DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 Betting Guide

DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 Betting Guide

dreamhack masters stockholm 2018 betting

Almost all CS:GO pros are on vacation right now, except for the teams that are participating in IEM Shanghai 2018 which is taking place at this very moment. But, besides that, there are basically no scheduled tournaments until August 29th when it’s time for DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018.

Since this is a pretty big and important event, lots of sportsbooks will offer betting. As for now, you can bet on the tournament winner, and the closer we get to the starting date match winner odds will also be available.

DH Masters Stockholm 2018 betting sites

After thorough research, we found three betting sites that stood out regarding offering coverage of DH Masters Stockholm 2018.

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First, we have Arcanebet, where we, thanks to close collaboration can offer you an exclusive 150% bonus up to €150. A neat feature at Arcanebet is the ability to exchange your CS GO and Dota 2 skins for real cash. These two factors make Arcanebet a great choice for DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 betting. Follow our link to register an account in just a few minutes.

Another promising sportsbook is Esportsbetting.com, which specialises in esports betting (hence the brand name). They’re relatively new to the market but is already the first choice for many players, and it’s not hard to see why. The first reason for that is the deposit bonus, where you get two risk-free bet, and you can bet on almost every single esports out there.

The last sportsbook we want to highlight is bet365, a well-recognized brand that has been around forever. Here you will, in addition to esports betting, also have access to poker, bingo and casino. Bet365 is a rock-solid gambling provider with great esports coverage – place money on match winner, first blood/kill, team to win first map and the list goes on.

About Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018

Event: DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018
Dates: Aug 29 – Sep 2, 2018
Esport: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Ericsson Globe
Prize pool: $250,000
Format: Group-stage (aug 29-31), playoffs (sep 1-2)
Participants: 16 teams
Map pool: Overpass, Train, Nuke, Inferno, Mirage, Dust2, Cache

DH Masters Stockholm 2018 odds

Even though DH Masters Stockholm is weeks away from happening you can already bet on the team you believe will take home the trophy. The Danish squad Astralis is heavily favored to win the event, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as they have been playing exceptionally well lately.

Please note that the odds displayed in this article can change at any given point.

Arcanebet DH Masters Sthlm 2018 winner odds

dh masters stockholm 2018 arcanebet<<show current DH Masters Sthlm 2018 odds at Arcanebet>>

Esportsbetting.com DH Masters Sthlm 2018 winner odds

dh masters stockholm 2018 esportsbetting<<show current DH Masters Sthlm 2018 odds at Esportsbetting.com>>

Participants in DH Masters Stockholm 2018

DH Masters Stockholm will most likely be a memorable tournament as 16 top teams will battle it out for a prize pool of $250,000. Amongst the strongest contenders, we see teams such as Astralis, Na’Vi, FaZe and Mibr. Read more about each teams chances of winning down below!


The Danish team Astralis seem to be on top of the world right now, and there’s no doubt that DH Stockholm is Astralis’s event to lose. They brought home a huge victory just the other week when they easily defeated Liquid in the grand final of Eleague CS:GO Premier 2018. If Astralis can keep their form, they will be close to unstoppable in Stockholm. The only real threat would be FaZe if their stars can bring their A-game.

Odds: Arcanebet 2.50 | Esportsbetting.com 2.30

Natus Vincere

Na’Vi is currently the second-best team in the world, according to HLTV’s rankings. This placing is not something that Na’Vi is used to, at least not for CSGO, so we’ll see if they can manage to maintain it. Their success has been possible mainly because of their superstar s1mple, which has played out of his mind as usual. However, the difference maker is that his teammates are starting to step up as well, electronic in particular has proven to be a great fit for the team. DH Stockholm 2018 is a super competitive tournament, but Na’Vi belongs to the teams that have the biggest chances of coming out on top.

Odds: Arcanebet 6.50 | Esportsbetting.com 6.50

FaZe Clan

It’s hard to know where FaZe stand at the moment as Olofmeister just made his comeback. It didn’t go well for the team at Eleague Premier, where they ended up placing 7-8. But it was kind of expected, given that it was Olofs first appearance at a big stage since his break. We should expect a different and more prepared FaZe at DH though, as they will have plenty of time to finalize a game plan.

Odds: Arcanebet 5.50 | Esportsbetting.com 5.50


It wasn’t too long ago when Mibr (ex SK) was the best team in the world and beating every opponent with ease. It’s gone downhill since then and they have dropped to number 7 on the world ranking. After several disappointing results, Mibr had to do something to get back to the top. A first move was to let one player go, and when that didn’t help they dropped yet another player. With all the changes within the team, they now consist of Fallen, Coldzera, Fer, Stewie2k and Tarik. Three Brazilians and two Americans, they are all individually skilled but it also takes a great deal of team play to beat top contenders.

Odds: Arcanebet 14.00 | Esportsbetting 11.00


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