ESL One New York 2017 Betting Tips & Odds

ESL One New York 2017 Betting Tips & Odds

esl one new york 2017 betting

New York is ESL’s next stop, where they will host a $250,000 CSGO tournament which will feature eight top teams from across the globe. ESL One New York 2017 starts this Friday (September 15) and will last the entire weekend, so we have three days of world class CS:GO action ahead of us. Stick with us and read this article if you want the latest ESL One New York 2017 betting tips from our online gambling experts.

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Betting sites & odds: ESL One New York 2017

Most of our recommended sportsbooks are providing betting on ESL One New York 2017, as it is a pretty big and important tournament. To narrow it down we have selected three sites that we believe to have great coverage of the event. And those, in no particular order, are the following: Betway, Unibet and bet365. Down below, we have highlighted a bunch of betting options that are available for ESL One NY on selected sportsbooks. Right now, you can bet on match winner, groups, tournament winner, rounds handicap, team to reach the final, region of winner, group qualification and hltv mvp. There’s already a lot to choose from, but it gets even better as there will be more odds available once the tournament has started.

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Initial matchups

ESL has revealed the initial matchups, so we have taken a closer look at each match and also added winner odds.

SK Gaming vs EnVyUs | ESL One NY

SK, one of the favorites to win ESL One New York, against a team that had to qualify. The Brazilian team couldn’t have asked for an easier opponent in the opening match, and the odds speaks for itself. A win for SK will only get you 1.30 times your money, while a win for EnVyUs could give you up to 3.40 times your stake.

bet365: SK 1.30 | EnVyUs 3.40
Betway: SK 1.30 | EnVyUs 3.20

Cloud9 vs Natus Vincere | ESL One NY

Cloud9 haven’t looked their best since the roster change, unfortunately, it seems like tarik and RUSH haven’t found their roles within the team yet. However, Na’Vi haven’t looked that great either, but they’re still favorites against C9, not by a lot, but still favorites.

bet365: Cloud9 2.75 | Na’Vi 1.40
Betway: Cloud9 2.75 | Na’Vi 1.40

FaZe vs | ESL One NY

FaZe performed well in CS:GO Premier last weekend and defeated both Renegades and Na’Vi. So with their current form, we’d say that they’re favored against a VP that is out of shape. But, then again, it’s a bo1 so anything can happen. We still give a slight edge to FaZe though, just because their superstars are finally starting to deliver.

bet365: FaZe 1.33 | 3.25
Betway: FaZe 1.35 | 2.95

Astralis vs Team Liquid | ESL One NY

Let’s start with Team Liquid, they surprisingly sent SK packing at ESG Tour. That tells us that they have it in them to beat the very best in the world, so this match against Astralis should be interesting. All sportsbooks have Astralis as huge favorites, but we’d say it’s a lot more even than the odds is telling us.

bet365: Astralis 1.33 | Team Liquid 3.25
Betway: Astralis 1.25 | Team Liquid 3.55

ESL One NY 2017 info

info esl one new york 2017

In this part of the article, we’ll try to answer frequently asked questions.

Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets can be found at Four different ticket deals are available: Day Ticket ($29), Weekend Ticket ($49), Weekend Plus ($114), Premium Ticket (Sold Out).

Where in NY is the event taking place?
ESL One NY 2017 is taking place in the beautiful Barclays Center, which is the same venue where the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islands play their home games.

How many participants?
Eight teams will participate in the fight for $250,000, two of them had to qualify for the event while rest of them received a direct invitation.

When does it start and end?
The event starts this Friday, Sep 15th and ends Sep 17th.

Where can I stream the event?
ESL One New York will be streamed on ESL’s official csgo stream over at

On-Air team

esl ny 2017 on air team

The standout name in the on-air team for ESL One New York 2017 is the former Cloud9 player Jordan ”n0thing” Gilbert. He will join the secondary stream crew to share his expertise. Here’s the whole crew:

Main stream

OJ Borg

Desk Host
Paul ”ReDeYe” Chaloner

Matthew ”Sadokist” Trivett
Henry ”HenryG” Greer
Lauren ”Pansy” Scott
Jason ”Moses” O’Toole

DJ ”Prius” Kuntz
Heather ”Sapphire” Garozzo

Secondary stream (Friday)

Tres ”Stunna” Saranthus”

Jordan ”n0thing” Gilbert
James ”JamezIRL” Macaulay

Conner ”Scrawny” Girvan
Mohan ”Launders” Govindasamy
Erik ”da_bears” Stromberg
John ”Blu” Mullen

Format NY 2017

ESL One New York 2017 starts off with two groups of four teams. Once again we see the popular GSL format for a group stage, where the opening and winners matches are played as bo1. And best-of-threes for the elimination and decider games, the top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs. The semi-finals will be best of three games while the grand final will be a bo5(!).

NY 2017 teams & players

teams players esl one new york 2017

The professional csgo scene is more competitive than ever, and SK’s winning streak seems to be over. Any team could claim the victory in ESL One New York 2017. But, with that said, three teams have a slightly better chance of winning the tournament. The top three contenders are Astralis, FaZe and SK. Rest of the participants are not very far behind though, which is something we don’t see very often.

Invited teams

Line-up: dev1ce, Xyp9x, Kjaerbye, dupreeh, gla1ve
Odds: bet365 4.00 | Betway 3.80 | Unibet 4.00

Line-up: Olofmeister, karrigan, rain, NiKo, GuardiaN
Odds: bet365 4.00 | Betway 4.50 | Unibet 5.00

Line-up: coldzera, FalleN, fer, TACO, felps
Odds: bet365 4.33 | Betway 4.00 | Unibet 4.00

Natus Vincere
Line-up: s1mple, Zeus, Edward, flamie, seized
Odds: bet365 6.00 | Betway 6.00 | Unibet 8.00

Team Liquid
Line-up: EliGE, nitr0, jdm64, Twistzz, stanislaw
Odds: bet365 13.00 | Betway 15.00 | Unibet 15.00
Line-up: TaZ, pashaBiceps, NEO, byali, Snax
Odds: bet365 13.00 | Betway 11.00 | Unibet 10.00

Qualified teams

Line-up: Stewie2k, Skadoodle, autimatic, RUSH, tarik
Odds: bet365 17.00 | Betway 9.00 | Unibet 10.00

Line-up: SIXER, Happy, RpK, xms, ScreaM
Odds: bet365 17.00 | Betway 11.00 | Unibet 15.00


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