ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017 Betting Guide

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017 Betting Guide

eleague csgo premier 2017 betting

ELEAGUE is back! This time with the brand new tournament ’ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017’. This event features four groups with four elite teams in each and one of them, so a total of sixteen teams will set course to Atlanta to compete for the massive one million dollar prize pool.

This article is meant to guide you through ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017. We list the three betting sites who are providing the best odds, bonuses and esports selection; we also take a closer look at each group and the teams who are expected to advance to the playoffs.

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Please note: we will continue to update this article during the tournament.  

ELEAGUE Premier 2017 group stage matchups

Kicking off CSGO Premier 2017 will be the teams in Group A, obviously, who will duke it out this Saturday (September 9) while remaining teams will play in Atlanta the next three weekends. Check out our predictions and odds below if you’re looking to bet on ELEAGUE Premier 2017.

Group A

September 8-9

FaZe vs. Renegades

Although FaZe hasn’t had the time to impress us just yet, they should be able to beat Renegades with ease. This international superstar team has enough skilled players to simply just out-aim their opponents in this matchup. Besides, to be honest, Renegades didn’t accomplish much at DH Malmö, and they have even swapped a player since. So we’re not expecting Renegades to be very synchronized heading to Atlanta.

Betway: FaZe 1.12 | Renegades 5.25

Natus Vincere vs. G2 Esports

G2 has reached a whole new level thanks to their recent tournament win in Malmö. Na’Vi’s superstars will have to play out of their minds to defeat the French team who’s looking super confident right now. S1mple and the other mad-fraggers in Na’Vi can surely cause some trouble, but we believe that G2 will be too strong at the end, and even top group a.

Betway: Na’Vi 2.75 | G2 Esports 1.40

Group B

September 15-16

Team North vs. Fnatic

Unfortunately, Fnatic did not do very well at their last LAN appearance in Malmö. North, on the other hand, surprised a lot of us when they managed to reach the final at Dreamhack Malmö. So North has the upper hand stepping into this match, and the odds shows just that. However, fnatic has potential, and it will be interesting to see if they can improve their game at CSGO Premier.

Betway: North 1.40 | fnatic 2.75

Mousesports vs. Immortals

Immortals are currently the sixth best team in the world if we’re going with hltv’s ranking system. The Brazilian team has put on high numbers lately and should have this one in the bag; there’s no reason to think that mousesports would put up a good fight. But then again, crazier things have happened in csgo.

Betway: Mousesports 2.75 | Immortals 1.40

Group C

September 22-23

Virtus.pro vs. EnVyUs

Out of all of the group stage matches, this has to be the hardest to predict. However VP did beat EnVyUs at ESG Tour Mykonos, is it a sign of TaZ and his teammates finally waking up from their coma? If VP ends up winning ESG Tour the odds will most certainly change for this upcoming ELEAGUE Premier match.

Betway: Virtus.pro 1.85 | EnVyUs 1.85

Cloud9 vs. NiP

Both of these teams have made roster changes lately, and it seems like it’s NiP that has had the most success so far. The Swedish squad has risen to being ranked seventh in the world while Cloud9 has dropped a few steps on the world rankings. Ninjas in Pyjamas are favored in this matchup. But C9 could surprise and pull off a win here; their lineup is looking beastly, they just need to get the team play in order.

Betway: Cloud9 2.95 | NiP 1.35

Group D

September 29-30

Astralis vs. Liquid

If you feel gutsy, there’s money to be made in this match, a win for Liquid would give you four times your stake. Astralis wins this matchup nine times out of 10, so I guess there’s still a small chance for Liquid. Stranger things have happened before as we all know, especially in a bo1 game.

Betway: Astralis 1.20 | Liquid 4.00

SK vs. Heroic

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that SK is favored against Heroic. But, with that said, SK has to start reaching finals or win tournaments soon if they want to keep their number one world ranking. Several teams are getting closer to dethroning SK, so the Brazilians better do well in CSGO Premier 2017. All in all, we can’t see how SK could lose this one.

Betway: SK 1.25 | Heroic 3.60

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Winner odds ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017

Since the entire world’s elite will participate, many teams have realistic chances of claiming the title in Atlanta and get $500,000 richer. The biggest favorites to win ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017 are without a doubt SK, G2, Astralis, FaZe and North, all of which have put on impressive performances lately. Visit our csgo betting guide to learn more about how it works.


Because of SK’s recent disappointing results, other teams are now beginning to catch up in the world rankings. The French team G2 are currently only 149 points away from having as much as SK, so FalleN and his troop better start winning again if they want to keep their number one spot. So there’s more at stake than just a title in Atlanta, their placement in hltv’s team world rankings is also in danger. They’re still favorites to win CSGO Premier 2017, and we are likely to see a focused SK in Atlanta.

bet365 5.50 | Unibet 5.00


It seems like things finally are falling into place for the French squad, their showing at DH Masters Malmö was simply incredible. They ended up winning DH Malmö, and they did that by beating top teams like SK and Ninjas in Pyjamas on the road to the final where they came out of top against North. A superstar team like G2 with confidence is a team to look out for, let’s see if they can continue their streak at CSGO Premier 2017.

bet365 6.00 | Unibet 5.50


Astralis has been pushed down from their second place in the world rankings due to their loss in the quarterfinal at DH Malmö, surpassing them is G2 who won the entire event. Astralis plays in Group D together with SK, Heroic and Liquid. Since the two top teams will advance to the playoffs things are looking promising, the only real threat should be SK. The Danes have a great track record against both Heroic and Liquid, so they should as a minimum secure a seat in the playoffs.

bet365 5.50 | Unibet 6.00


It’s still hard to place where FaZe stands; they haven’t had that much time to play together. Their first LAN appearance didn’t go too well where they failed to go through to the playoffs. Unfortunately for FaZe, they have been handed the worst possible group at Premier 2017; they’re going to fight against G2 and Na’Vi for a spot to the playoffs. We wouldn’t count FaZe out, but they need to bring their A-game if they want to succeed in Atlanta.

bet365 6.00 | Unibet 7.00


It feels like North has reached the point where they finally show their real potential. The second place at DH Masters Malmö was a significant step in the right direction of becoming a team on the same level as their Danish brothers in Astralis. They have been fighting their way up to a fourth place on the world rankings, and things are starting to look pretty good for the Danish scene overall. In Group B they’ve been handed contenders such as fnatic, mousesports and Immortals.And if North can keep playing as they have in the past they should be able to go forward to the playoffs in CSGO Premier 2017. A tournament win for North would give you seven times your money.

bet365 7.00 | Unibet 10.00

Group stage & playoffs

The 16 competing teams have been divided into four GSL groups – Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. Eight teams will advance to the playoffs October 10-13. The GSL format is played as follows: two bo1 matches and one bo3 winner’s match, one bo3 loser match and one bo3 elimination match.

Here are the groups:

Group A (September 8-9)
Natus Vincere

Group B (September 15-16)

Group C (September 22-23)

Group D (September 29-30)

The playoffs contain a bo3 single-elimination match format consisting of eight teams and map vetoes. And the maps are Cache, Cobblestone, Nuke, Inferno, Train, Mirage and Overpass.

Where can I watch the tournament?

The whole event will be broadcasted on TBS, Twitch, Youtube and ELEAGUE’s website. If you’re located in the USA and want to attend the event you can grab your tickets here.

How much money is up for grabs?

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017 contains a 1 million dollar prize pool, which is as much as the price money we see for a major tournament. The distribution looks as following:

1 $500,000
2 $150,000
3-4 $70,000
5-8 $35,000

On-air team

If you’ve followed ELEAGUE’s past events, you’ll recognize several names in the broadcast team. Once again we’ll see Richard Lewis as the host, and he’ll be joined by five commentators who also will serve as analysts. Another familiar face is Sue ”Swix” Lee, who will be delivering player interviews pre and post matches.

Here’s the broadcast team:

Richard Lewis

Sue ”Smix” Lee

Jason ”moses” O’Toole
Anders Blume
James Bardolph
Daniel ”ddk” Kapadia
Auguste ”Semmler” Massonat


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