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Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015

Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca Betting

It’s time for yet another major tournament and this time it’s taking place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The tournament will be held October 28 to November 1.

An interesting detail is that the veto system in the group stage looks a bit different this time. The first team to veto gets to veto a total of three times. Meanwhile, the opposite team only gets two veto votes. But on the other hand, the opposite team gets to pick which side to play as on the deciding map.

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Prize pool $250 000

1st place $100 000

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


Group A


fnatic  se

fnatic are the reigning champs since they won ESL One Cologne. And they are looking to win their third straight major tournament.  Lately, fnatic hasn’t looked as good as they used to, but I would still consider them to be one of the favorites to win the whole thing.

Luminosity  br

Made it to the quarterfinals last major, which is a good result for Luminosity. They will have a really hard time getting out of groups this major, since they’re facing both Cloud9 and fnatic. They would have to play out of their minds to even get out of the group stage.

Cloud9  us

Cloud9 didn’t go far in ESL One Cologne and haven’t looked great at all lately. But they should definitely make it out of their group, since fnatic is the only real threat.

Vexed  pl

By far the weakest team in group A. It would take a miracle for them to make it through.


Group B

TSM  dk

Huge favorites to top their group and surely one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. Went all the way to the semis at ESL Cologne, where they lost to EnVyUs. TSM have the potential to go really far in Cluj.

G2  _European Union

A team with a lot of skill. Could very well make it out of the group stage. G2 and mousesports will fight for the second place in group b, meanwhile TSM will most definitely top it.

Mousesports  de

If Mousesports wants to go through group stage they have to beat G2. It will be a tough task to beat TSM, but certainly not impossible. Mousesports can beat any team in a bo1 on a good day.

FlipSid3  ua

Will most likely not make it out of groups.


Group C  pl

Group C is by far the toughest group with as small favorites to top it. But both Titan and NiP are not to be messed around with. Both teams have the potential to beat

NiP  se

Didn’t go far in Cologne, they’re still NiP though, so you can never count them out. They surely have a tough task ahead of them, but could they redeem themselves and bring the nip magic once again?

Liquid  us

The weakest team in group d. I honestly don’t think they will go very far.

Group D

EnVyUs  fr

Been playing extremely well since the player swap with Titan. Lost the grand final in Cologne against fnatic. EnVyUs are, together with TSM and fnatic one of the favorites to win the entire tournament.

Na’Vi  ua

Could very well take the second spot in group d behind EnVyUs. Should beat CLG and dignitas, but anything could happen in a bo1.

CLG  us

They could surprise and beat both EnVyUs and Na’Vi in a bo1. Even though it’s not very likely.

dignitas  dk

Managed to qualify to DH Open Cluj with Schneider on the team. But since they thought the communication lacked a bit they replaced Schneider with Tenzki. They do have the skill to do some damage in Cluj.

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