IEM Katowice 2017 Betting – Here’s The Best Options

iem katowice 2017 odds

This year, we’ve been spoiled with supreme CSGO tournaments so far. And in about a week it’s time for IEM Katowice 2017 to take place. This competition has become a real spectator favorite with tens of thousands of visitors packed in the Spodek Arena.

So, what does the betting opportunities look like for IEM Katowice 2017? It seems like there will be plenty of matches to wager on thanks to the number of teams participating and the round-robin format in the group-stage. There’s no doubt that it will be a highly enjoyable event, especially given the fact that you get the chance to earn some extra cash!

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We’ve collected the most insane IEM Katowice 2017 odds that you could ask for. Whether you want to bet on outright winners or specials like first kill – our partner sites offer it all. Experience IEM Katowice 2017 to the fullest with Betway and bet365.


IEM Katowice 2017 Group-stage Odds

We have several great match-ups to look forward to in the group-stage. One of them is the clash between the Swedish giants NiP and fnatic, two teams that are hungry to get back to the top. Other group-stage matchups that we are looking forward to are NiP vs Astralis and fnatic vs Astralis.

Our picks are Esportsbets24’s editor’s personal guesses and should in no way be taken as guarantees for a win. The odds can change at any given time.


Wednesday, March 1, Group A

OpTic vs. Astralis
Odds: bet365 1.36 | Betway 1.35

NiP vs Fnatic
Both teams have been going through a rough patch lately with disappointing tournament placements. But, the old super line-up of fnatic are back together, and the expectations are sky high. On the other side, we have NiP, which didn’t even manage to qualify for the Major, they are surely looking to prove that they still belong among the top teams. It’s not easy to pick a winner, but we have to give fnatic the upper hand, since their skill ceiling feels higher.
Odds: bet365 1.57 | Betway 1.55

NiP vs Astralis
It’s impressive to see that NiP is still motivated enough to stick around to fight with the best, despite going through a difficult time for the last couple of months. They’re up against the reigning Major champions Astralis, by many considered the best team in the world right now. The Danish superstars will probably be too much to handle for NiP.
Odds: bet365 1.44 | Betway 1.45

FaZe vs Immortals
Odds: bet365 2.25 | Betway 2.30

OpTic vs Immortals
Odds: bet365 1.72 | Betway 1.75

FaZe vs Fnatic
Odds: bet365 1.66 | Betway 1.65

Astralis vs Immortals
Odds: bet365 1.44 | Betway 1.45

OpTic vs Fnatic
Odds: bet365 1.44 | Betway 1.45

Astralis vs Fnatic
Fnatic has formerly been the most dominant team in the world. However, the table has turned, and this time it’s Astralis that is heavily favored against almost any team, including fnatic. The Danish stars are expected to win against fnatic relatively easy.
Odds: bet365 1.61 | Betway 1.60

NiP vs Immortals
Odds: bet365 1.83 | Betway 1.85

OpTic vs FaZe
Odds: bet365 1.50 | Betway 1.50

Immortals vs Fnatic
Odds: bet365 1.50 | Betway 1.50

FaZe vs Astralis
Odds: bet365 1.57 | Betway 1.55

OpTic vs NiP
Odds: bet365 2.20 | Betway 2.20


Thursday, March 2, Group B

Na’Vi vs
Odds: bet365 1.72 | Betway 1.70

Cloud9 vs SK
Odds: bet365 1.33 | Betway 1.30

Na’Vi vs SK
Odds: bet365 1.80 | Betway 1.80

North vs Heroic
Odds: bet365 1.53 | Betway 1.55

North vs
Odds: bet365 1.53 | Betway 1.50

Cloud9 vs Heroic
Odds: bet365 1.83 | Betway 1.85

SK vs Heroic
Odds: bet365 | Betway 1.30

Cloud9 vs
Odds: bet365 1.30 | Betway 1.30

Na’Vi vs North
Odds: bet365 2.20 | Betway 2.20

SK vs
Odds: bet365 1.90 | Betway 1.90

Cloud9 vs North
Odds: bet365 1.53 | Betway 1.55

Na’Vi vs Heroic
Odds: bet365 1.36 | Betway 1.35

Heroic vs
Odds: bet365 1.30 | Betway 1.30

North vs SK
Odds: bet365 1.57 | Betway 1.55

Cloud9 vs Na’Vi
Odds: bet365 1.36 | Betway 1.35