TyLoo Claim China Cup 2017 Title

Fnatic Academy entered the tournament as favourites together with TyLoo, and the audience got the dream final they wanted. The final started off on Mirage, a close fight until the end when TyLoo managed to run away with the last rounds and close the map 16-13.

The second map, Cache, turned out to be an even fight as well. The first half of the map ended 8-7 in favor for TyLoo. The Swedish team had an awful start as terrorists in the second half, which they never managed to recover from and ended up losing with 13-16.

China Cup 2017 Prize Distribution

TyLoo – $58,232
Fnatic Academy – $21,836
B.O.O.T-d[S] – $11,647
5POWER – $7,279
Born Of Fire