DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018: Betting Sites & Tips

DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018: Betting Sites & Tips

dreamhack masters marseille 2018 betting

This DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 betting guide provides you with the best bonus offers and bookmakers. It will be one hell of a tournament and there are already a bunch of odds available at our recommended betting sites, see below!

DH Masters Marseille 2018 betting

Claim risk-free bets, deposit bonuses and read our betting tips. Who will become the champions of DH Masters Marseille 2018? See the outright winner odds for DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 further down this article.

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Risk-free bets on DH Masters Marseille 2018

Place risk-free bets on DH Masters Marseille 2018, who do you have winning? Betting on your favourite teams at our selected bookmakers can result in great returns. SK Gaming winning the tournament gets you five times your money. Continue reading to see more examples!

Esportsbetting.com is currently offering new members 2 (!) €13.37 risk-free bets. A risk-free bet works as follows: if you lose a bet, you will get the amount back in bonus money or cash. Carefully read the terms & conditions at Esportsbetting.com before you start betting.

DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 bonus offers

Pick a bonus and boost your bets on DH Masters Marseille! Esportsbets24.com lists terrific bonus offers and promotions.

Thanks to a partnership with Betway you’ll get a €30 FREE bet on your first deposit up to €30.

Another excellent offer can be found at Arcanebet. This site welcomes you with a 150% bonus up to €150, which will be activated when using the bonus code ”EB150”. Follow our links to Arcanebet and grab your exclusive bonus now!

Sign with the bookmaker of your choice and get started with DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 betting!

Skin betting on DH Masters Marseille 2018

We usually advocate real money betting. However, the new payment method SkinPay is a great way to bet with your skins. This method is available on Arcanebet where you directly exchange your skins for real money. It works with skins from both CS:GO and Dota 2 and is a lot safer than regular skins betting.

So, if your inventory is full of skins why not use them to bet on your favourite esports teams?!

About DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018

Prior to this tournament, lots have happened, several teams have made severe changes. The most important change comes from the SK Gaming camp, where Stewie2k has taken TACOs spot on the roster. With that said, numerous teams are fighting for the trophy this time around.

Event: DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018
Esport: CS:GO
Organizer: DreamHack
Dates: 2018-04-18 / 2018-04-22
Location: Marseille, France
Venue: Le Dôme de Marseille
Prize pool: $250,000
Participants: 16 teams
Maps: Mirage, Cache, Nuke, Inferno, Train, Cobblestone, Overpass

Favourites to win the event

What team do you have your money on? In this section we take a closer look at fnatic, SK, Astralis and other teams we believe have the biggest shot at being victorious in Marseille. We also provide outright winner odds.

Please note that the odds might have changed since the publication of this article.


It seems like Fnatic has found the way back to winning form, the last two months they have managed to bring home two important tournament titles. The win at IEM Katowice 2018 was possible much thanks to brilliant play from their star player Flusha. Fnatic currently stands as the third-best team in the world according to HLTV’s rankings. The tricky part will be to maintain the high level of CS:GO that they have displayed lately. A win at DH Masters Marseille will probably get them the second spot in the world rankings.

Get 7 times your stake if fnatic wins DH Marseille!

Odds: Betway 6.50 | Arcanebet 7.00 | Esportsbetting.com 7.75

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Recently NiP had to let Xizt go and find a replacement, and the player to take over Xizt’s job is no other than madfragger Dennis. Thus far, the ninjas are yet to see the same success as their rivals fnatic. However, their gameplay has seemed to at least improve having dennis as an IGL. Their play style is a lot looser now, which fits players such as draken and f0rest who usually tend to have a very aggressive approach to the game. The competition in this tournament is world-class, so NiP’s front players really need to deliver if they want to stand a chance of winning. It will be tough, but certainly not impossible.

Betway 34.00 | Arcanebet 34.00 | Esportsbetting.com 19.00


FaZe is still at the top of hltv’s ranking board, but mousesports is not far behind. One of their star players, Olofmeister, announced just the other week that he’s taking a break from professional CS:GO due to personal issues. Former NiP player Xizt is taking his place, this is, of course, a big set back for FaZe. It’s hard to tell how they will perform without Olof and DH Marseille will definitely put the new roster to the test. NiKo and rain need to step up if they want to defeat the likes of SK, Astralis, etc. Despite their recent fall down, sportsbooks still hold them as one of the favourites to win this event. Do you agree? Check out the odds below!

Betway 6.00 | Arcanebet 5.50 | Esportsbetting.com 5.25


SK is still struggling to find their way back to their pristine form, back to when they used to dominate the scene. The lack of results this year put them in a difficult situation where they had to let TACO go. Rumours first said that s1mple and flamie were on the way of joining SK, but it all fell apart in the last second. They finally did find a replacement in Stewie2k from the American squad Cloud9. Stewie2k is a super talented player that very well could be the piece that SK was missing. DH Masters Marseille 2018 will be the first proving grounds for Stewie2k to see if he has what it takes to play with the likes of coldzera and fer.

Betway 5.00 | Arcanebet 5.50 | Esportsbetting.com 5.50


Out of all the Nordic countries, Denmark is the one that has accomplished the most. Which historically is a rare sight, Sweden is usually on top of every category in esports. But with the rise of Astralis and North, Denmark has seen the most success in esports. Their line-up looks a bit different nowadays with Magisk instead of Kjaerbye. It’s still early days for this roster and they are probably eager to prove themselves at DH Marseille 2018. Do you believe they will find success at this event? Pick your sportsbook below!

Betway 6.00 | Arcanebet 6.50 | Esportsbetting.com 6.50


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