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Dota 2 Frankfurt Major 2015 – November 13-21

16 of the world’s best teams will fight for $3,000,000 in prize money in Frankfurt, Germany this November. The tournament takes place over 8 days and has a full group stage and a double elimination bracket. Our most popular sportsbooks will of course offer betting for this event.

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Group Stages and Teams – November 13-15

All the group stage matches are best of 3. The top 2 of each group advance to the upper bracket and the bottom 2 advance to the lower bracket of the main event.

Group A
Evil Geniuses

Group B
Vici Gaming
Team Unknown
Vega Squadron

Group C
Team Secret
Newbee Young
LGD Gaming

Group D
CDEC Gaming

Evil Geniuses were the champions of TI5 but still decided to make roster changes shortly after, kicking Aui_2000 and bringing back their old friend Arteezy. They have looked weaker recently but they are known to show up at the biggest events.

CDEC Gaming originally part of LGD and made up of chinese pubstars this team shocked the world when they fought their way to the grand finals of TI5. Since TI5 they have participated in several tournaments but failed to reach any finals and have produced mostly lackluster results.

LGD Gaming was one of the strongest teams during TI5 having finished 3rd. They have only played one international tournament since then and finished with a disappointing 8th place. They recently added famous offlaner rOtK.

Vici Gaming are currently the strongest chinese team. The legendary carry BurNIng joined them in August and appear to have breath some fresh air into the team. In their most recent tournament they lost a nail biting final against Team Secret 2-3. One of the favorites to win the major.

Vega Squadron having gone out in the wildcard bracket at TI5 one would expect this team to have made roster changes but they did not and it seems to have paid off. They won ESL One New York beating Team Secret in the finals and also earned themselves a direct invite to the major.

Team Secret after a disastrous performance at TI5 and internal struggles all the secret players except Puppey went different ways. Puppey building a new team from the ground up appears to have been a success as they have won their 2 most recent tournaments and are currently the strongest team going into this major.

Virtus.Pro one of the strongest CIS teams tied with Vega Squadron. Have been in a slump since TI5 often losing against most other tier 1 teams.

EHOME this legendary chinese team had 4 out of their 5 players changed after a lackluster TI5 performance. Most players are newcomers with the exception of their captain LaNm and their carry Cty.

OG the old fnatic duo n0tail and Fly formed a new team after TI5 with the 8k mmr pubstar Miracle- and it has so far been an impressive one having finished first in the major qualifier and won most of their online matches. This will be their second lan tournament.

Alliance after failing to qualify for TI5 and having had a year of terrible peformance they finally appear to be back on track after their old captain S4 rejoined them. They had to play through the qualifiers of the major and their final match featured the biggest comeback in dota history. Other than the major they have also qualified for several other tournaments. This will be their first LAN tournament since S4 joined.

Cloud9 was completely rebuilt after TI5 when their old players left. They are one of the strongest american teams but overall very weak in the international scene.

Uknown.xiu the first Peruvian team to have qualified for a Valve sponsored tournament. They surprised most people when they beat DC. Have never played against any of the international teams but they are almost certainly the weakest team attending the major.

Newbee went out early at TI5 and despite recent roster changes they haven’t improved much. They did manage to qualify for the major but are one of the weakest chinese teams attending.

Newbee Young finished 3rd in the major qualifiers but after IG failed to get visas they got their place instead. Tied with Newbee for the weakest chinese team attending.

Mineski a filipino team that have shown impressive results recently beating teams such as Fnatic. They are currently the strongest SEA team.

Fnatic didn’t impress at TI5 and was one of the first teams to get eliminated. Recently Black^, a german carry player joined them as well as the filipino player DJ. Unfortunately they have shown poor results and are not even the best team in the SEA region anymore.

Main Event – November  16-21

All teams advance to the playoffs no matter what their group stage result was. The top 2 of each group start in the upper bracket which is BO3 all the way until the grand finals. The bottom 2 all start off in the lower bracket where the first round is BO1 followed by BO3 until the grand finals which is BO5.

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