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Before the Frankfurt Major, November 17

This week we can look forward to the main event matches at Frankfurt Major. Evil Geniuses and Team Secret are the favorites to win the tournament, even if Evil Geniuses don’t have the best track record since the release of patch 6.85.

Today are the games between Team Secret and Mineski, as well as between ViCi Gaming and Virtus Pro, where Team Secret and ViCi Gaming are the favorites of the two matches. Team Secret and ViCi have so far each won both their matches 4-1 in the group play. Mineski had to play three matches before they could advance to the upper bracket of the main event, and the same goes for Virtus Pro, who also advanced to the main event after three games that they won 4-1.

Team Secret have been a rising star in the Dota 2 tournaments and have been able to advance to be one of the major teams of today since the patch 6.84. This is of course not only thanks to the patch but also roster changes, regulated time off and practice six days per week.

Within their team it’s worth mentioning EternalENvY and w33, who have done a great job as the teams carry and mid. w33 is a strong offensive player and has the second highest XPM and average kills among all the professionals in 6.85; this is especially impressive seeing as he has only been part of Tier 1 Dota for two months. EternalENvY boast both a high XPM as well as GPM.

Mineski has lately risen to be an important team in the Southeast Asia region after TI5, where they have been able to push back the dominance of Fnatic. Mineski have showed that they are very competent playing heroes like Slardar, Undying, Dazzle, Tusk and Windranger – but also that they have some unusual picks in store, such as when they brought out a Night Stalker in the offlane. For them to be able to beat Team Secret, they would have to pull off something unexpected.

ViCi Gaming has been struggling since The International 5, but from what we have seen recently, it looks like they are back on their feet after finishing on the podium at Nanyang. Even if they don’t win tournaments that often, they have a strong play and shouldn’t be written off too soon. The players of ViCi Gaming are all first-class players in their role and are considered to be the strongest Chinese team. They have both BurNIng with the highest KDA ratio of any players, as well as the very deadly mid-Alchemist of Super combined with some excellent teamwork strategies.

Virtus Pro has been considered to be one of the strongest Dota teams in the world, but considering their latest performance they might not be in good enough shape to stand up to ViCi Gaming. Hopefully their results in Nanyang presents a glimpse of what they can deliver at Frankfurt.

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