The Ultimate ESL One Cologne 2016 Betting Guide

The Ultimate ESL One Cologne 2016 Betting Guide

The huge CSGO major ESL One Cologne 2016 kicks off 5th of July. 16 teams from all around the world will gather in Cologne to fight for the breathtaking prize pool of $1,000,000. Our recommended sportsbooks are boosting their odds for ESL One Cologne betting!

esl one cologne 2016 betting site

Tournament: ESL One Cologne 2016
Date: July 5 – July 10
Location: Cologne, Germany
Prize Pool: $1,000,000

Top 3 ESL One Cologne 2016 Betting Sites

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Bets on ESL One Cologne 2016 can be a thrilling experience, and to help you get started our editors have listed the sportsbooks that offer the best possible odds and welcome bonuses. Check out our complete guide to csgo betting if you’re not sure how odds work. Get access to all information needed to get your eSports betting career started.

The groups for ESL One Cologne 2016 has already been drawn and the 16 teams have been split into 4 groups. We have 6 fantastic days filled with top level csgo ahead of us. The recent awesome form of several teams guarantees a really interesting tournament. The Brasilian superstars in Luminosity (now SK) have been dominating the csgo scene for a while now, they did, however, lose the ECS finals against a G2 in superior form.

Fnatic has been stepping up since Olofm got back from his injury. They will probably be well prepared to go into ESL One Cologne 2016 and their opponents should have all the reasons to be worried. Teams such as NiP and TSM have looked decent recently and should be able to do some damage in Cologne.

ESL One Cologne 2016 Groups

The groups of ESL One Cologne 2016 look really interesting, group B is definitely the group of death with the 3 hottest teams in the world right now.

Group A is always a threat at LAN tournaments. And they are after being in a slump for a while starting to play better. Should be able to make it out of groups.

A pretty unstable team that has the potential of taking a map against top teams but could as easily lose against a low-tier team. Mousesports will have a tough time making it out of groups, they could, however, upset if their superstar Niko is on point.

Liquid has their moments when they perform but tend to disappoint against top teams. Skill level wise on the same level as Mousesports. Getting out of groups will be a hard task, but not impossible.

Formerly considered one of the best teams in the world. They have, however, fallen off and we haven’t seen EnVyUs in their best shape for a while now. Have the potential of beating any team, though.

Group B
SK (ex. Luminosity)
Currently, the number one ranked team in the world and winner of last major tournament. They did, however, have a small hiccup recently when losing to G2 in the ECS finals. It will certainly be interesting to see what they can achieve in Cologne. They are still the favorites to win the entire tournament despite losing the ECS final.

Had a really impressive run at the ECS finals. If they manage to maintain their streak they will be a threat to any team in Cologne!

Has been struggling since Olofm had to take a break due to an injury. Now that he’s back fnatic seem to do a bit better. It will take some team for them to their old shape of course.

The weakest team in Group B. Would be very surprised if they manage to get past group stage.

Group C
Gambit was lucky enough to get a spot in an easy group. The only really superior threat is Astralis. Gambit has the ability to beat teams like CLG and dignitas.

The Danish stars are really uneven in their gameplay. They’ve had their periods of great placings in international tournaments, they lack the stability, though. Should have fairly good chances of getting past group stage.

On the same skill level as Gambit and dignitas. It’s been a while since CLG really performed and they recently lost their star player jdm64.

Should be the team to secure the number one placing of their group. Astralis will, however, play with a stand-in and that could become a problem for them.

Group D
I would take a lot for OpTic to make it out of group stage. NiP and Natus Vincere are simply too much to handle.

It will be a fight between NiP and Natus Vincere for the Group D top spot. NiP is in pretty good shape while Natus Vincere been slacking a bit.

Natus Vincere
Together with NiP the favorites to top this group. Been slacking a bit lately, will be interesting to see them in action again!

FlipSid3 are not expected to go far in Cologne, will most likely go out in group play.

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