Here’s How Much Professional CSGO Players Make

csgo pro salary

The well-established esports journalist Richard Lewis released a Youtube video earlier this year. Where he discussed a topic that has been circulating on various forums for quite a while now. Is he giving us the answer we’ve all been waiting for? Even though he clearly states that it’s simply his own opinions, we think his estimation is credible.

7 minutes into the clip, Lewis starts discussion the salary of professional teams in North-America and Europa. Teams that may not be contenders of winning a major, but still travels the world to participate in tournaments. Their salaries, should, according to Lewis, be around $4,000-$6,000. Which still is a lot, but not even close to what the top pros make.

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For a top-level team, which often prove themselves at big tournaments, salaries are between $7,000-$10,000. The top 5 teams in the world get paid up to $17,000 per month. Pretty sick figures for a scene this young.

Also, the salaries are before adding potential prize money, sticker deals, and merchandise sales. When you add all this together, it sums up to an amazing amount that would make almost anyone jealous.

A more recent report reveals csgo pro team makes up to $25,000 a month!

Check out the full clip with Richard Lewis below!