G2’s First Tournament Win Since The French Shuffle

g2 winner of dh open tours 2017

G2 Esports won the DreamHack Open Tours 2017 final against HellRaisers in convincing fashion, with final score 16-6 (Cache) and 16-14 (Cobblestone).

When the French shuffle between G2 and EnVyUs happened, fans were going crazy. The superstars KennyS, Shox and NBK in the same team just couldn’t go wrong. However, that’s not how it all panned out, just until now, G2 haven’t been able to live up to the expectations. The DreamHack Open Tours 2017 win is their first title together. And with the Major coming up this summer it was definitely a welcoming win. A nice confidence boost was much needed.

This was G2’s tournament to lose; everyone knew that they had the skill and experience it takes to beat rest of the participants. Their current shape would determine how far they would reach. In the end, they claimed the title, but it was far from easy. They had a bumpy road to the finals surprisingly losing to Tricked in the group-stage.

Shox and c:o got their revenge though when they went on to the semi-final by beating Tricked in two straight maps in the quarter-final. The semi-final turned out to be a tougher task, with high-skilled mouze standing in their way. The match went to a third and deciding map, which G2 won fairly easy with ending score 16-6.

Waiting for G2 in the grand finale was HellRaisers, a team that had played surprisingly well throughout the tournament. The French team was heavily favored heading into the finals, but a close match was still what most of us expected. On the first map pick Cache, G2 showed what a dominating force they can be. They quickly went on to take a 9-1 lead on the terrorist side. The first half ended 12-3 for G2, and things were looking dark for HR. But HellRaisers saw a glimpse of hope as they managed to with their T sided pistol round. However, once G2 could buy weapons, they continued their dominance and closed the map with the score 16-6.

On the second map, Cobblestone, it was HR that had the best start and won the first seven rounds. It took a godlike performance from bodyy for G2 to get back in the game. Despite G2’s rough start, they ended up with five rounds the first half. HR took the second pistol round as well, but G2 took the following rounds thanks to a force buy. And that’s when the French team could get things rolling and took the lead for the first time. HR tried to keep up, but G2 didn’t let go of their lead and could walk away with a 16-14 victory.