TyLoo Claim China Cup 2017 Title

Tyloo China Cup 2017 winners

Home soil favorites TyLoo defeated fnatic Academy in the grand-final.

Fnatic Academy entered the tournament as favorites together with TyLoo, and the audience got the dream final they wanted. The final started off on Mirage, a close fight until the end when TyLoo managed to run away with the last rounds and close the map 16-13.

The second map, Cache, turned out to be an even fight as well. The first half of the map ended 8-7 in favor for TyLoo. The Swedish team had an awful start as terrorists in the second half, which they never managed to recover from and ended up losing with 13-16.

China Cup 2017 Prize Distribution

TyLoo – $58,232
Fnatic Academy – $21,836
B.O.O.T-d[S] – $11,647
5POWER – $7,279
Born Of Fire