Which team will bring home the first prize of $80 000?

Event: Game Show Global eSports Cup 2016
Date: February 4-7
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Prize Pool: $200,000

Game Show Global eSports Cup Betting Guide

It’s only a few days left until the grand finals of the game show global esports cup 2016 is taking place. The event starts February 4th and ends February 7th. Some of the best teams in the world will be on the spot and do their best to grab the first prize of $80,000. The full list of participants is Astralis, CLG, Cloud9, dignitas, EnVyUs, FlipSid3, Method and G2 (ex-Titan).

It will be a weekend full of the highest level of csgo. As many times before we’ll list the best options for real money betting. We will also get into a bit of the participant’s current form and what to expect from them.

Please note that our guide is only provided as small guidelines. It is you, in the end, who’s responsible when betting on csgo.

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Participating teams

Astralis is, alongside with EnVyUs, one of the strongest teams in this tournament. Has not been living up to their fullest potential the last couple of months. Is, however, still one of the favorites to go all the way at Game Show Global eSports.

It’s time yet again for an American team to prove their ground on European soil. Yet to be successful, though. Could the American team lead by Tarik surprise us this time? It would definitely be huge for the American csgo scene.

Had a great run during a period last year, with multiple final placings at international events. But has unfortunately not been able to keep that form. Should, on paper, have a good chance to go far in this tournaments. EnVyUs and Astralis are the biggest threats.

Dignitas surprised the hell out of us when they managed to beat teams like Virtus.pro and mousesports on Lan not that long ago. A team to look out for at this event, a huge upset factor if they’re on point.

Heavy favorites to win the entire tournament. Has the capacity to beat any team in the world. EnVyUs has, on paper, the most skillful players and has huge confidence entering this event.

I wouldn’t count on FlipSid3 achieving anything at this event. It would take a lot to even beat teams like Dignitas and CLG.

Method is, together with FlipSid3, the weakest the at this event. Will probably not manage to go far.

G2 (ex-Titan)
Won against nip to grab the last spot to the game show global esports final. Could be a team to lookout for if their star players shox and ScreaM are on fire. And they always seem to play great against other French teams like EnVyUs, since they know each other playstyles well.