IEM Katowice 2018: Betting Sites & Tips

IEM Katowice 2018: Betting Sites & Tips

iem katowice 2018 betting sites

The doors to the hyped CSGO tournament IEM Katowice 2018 opens in just a few days where 16 troops will compete for a prize pool of $500,000. Among the competitors, we see superstar teams such as FaZe, SK and Astralis. So it will be a high-level competition with a lot at stake.

For those who want to add excitement by betting on this tournament, we have picked out four bookmakers which we highly recommend. These bookmakers provide tons of esports odds and are therefore also a great choice for IEM Katowice 2018 betting.

IEM Katowice 2018: top 4 betting sites

Pick the betting site you believe fits your needs, and if you’re having trouble deciding maybe reading our reviews can help out a bit. We always recommend legal and secure bookmakers on and you need to be at least 18 years old to bet on these sites.

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About IEM Katowice 2018

The IEM hosted tournaments in Katowice are always appreciated by both players and viewers. The huge venue Spodek in Poland has so far been filled with tens of thousands of esports fans every year. More about IEM Katowice 2018 below.

Date: February 27, Mars 5, 2018
Location: Katowice, Poland
Participants: 16 teams
Prize pool: $500,000
Maps: Mirage, Cache, Nuke, Inferno, Cobbletone, Train, Overpass
Stream: ESL TV, RuHub

You can get your tickets on IEM’s website if you wish to experience the tournament live in Poland. The price varies depending on how much extra stuff you want to be added to the tickets.

Tournament schedule & format

IEM Katowice is divided into four stages: group stage (Feb 27-28, Mar 1), playoffs round 1 (Mar 2), playoffs semifinals (Mar 3) and the grand final being played March 4. So we have several days stacked with CSGO matches to look forward to, a perfect opportunity to try CSGO betting.

8 teams out of the 16 will advance to the playoffs, here’s what the format looks like:

Two groups of 8 teams.
2nds of the group plays group 3rds in the first playoffs round.
The teams winning each group advance to semifinals.

IEM Katowice 2018: teams & favorites

team iem katowice 2018

Lots of teams have improved recently and have shown that they have what it takes to win bigger tournaments. The biggest surprise is perhaps Cloud9, who won the major earlier this year. But, they haven’t been able to maintain the level of play they displayed in Boston. IEM Katowice will be a great tournament for C9 to prove that the major win wasn’t a fluke.

Aside from Cloud9 there are are a bunch of other teams that are favored to win this Katowice based tournament. One of them being FaZe that currently is playing the playoffs at StarSeries i-League Season 4. Continue reading to see which other squads that are regarded favorites to claim the title in Poland.

Bet on the team you think will win at:

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The international team FaZe with superstars such as Niko and Olofmeister are of course considered one of the favorites heading to Katowice. They lost, a tad surprisingly, the major final against Cloud9. The loss for Karrigan and co haven’t seemed to make a big impact on the team though, as they are playing really well at the StarSeries i-League Season 4 which is taking place simultaneously as this article is being produced. And that is a good sign heading to IEM Katowice.


Most of us probably witnessed the amazing major final where Cloud0 defeated the heavily favored Faze. It was a fantastic match that had everything you could ask for. Unfortunately, Cloud9 has struggled to live up to the hype that the major win resulted in. Criticism has poured over them recently and surely they want to prove everyone wrong at IEM Katowice 2018.


SK is perhaps the most consistent team in the scene and it takes 100% focus to even give them a fight. They ended up 3rd at the major and cs_summit 2 and a 5-8th place at StarSeries i-League Season 4. Has dropped one position on the world ranking list by HLTV where FaZe is currently the number one team. We expect to see a hungry and determined SK at IEM Katowice 2018 as their recent tournament appearances have been a bit disappointing.


The former world champions Astralis currently sits on a number 5 ranking on HLTV’s list. It seems like something has been missing for the last couple of months and they swapped Markus ”Kjaerbye” Kjaerbye for Emil ”Magisk” Reif about a week ago. We haven’t seen much of the ”new” Astralis yet, so we look forward to seeing the Danish starts in action at IEM Katowice.


G2, the team with many stars but not been able to use them right. However, we’ve seen a positive trend for G2 lately, where they have looked a lot more organized and structured. Their performance at StarSeries S4 is a sign of really getting their act together. If the stars of the team can stay motivated and focused they can be a real threat at IEM Katowice. It’s far from a safe bet to place your money on G2 as winners, but due to not being one of the top 4-5 favorites to win the event the odds are high.


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