ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018: Betting Overview

ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018: Betting Overview

eleague major 2018 betting

What better way to start 2018 than to witness another CSGO major? Hosting the tournament is once again ELEAGUE, and the location this time around is in Boston, USA. The event is, besides being streamed on services such as Twitch and Youtube, also going to be broadcast on the television channel TBS.

Follow our guide to find the very best ELEAGUE Major 2018 betting sites, odds, tips, predictions and lots more! The tournament starts off with the main qualifier Jan 12th – Jan 15th and the main event Jan 19th – Jan 28th. $1,000,000 is on the line, and the entire CSGO world elite is going to be there.

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ELEAGUE Major 2018 betting sites

Let’s dive right into the reason why you’re probably here; to find the best Eleague major 2018 betting site. Esports wagering has grown a ton just the last year or two, so the list of sites offering bets on CSGO and the major in particular could go on forever.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked the leading sportsbooks and made the job easy for you. All you need to do is compare and figure out which of the following sites that suits you the best: Betway or Arcanebet?

Now, let’s pop the hood to see what these sites have to offer:

There are several reasons why you should choose the newcomer Arcanebet. The biggest thing with this esports betting site is probably the fact that you can bet using your CSGO and Dota 2 skins via SkinPay. Simply just deposit your skins and get real money in return and you’re all set. Another cool feature is live betting, which makes esports betting so much more fun. And lastly, it wouldn’t be fair to leave their brand new live casino out, which is an amazing experience. Choose between roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dragon tiger, number betting, keno and casino holdem.

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Betway, on the other hand, is a reliable and well-established betting site that has been around since the get-go. Unfortunately, they don’t offer skins betting, but they make up for it by offering deposits via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard etc. Another plus with Betway is that they already have plenty of Eleague major 2018 odds available. You can bet on the winner of the tournament, of course, but also place special bets such as New Challengers Stage to Qualify, New Challenger Total Rounds and more.

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So, in conclusion, both alternatives are great. But, if you want to bet your skins, Arcanebet is the site for you. If you’re fine with depositing your own money and want great esports betting odds, then Betway is the obvious choice. Sign up via our site to get hold of exclusive bonuses on your first deposit.

Tournament format

Both stages of ELEAGUE Major 2018 (Challengers Stage & Legends Stage) will be played out using the Swiss format. It was Min-Sik Ko, the VP of Tournament Operations at ELEAGUE that revealed the details. The first time we saw the Swiss format at play was during the Main Qualifier for the event ESL One Cologne 2016.

The Swiss format was later on also utilized for the main qualifiers and group stages of the two CS:GO Majors in 2017. And we’ll see it once again in Eleague Major Boston 2018.

Quick facts

Tournament: ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018
Esport: CS:GO
When: Main Qualifier (Jan 12th – Jan 15th), Main Event Jan 19th – Jan 28th
Where: Atlanta & Boston, USA
Prize pool: $1,000,000
Participants: 16 teams (Main Qualifier), 16 teams (Main Event)
Map pool: Cache, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Train, Cobblestone, Overpass
Stream: ELEAGUE Twitch, ELEAGUE Youtube

ELEAGUE Major 2018: predictions & odds

eleague major boston 2018 teams

The ELEAGUE major is split into two stages, the main qualifier (challengers stage) and the main event (legends stage). Meaning there will be a massive amount of matches for you to bet on. Gambit is the current champs since they beat Immortals in the PGL Major Krakow 2017 grand final.

Here’s a list of all participating teams (including the challengers stage). We have added Eleague major 2018 winner odds for some of the teams, that way you’ll see who the favorites are.

Please note: odds might have changed since we published this article.

FaZe (challenger)

FaZe had a great 2017, at least the last half of the year. Just last month (December) they claimed a victory at the ECS Season 4 Finals where they defeated mousesports in the final. They are, together with SK Gaming and Astralis, one of the favorites to bring home the Eleague Major 2018 trophy.

Betway 4.50 | Arcanebet 3.80

SK Gaming (legend)

Currently the best team in the world. Last year was great for this brazilian superstar team, here are some of the titles they claimed: EPICENTER 2017, ESL Pro League Season 6, Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2017. And there’s more where that came from. SK is THE favorites to win in Boston, USA.

Betway 4.00 | Arcanebet 4.50

Astralis (legend)

Astralis has performed surprisingly well without their main star dev1ce, finishing 2nd at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017 for example. Now that dev1ce finally is back they are surely considered one of the favorites to be the new major champions. However, one downside is that dev1ce hasn’t been able to compete or practice for a long time.

Betway 7.00 | Arcanebet 5.50

G2 Esports (challenger)

G2 has had its ups and downs during 2017. They’re a top 10 team with the capability to beat the top 3 teams if they’re on fire. Shox and KennyS are monsters and if they’re in playing mood at Eleague major 2018 they could very well reach the playoffs.

Betway 8.00 | Arcanebet 8.00

100 Thieves (legend)

A new Brazilian superstar team consisting of bit, fnx, kNgV-, HEN1 and LUCAS1. The line-up screams firepower and it will be super interesting to see what kind of damage they can do at the upcoming major. Keep an eye out on this team as they most likely will be underestimated by most of their opponents.

Betway 9.00 | Arcanebet 9.00

North (legend)

North has the potential to reach the playoffs in Boston as they have shown great results in 2017. They have a sick roster and they’re most definitely a threat heading to the major in Boston. A North and Astralis matchup would be great to witness!

Betway 11.00 | Arcanebet 9.00

Mousesports (challenger)

Mousesports grew a lot as a team in 2017 and they currently rank as #8 in the world. We wouldn’t hold them as one of the favorites to win the entire event, but they can surely go through to the playoffs. It will be a tough event for mousesports, they will need to bring their A-game if they want to stand a chance.

Natus Vincere (challenger)

Na’Vi has recently added great firepower to their roster in the likes of electronic. With the new addition, the squad now looks as following: Edward, Zeus, flamie, s1mple, electronic. Their first obstacle will be getting past the challengers stage, and if they succeed with that anything can happen. They surely have the skill and team play needed in order to go far.

Gambit Esports (legend)

Gambit isn’t the same superteam without the great leader Zeus. But they still have a lot of skillful players such as AdreN and Hobbit. We wouldn’t count them out even though they haven’t looked that impressive since the exit of Zeus.

Cloud9 (challenger)

Despite having such a strong roster they have yet to win any bigger titles. They’re one of the challengers and need to focus on that stage first. What they seem to lack is proper teamplay, hopefully they can better their coms at Eleague major 2018.

Fnatic (legend)

Legendary team with 3 (!) major titles in their baggage. They have, however, not managed to win a tournament with the current lineup. Their superstars flusha and JW need to find their old form again of they want to be a threat in Boston.

Virtus.pro (legend)

Virtus.pro started 2017 in great manners, but from there it pretty much went downhill. Late 2017 it started to look a bit better for the polish team though, as they finished 2nd at EPICENTER 2017 and SL i-League Invitational Shanghai 2017.

Space Soldiers (challenger)

Space Soldiers haven’t played that many international tournaments, but we know that they have performed well online. All they need to do is bring their game to offline events, it’s, however, easier said than done of course.

Team Liquid (challenger)

As Liquid is playing with a stand-in (their coach zews) at Eleague Major Boston 2018 we’re not expecting much from this North-American team. They should be happy if they even manage to advance to the main event.

BIG (legend)

BIG is usually not the team you see as favorites heading to international tournaments. However, they can be a tricky opponent at group stages as their play style is a bit unorthodox.

EnVyUs (challenger)

May very well be one of the contenders that make it through to the main event group stage. They have a skillful roster, we’ve all heard of the headshot machine ScreaM. We’re not convinced that they will go much further than that though.

Misfits (challenger)

Misfits is a North-American team with two French players on its roster. Both seangares and ShahZaM has played for Cloud9 in the past, with mixed results. This team is surprisingly enough one of the better teams at the moment out of the teams hearing from North-America.

Sprout (challenger)

Sprout is a new international team that consist of players from countries such as Germany, Poland and Finland. We don’t expect them to even advance from the challengers stage, but who knows, they might surprise everyone, including us.

Renegades (challenger)

Renegades is the best team in Australia and has recently acquired NAF and Nifty from North-America. We’re looking forward seeing if they can perform against the top teams at Eleague Major 2018.

Vega Squadron (challenger)

A fairly unknown squad that hasn’t been seen at many international tournaments. We have low expectations regarding this team, will they even get past the challengers stage?

FlipSid3 Tactics (challenger)

FlipSid3 is looking interesting with seized a part of the new roster, he should be a great fit. FlipSid3 is an underdog to many, however, we strongly believe that they can make it past the challengers stage.

AVANGAR (challenger)

One of the lesser known teams to participate at the Eleague Major Qualifier.

Quantum Bellator Fire (challenger)

Not sure what to expect from Quantum Bellator Fire as they haven’t played at any international tournaments.

Flash Gaming (challenger)

Flash is replacing TyLoo and now get the chance to represent China at a CSGO Major. It would be great for the scene overall if we got to see a Chinese team at the main event.


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