SL i-League Invitational Shanghai Betting Sites

SL i-League Invitational Shanghai Betting Sites

sl i league invitational shanghai csgo betting

SL i-League Invitational is taking place in Shanghai and will run from this Thursday to Sunday in jing’an Sports Center. Eight teams are competing for the $150,000 prize pool, and amongst the participants, we see top names such as and Heroic. It may not be the most significant event, but should still provide great csgo match betting opportunities.

The tournament format is bo3 matches all the way from the group stage to playoffs, which surely will satisfy the viewers and the participants for that matter.

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Let’s take a look at the groups:

Group A
Heroic, TyLoo, HellRaisers, Spirit

Group B, Renegades, HAVU, Flash

The team that is expected to win the entire event is of course who played out of their minds at EPICENTER 2017 where they reached the final. However, some teams can be a threat to VP, such as Heroic, TyLoo and Renegades. SL i-League Invitational Shanghai is still’s tournament to lose though.

SL i-League Invitational Shanghai match betting

The group stage matches are already available for betting. We’ve listed the first matches below:

Please note: odds might change.

Thursday, November 2

Heroic vs. Spirit

Heroic should be able to sweep the floor with Spirit. Even though Heroic lacks tournament wins, they still have impressive placements in the past that shows that they can reach far. One example is DH Open Atlanta 2017 where they managed to go all the way to the final. And the fact that it’s a bo3 match is also in Heroic’s favor.

Betway 1.25 | bet365 1.25

TyLoo vs. HellRaisers

TyLoo may be an entertaining team to watch because of their unique playstyle, but the results haven’t been on their site this past year. So we consider HellRaisers favorites in this match-up, but we’re not counting out TyLoo entirely as we expect this to be a competitive match.

Betway 1.40 | bet365 1.40

Renegades vs. HAVU

HAVU have zero to none experience when it comes to international tournaments, so we can’t see them making it through to the playoffs. Renegades on the other hands are one of the strongest teams in this Shanghai-based event with lots experience from attending international tournaments. Everything points towards Renegades having this one in the bag.

Betway 1.20 | bet365 1.20 vs. Flash recently pushed SK to their limits in the EPICENTER 2017 final which is a sign of strength. We haven’t seen TaZ and his squad this good since forever, the SL i-League Invitational Shanghai is VP’s tournament to lose.

Betway 1.09 | bet365 1.083


Visit for more information about SL i-League Invitational Shanghai 2017.


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