PGL Major Krakow 2017 Betting – Odds & Tips

PGL Major Krakow 2017 Betting – Odds & Tips

pgl major krakow

PGL Major Krakow, one of this year’s biggest csgo tournament, starts on Sunday, July 16th and ends July 23rd. There’s a lot at stake for the winners of this event, other than being crowned the new major champions and lifting the beautiful trophy; the winning team will also receive 50% of the $1,000,000 prize pool. Sixteen of the best teams in the world will attend the major in Krakow, Poland, where eight teams received a direct invitation due to their results in the last major and the remaining eight had to qualify. Follow this article for a complete coverage of PGL Major Krakow betting – odds, schedule and more!

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PGL Major Krakow Odds

The tournament is, as we mentioned previously, set to start this Sunday, it is however already possible to place bets on the event. You’ll find odds for Outright Winner, Match Winner (2-way), Team to Reach the Final and Region of Winner. The sportsbooks who’s offering the best PGL Major Krakow betting coverage right now are by far bet365 and Betway. See a more detailed explanation on the provided odds below, and if you’re new to betting, you can get a better understanding by reading our comprehensive csgo betting guide.

Disclaimer: odds may have changed since the time of publishing this article.

Match winner
The schedule for the event has already been released, and therefore the first match-ups are already available for betting. In the first round, we see the Legends (top 8 finishers in the last Major) go up against the Challengers (teams who qualified).

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To Win Outright
Place your bets on the teams you think are most likely to win. The favorites heading into this tournaments are, according to bet365 (and most fans); Astralis, SK Gaming and FaZe, all of which have played great this year. Check out our extended list of all participants further down this article.

pgl major krakow outright winner odds<<Follow link to check current bet365 major odds>>

Team to Reach Final
Bet on the team you think will reach the final. Favorites are, of course, Astralis, SK Gaming, FaZe and G2 Esports. As long as the team you picked to reach the finals it doesn’t matter if they win or lose it.

team to reach the finals image<<bet365 csgo major odds – create account here>>

Region of Winner
Region of winner is the easiest bet to call out of all of the mentioned options. Here you will guess the region of which the winning team origins; Europé, North America or CIS? Europe has the most top teams participating in Krakow, followed by North America and last CIS. Keep in mind that SK Gaming counts as a North American team even though they’re from Brazil.

krakow region of winner screenshot<<bet365 csgo major odds – create account here>>


Participants – PGL Major Krakow

participants pgl major krakow 2017

In CSGO, a Major is considered the tournament of tournaments, 16 world class teams will battle it out for a prize pool of $1,000,000. The competition is higher than ever heading into this event, but there are a few teams that seem to have reached a higher level than the others. In this part of our article, we go over all of the participants to let you know who’s in shape and who’s not. We’ve also added outright winner odds from bet365 and Betway below each team.


Legends are the contenders who received an invitation due to their results in the last major.

The Danish superstars won the ELEAGUE Major and are looking to defend their title. Since January, Astralis has continued to impress throughout the following months. Among their more recent victories, we see IEM Katowice 2017, and they finished third in IEM Sydney 2017 and ECS Season 3 Finals. Are, together with SK Gaming, favorites to win PGL Major Krakow 2017.

Odds: bet365 4.00 | Betway 4.00
The veteran players in ended up on a second place in the last Major. But they’ve been in a slump since then, perhaps their worst slump ever. VP usually shows up in great shape on LAN. However, we’re not too sure about that this time. If they can’t get their problems sorted out, we might risk seeing the Polacks exit a tournament in the group stage once again.

Odds: bet365 17.00 | Betway 17.00

SK Gaming
FalleN and his troop in SK Gaming is displaying perfect counter-strike right now with several tournaments wins the last couple of months. We expect them to reach at least the semis, probably even the final. This year alone they’ve claimed titles IEM Sydney, DreamHack Open Summer, ECS Season 3 Finals and ESL One Cologne, no wonder they’re one of the favorites to win in Krakow.

Odds: bet365 4.50 | Betway 4.00

The Swedish team fnatic hasn’t found their way back to their old golden form they showed in 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Their best results this year are 2nd in DreamHack Open Summer and 3rd place in the ELEAGUE Major tourney. Although they haven’t been playing up to their usual standard, they’re still a threat. They have a lot to prove in Krakow, both to themselves and everyone else.

Odds: bet365 15.00 | Betway 13.00

Natus Vincere
Na’Vi is individually a very skilled team; it’s not a rare sight seeing their superstars GuardiaN and s1mple carrying them to victories. The downside is that they’re a bit unstable as a unit, while they’re capable of beating any top team in the world, they also end up losing to lower ranked teams now and then. Regardless of previous performances, it will still be interesting to see what they can bring this time around.

Odds: bet365 9.00 | Betway 8.50

Gambit Gaming
After recruiting Zeus as an IGL, a stability they didn’t have before was found. They’ve shown that they occasionally can be on par with some of the better teams. Their win’s usually come from playing bo1’s, so they still have work to do if they want to challenge top tier teams in bo3’s. They will probably not win the event, but could, if things go their way, go through to the playoffs.

Odds: bet365 61.00 | Betway 45.00

The international team FaZe has had a good run so far this year. They’re currently ranked as the second best team in the world by HLTV. Their recent 2nd place in ESL One Cologne 2017 shows that they can go far in competitive tournaments and they’re looking to take revenge on SK whom they lost to in the finals in Cologne. The question is if they finally can beat SK or Astralis in a final?

Odds: bet365 6.00 | Betway 6.00

North is one of many skilled teams from Denmark; they managed to reach the quarter-finals in the last major. Will they go even further in Krakow? Considering their results the past months, we doubt it. They should be pleased with a spot in the playoffs.

Odds: bet365 11.00 | Betway 10.00


The challengers are the teams that had to qualify to PGL Major Krakow, amongst the teams we see familiar names such as G2 Esports, Cloud9 and mousesports. By the looks of it a promising line-up, see a complete list of challengers below.

mousesports, the always dangerous team in bo1’s, which they showed in ESL One Cologne 2017 where they defeated a couple of top teams. But, like many times before, it didn’t last for long in Cologne. If they can continue to be a threat in group stages, they could, with some luck, at least go through to the playoffs in Krakow.

Odds: bet365 13.00 | Betway 11.00

G2 Esports
G2 is most likely the best out of all teams that had to qualify for the major. They recently took a map away from SK in the ESL One Cologne group-stage. So they are a real major title contender, can beat any team if they bring their A-game.

Odds: bet365 8.00 | Betway 8.00

One of the lower skilled teams that will attend this tournament, we don’t expect them to accomplish much in Krakow. But, then again, stranger things as happened in csgo. A bo1 group-stage match against any of the other challengers could go either way.

Odds: bet365 41.00 | Betway 31.00

The North American team Cloud9 put on a great show in Cologne last week, but their luck ended in the finals where SK Gaming was a too good of an opponent. Given their impressive form, they should be able to reach the playoffs in Krakow. However, we don’t see them beating teams like Astralis or SK in a potential semifinal.

Odds: bet365 17.00 | Betway 11.00

This German dominated troop is not expected to go far at all in this tournament. But they managed to qualify, and that itself is an improvement. They recently took the 3rd place in Copenhagen Games 2017.

Odds: bet365 41.00 | Betway 31.00

Vega Squadron
Vega Squadron is a relatively unknown team that has defeated teams such as OpTic, TyLoo and dignitas in the past. But the upcoming major is a whole other thing since the competition will be a lot tougher, and more is at stake. It will be a tough task for these Russians even to survive the group stage.

Odds: bet365 101 | Betway 71.00

This Brazilian team has proven themselves to be a dangerous force in bo1’s with their aggressive playstyle. Has had a decent year so far, claiming the second place in DreamHack Open Austin and the third place in DH Open Summer.

Odds: bet365 26.00 | Betway 21.00

FlipSid3, with the former superstar Markeloff at the front, haven’t been making any marks so far in csgo. It’s hard to tell whether they’re in form or not because they haven’t participated in that many international events. Their only tournament win this year was DreamHack ASTRO Leipzig against BIG in the final.

Odds: bet365 51.00 | Betway 31.00

Tournament info

Event: PGL Major Krakow 2017
Date: July 16th – July 23rd, 2017
Location: the Tuaron Arena in Krakow, Poland
Prize pool: $1,000,000
Teams: 16 teams to participate. 8 legends and 8 challengers.
Organizer: PGL


Sunday, July 16

11:00             Gambit vs. mousesports
12:30             fnatic vs FlipSid3
14:00    vs. Vega Squadron
15:30             SK vs. PENTA
17:00             FaZe vs. BIG
18:30             North vs. Cloud9
20:00             Natus Vincere vs. G2
21:30             Astralis vs. Immortals

Monday, July 17

11:00             Round 2 match 1
12:30             Round 2 match 2
14:00             Round 2 match 3
15:30             Round 2 match 4
17:00             Round 2 match 5
18:30             Round 2 match 6
20:00             Round 2 match 7
21:30             Round 2 match 8

Tuesday, July 18

11:00             Round 3 match 1
12:30             Round 3 match 2
14:00             Round 3 match 3
15:30             Round 3 match 4
17:00             Round 3 match 5
18:30             Round 3 match 6
20:00             Round 3 match 7
21:30             Round 3 match 8

Wednesday, July 19

10:00             Round 4 match 1
11:30             Round 4 match 2
13:00             Round 4 match 3
14:30             Round 4 match 4
16:00             Round 4 match 5
17:30             Round 4 match 6
19:00             Round 5 match 1
20:30             Round 5 match 2
22:00             Round 5 match 3

Thursday, July 20 Day off

Friday, July 21

13:00             Quarterfinal 1
16:30             Quarterfinal 2
20:00             Quarterfinal 3

Saturday, July 22

13:00             Quarterfinal 4
16:30             Semifinal 1
20:00             Semifinal 2

Sunday, July 23

15:00             Showmatch
17:30             Final


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