Mousesports bench CS:GO players

Mousesports bench CS:GO players

Mousesports ESL New York 2018

Mousesports have hit the CS:GO community with a surprise following their announcement that they will be benching two of their players and their team coach has been removed from his duties.

The changes that took place

The players that have been benched are chrisJ and STYKO. This leaves suNny, ropz and oskar as the core of the roster that they will be building around moving forward. The teams coach Imbt has also been removed from the organisation with immediate effect.

Why they happened

These heavy changes come following the collapse of the roster and their failure to qualify for IEM Katowice. This didn’t set well, especially after they lost both games to the same team, Valiance, who were deemed to be an easier game for the Mousesports team. These changes may seem random to some viewers, but the likelihood of the changes happening increased greatly after their performances the past few months.

The rosters history

The roster was announced late in the 2017 season and they started off with a bang. They even brought the organisation their first significant titles in CS:GO at multiple events:

  • ESG Tour Myknons
  • ROG Masters EMEA Finals
  • V4 Future Sports Festival
  • StarSeries i-League Season 4 Finals

Despite this success and consistently placing within the top 4 at major events, the organisation opted to make a change. This change included the benching of STYKO and they brought in Snax from Virtus.Pro to replace him.

The Downfall

Not much happened following this change, the team continued to place within the top 4 at major events including ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier and DreamHack Masters. This new roster even managed to pull in arguably the biggest title of them all, ESL One New York.

Again, despite the success they opted to both Snax to the bench and bring STYKO back in. The picture stayed the same for the roster, as they were consistently placing top 4 and top 6 at events.

Making so many changes with little reasoning branded the organisation as being trigger happy and seemed to ruin some of the chemistry within the team. This was highlighted with their lack of preparation for the IEM Katowice and their failure to qualify.


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