ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals – Betting Preview

ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals – Betting Preview

EPL S6 Finals betting

After a long but still intense online season, it’s time for the playoffs of the sixth edition of ESL Pro League. The online league was split into two divisions, one for Europe and one for North America. Topping the European division was, a bit surprisingly, Swedish squad fnatic, which nowadays have Lekr0 and Golden in the team instead of olofmeister and dennis.

The destination for the ESL Pro League Season 6 finals is Odense, Denmark. And just like we’ve seen previous seasons, it will be 12 teams fighting for the prize pool of $750,000. The event will take the course over a period of 6 days, from December 5th to December 10th, which equals lots of betting opportunities.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to get started with ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals betting. We’ve collected the betting sites offering the best bonuses and odds. Our staff has also shared their predictions heading into this anticipated tournament in Denmark.

ESL Pro League S6 Finals betting sites

12 participating teams in a tournament this size is set to be an exciting betting adventure. Almost every established bookmaker provides ESL Pro League odds.

The favorites to win the entire event are, in the usual order, FaZe, SK, Astralis and North. It’s interesting to see fnatic, who performed excellently during the online season, with odds as high as 11. Same goes for NiP, who recently won the IEM Oakland 2017 tournament. Sweden’s two top teams are looking pretty good right now. We believe they can do more damage than one might think.

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Please note: odds might have changed after this article was published.

ESL Pro League Season 6 facts

Tournament: ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals
Esport: CS:GO
Date: December 5-10
Location: Odense, Denmark
Prize Pool: $750,000
Participants: 12 teams
Map pool: Cache, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Train, Cobblestone, Overpass
Stream: ESL

Favorites to win ESL Pro League S6

A huge surprise factor during the online season was fnatic’s success where they topped the European division. The North American division also had an unexpected division winner with the mix team OpTic. But, playing on LAN is completely different, so neither fnatic or OpTic are favored to win in the offline tournament in Denmark.

We’ve taken a closer look at the four teams that are favorites to win ESL Pro League Season 6 finals.


FaZe didn’t manage to live up to the expectations at their appearance at BLAST where they ended up with a third place. Instead, it was SK and Astralis who battled it out in the finals. However, despite FaZe failing at BLAST, they’re still favored to win ESL Pro League Season 6 finals, at least according to various bookmakers, such as Betway and bet365. Karrigan and his troop are without a doubt among the favorites to win, but it surely won’t be an easy battle.

Betway: 3.50


The giants in SK is once again the highest ranked team in the world; it’s impressive to see how superstars like FalleN and coldzera manages to deliver time after time. Considering their victory in BLAST, we know that they’re in shape and therefore also the favorites to win in Denmark. And it seems like the betting sites agree, FaZe is the only team with lower odds than SK Gaming.

Betway: 4.00


It seems like Astralis will attend ESL Pro League Season 6 finals with the Swedish player dennis as a stand-in. If they can keep up the form they showed at BLAST, it shouldn’t be any issues having dennis taking dev1ce’s spot in Odense, Denmark. However, it’s not set in stone yet wether Astralis will be able to attend or not. But if they do, it will be with dennis. Would be sad to see these Danish superstars miss out on playing in front of their home crowd.

Update: RUBINO is playing instead of Dev1ce.

Betway: 5.00

Team North

North can be proud to call themselves the second best team in Denmark and top 4 in the world. Team North is a team that often goes through to the playoffs in tournaments but rarely win any. Heading into the EPL s6 finals, it will be interesting to see if playing on home turf can help North reaching the grand final. They share groups with heavily favored SK and top teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic. So it will probably not be an easy road to the playoffs and a potential final.

Betway: 6.50


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