Plenty of alternatives to CSGO Skins Betting

csgo gambling

Valve took the csgo scene by surprise when they decided to ban all csgo skins gambling sites. Almost every site providing this kind of service were shut down. Even well-known and established csgolounge had to cease their operation. A big hit to the csgo scene in general, skins betting attracted a lot of viewers to pro csgo matches.

But due to all the scandals involving skins gamble; minors being allowed to bet, rigged outcomes and so on, Valve had to do something. These csgo gambling sites didn’t even hold a license, which is a must if you operate a gambling business.

There are, however, plenty of great legal alternatives to csgo skins betting. Alternatives where you bet cash instead of skins; Betway, bet365 and Unibet are three excellent options. Read more about these companies in our eSports betting reviews.

So, if you’re at least 18 years old and want to keep betting on csgo in a legal way just get to it. Some of the biggest gambling companies in the world offer cash bets on csgo