:30 Group C – initial match #1                        bo1
17:30-19:00 Group D – initial match #2                       bo1
19:00-20:30 Group B – elimination match                    bo1
20:30-22:00 Group C – elimination match                    bo1

Day 1 – Wednesday, August 30th – second stream

13:00-14:30 Group B – initial match #1                        bo1
14:30-16:00 Group A – initial match #2                       bo1
16:00-17:30 Group D – initial match #1                       bo1
17:30-19:00 Group C – initial match #2                        bo1
19:00-20:30 Group A – elimination match                   bo1
20:30-22:00 Group D – elimination match                   bo1

Day 2 – Thursday, August 31st

10:00-13:00 Group A – winner’s match                        bo3
13:00-16:00 Group B – winner’s match                        bo3
16:00-19:00 Group C – winner’s match                        bo3
19:00-22:00 Group D – winner’s match                        bo3

Day 3 – Friday, September 1st

10:00-13:00 Group A – decider match                          bo3
13:00-16:00 Group B – decider match                          bo3
16:00-19:00 Group C – decider match                          bo3
19:00-22:00 Group D – decider match                         bo3

Day 4 – Saturday, September 2nd

10:00-13:00 quarter-final #1                                         bo3
13:00-16:00 quarter-final #2                                         bo3
16:00-19:00 quarter-final #3                                         bo3
19:00-22:00 quarter-final #4                                         bo3

Day 5 – Sunday, September 3rd

11:00-14:00 semifinal #1                                             bo3
14:00-17:00 semifinal #2                                            bo3

18:00-21:00 grand finals                                              bo3

DH Malmö 2017 teams

Bigger CSGO tournaments such as Dreamhack Masters always attracts the very top teams in the world. 12 out of 16 teams were handed direct invitations to DH Masters Malmö 2017 while rest of them had to qualify. Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at the participants.


Group A
Cloud9, North, SK, B.O.O.T-d[S]

Group B
Natus Vincere, Renegades,, Astralis

Group C
FaZe, Ninjas in Pyjamas, mousesports, Gambit

Group D
fnatic, EnVyUs, Immortals, G2

[bonustable num=3 orderby=’_as_rating’ ]

Please note: odds may have changed since we published this article.


The Danish superstars in Astralis are no longer number one in the world. They’ve been dethroned by SK Gaming that has had a fantastic year thus far. Astralis is still top 2 in the world though and a contender for titles in any tournament they attend. They need to start winning events again if they want to reclaim the number one spot. The third place in PGL Krakow Major shows that the Danish squad is ready to try to grab another win with DH Malmö coming up. Several betting sites holds Astralis together with SK Gaming as favorites in Malmö. You can win up to five times your money with a bet on Astralis.

Achievements this year: PGL Major Krakow (3), ECS Season 3 Finals (3), IEM Sydney 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 4.50 | Unibet 5.00 | bet365 4.33


The Brazilian troop in SK Gaming is constantly a threat in tournaments, and DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 shouldn’t be any different. FalleN and his players play off of each other like no other team, that together with their individually skilled players make them the best team in the world right now. SK didn’t claim any Major trophies this year around, but they’ve won several other prestigeful tournaments like ESL One Cologne 2017 and ECS Season 3 Finals. It’s impressive how they’re able to play at such a high-level tournament after tournament; their consistency makes them almost impossible to beat. They’re expected to win DH Malmö 2017, but there are a few teams that they have to watch out for, such as Astralis and NiP.

Achievements this year: ESL One Colone 2017 (1), ECS Season 3 Finals (1), DreamHack Open Summer 2017 (1).

Odds: Betway 4.25 | Unibet 4.50 | bet365 4.33


It’s quite hard to figure out where FaZe stands right now, they’ve recently picked up GuardiaN, and rumours say that Olofm from fnatic will join as well. FaZe will either play super good or just fail in groups. They have plenty of really skilled players that can carry games by themselves, let’s just hope they show up in form in Malmö.

Achievements this year: ESL One Cologne 2017 (3), ECS Season 3 Finals (2), IEM Sydney 2017 (2).

Odds: Betway 7.00 | Unibet 6.00 | bet365 7.00 is perhaps even a bigger question mark than FaZe. A glimpse of hope is that VP played fairly well when they claimed the third place in PGL Krakow. There have been rumours saying changes are incoming, but so far they’ve decided to stick together. We’ll see if it’s for better or worse and if they can’t make it out of groups in DH Malmö we have a hard time seeing them sticking together. But then again, they seem determined to make it to the top again with the current roster, so who knows.

Achievements this year: PGL Major Krakow 2017 (3), Adrenaline Cyber League 2017 (1), DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 (1).

Odds: Betway 10.00 | Unibet 11.00 | bet365 9.00

G2 Esports

Although G2 had a rough start after the player swap with EnVyUs they’ve managed to turn things around. They have a few tournament victories this year showing that they can be a real threat, so they’re a team to look out for in Malmö. If their superstars show up ripping heads off, they certainly have the potential to go far and even go toe to toe against the likes of Astralis and SK. G2 didn’t reach the playoffs in PGL Krakow and they are surely looking to prove critics wrong.

Achievements this year: ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals (1), DreamHack Open Tours 2017 (1), DreamHack Open Austin 2017 (1).

Odds: Betway 9.00 | Unibet 9.00 | bet365 9.00

Ninjas in Pyjamas

We have yet to see much of the new NiP roster, they failed to get out of groups in ESL One Cologne 2017, but at that time they’ve played with REZ for like a week or so, no one really expected them to go far. They did, however, win a tournament just a week later in Valencia, Spain. DreamHack Valencia 2017 wasn’t super competitive, but it was their first tournament win in a long time. And that’s a good sign heading into DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017? They’re the current DH Malmö champions, and we’re excited to see if they can deliver this year as well. There’s a lot of money to be made if NiP wins the tournament, just have a look at the crazy odds below!

Achievements this year: DreamHack Valencia 2017 (1).

Odds: Betway 9.00 | Unibet 13.00 | bet365 11.00


In spite of reuniting with the former world champions lineup fnatic still haven’t won any tournaments. The chemistry seems to be long gone, and by the looks of it, Olofmeister is on his way of joining FaZe Clan. It’s not officially confirmed yet though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. If the player change comes before DH Malmö, the odds may change drastically. Conclusion, things are not looking good for fnatic right now, but hopefully, we see fnatic back on track soon.

Achievements this year: DreamHack Open Summer 2017 (2), ELEAGUE Major 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 15.00 | Unibet 15.00 | bet365 17.00

Natus Vincere

There’s been a lot of stuff going on with Na’Vi, the strong awper GuardiaN has left and Zeus is once again part of the team. Zeus who recently helped Gambit to win PGL Major Krakow 2017 will be a great asset to Natus Vincere as they’ve been lacking a good IGL. With the changes happening this close to DH Malmö, we don’t see Na’Vi doing that great, to be honest. We think they need more time to practice and get the strategies etc in place. We’ll see how much damage they can do in little more than a week when the group stage of DreamHack Malmö 2017 begins.

Achievements this year: ESL One Cologne (3), Adrenaline Cyber League 2017 (2), SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals (3).

Odds: Betway 13.00 | Unibet 15.00 | bet365 13.00


Danish team North is often overshadowed by their countrymen in Astralis, but they’re still a great team and currently ranks #9 in the world. They’ve gotten rid of Magiskboy, but still, haven’t announced who their new fifth player will be. I’m not too sure that changing a player this close to a big tournament is the best move. I don’t see them defeating Astralis, SK and other top teams in a bo3.

Achievements this year: ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals (2), DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 (3), PGL Major Krakow (5-8).

Odds: Betway 15.00 | Unibet 17.00 | bet365 15.00


Immortals are right now ranked as the seventh best team in the world, in our opinion a well-deserved placement. Immortals have overwhelmed their opponents with an aggressive and creative play style throughout the last couple of months; recent success was in PGL Major Krakow where they ended up in the finals. But the Zeus-led troop in Gambit was too strong, so Immortals had to settle for a second place that time. The main thing standing in their way is internal conflicts. Apparently, several players in the team want to leave. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if that’s the case, it may affect the performance in DH Malmö 2017.

Achievements this year: PGL Major Krakow 2017 (2), DreamHack Open Summer 2017 (3), DreamHack Open Austin (2).

Odds: Betway 13.00 | Unibet 15.00 | bet365 15.00


Mousesports is another example of teams that have brought in new players recently. Finnish suNny and STYKO from Slovakia have joined chrisj and co. Mousesports have been struggling for a while now so the change within the team comes as no surprise. We’re looking forward to see what the new team can achieve, the former team was formerly known for being strong in bo1 games. We don’t expect to see this line-up going through to playoffs in Malmö, but stranger things have happened.

Achievements this year: DreamHack Open Tours 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 21.00 | Unibet 26.00 | bet365 21.00

Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports, the team that shocked the entire csgo scene by claiming the latest major title. However, we won’t see the same roster entering dreamhack malmö 2017 since Zeus departed from the team. To take Zeus spot in the team they’ve brought in Bektiyar ”fitch” Bahytov, but it seems like he won’t be calling. The question is if they can keep the same level they had with Zeus in the team.

Achievements this year: PGL Major Krakow (1), DreamHack Open Austin 2017 (1), cs_Summit Spring 2017 (2).

Odds: Betway 11.00 | Unibet 11.00 | bet365 26.00


Happy and his fellow mates in EnVyUs have slowly but steadily climbed the world team rankings. The problem with this team is that they lack stability, which is what they need to break into top 10 teams in the world. It’s up to their superstar ScreaM if they want to reach the playoffs in Dreamhack Malmö 2017. The few tournament wins they have this year is against tier 2 teams, so we’re not expecting much from EnVyUs in Malmö.

Achievements this year:  DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017 (2), DreamHack Open Valencia 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 25.00 | Unibet 31.00 | bet365 34.00


OpTiC has due to recent changes in the lineup been removed from DH Malmö’s participants’ list. Taking their place will be Cloud9, who has replaced shroud and n0thing with tarik and RUSH. An upgrade in our opinion, at least skill-wise. How they will fit as a team is something we’ll have to wait for DH Malmö to find out.


The biggest achievement for Renegades this year was their third place in DreamHack Open Atlanta, so they’re far from being one of the favorites in Malmö. We don’t believe they stand a chance against most participating teams in DreamHack Masters Malmö, with exceptions for B.O.O.T-d[S] and maybe EnVyUs.

Achievements this year: DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 101.00 | Unibet 151.00 | bet365 151.00


B.O.O.T-d[s] is the outsider in DH Malmö in the sense that they’re relatively unknown and haven’t played any tier 1 international tournaments. They’re flying all the way from Singapore to compete in Sweden. We don’t believe anyone is putting high hopes on B.O.O.T-d[s], competing in a Masters tournament is an achievement in itself.

Achievements this year: China Cup 2017 (3).

Odds: Betway 151.00 | Unibet 201.0 | bet365 301.00


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