Dota 2 Kiev Major Betting Tips

Dota 2 Kiev Major Betting Tips

kiev major 2017

The upcoming Dota 2 Kiev Major 2017 is set to start April 27th. Valve sponsored majors are famous for its huge prize pools, and it’s no exception this time, $3,000,000 is on the line. The last Major took place four months ago with OG winning their third title.

Lots have of course happened since OG won their third major in December, but they’re still in great shape. China is a region that is on the uprise with Invictus Gaming claiming the Dota 2 Asian Championship 2017 throne with a win against OG. However, despite losing against Invictus Gaming, OG are still considered favorites’ going into the major in Kiev, Ukraine.

Other than OG and Invictus Gaming, we see a lot of familiar names among the favorites: Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Newbee are all expected to go far in Kiev. Both the Chinese and Western Dota 2 scene are strong right now, so it looks like we have a super competitive major ahead of us.

Our recommended sportsbooks provide betting on every single Dota 2 Kiev Major match. Check out our list below with odds and insightful information about the favorites to win the event.

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Outright winners & odds

It can be a bit tricky to know what team to bet on if you haven’t been keeping track on the scene. Five teams out of the sixteen participants have proven themselves to be better than the rest. And should be able to reach the playoffs. More about each team below!


dota 2 OG

I guess it’s no surprise seeing OG here, with three major wins and great current shape their spot on this list is given. Swedish superstar S4 leads the team, best known for his time in Alliance. By his side, we have the veterans Fly, N0tail and JerAx. Their mid laner ‘ana’ is relatively new to the scene, but extremely talented and one of the best mid lane players in the world.

Even though OG lost the DAC final against Invictus Gaming a couple of weeks ago, we still see them as huge favorites. They’re our top pick to bring home the Major trophy.

Odds: bet365 4.50 | Betway 4.25


Team Liquid

dota 2 team liquid

Team Liquid didn’t manage to qualify for the last major, and it was the Greek team Ad Finem that stood in their way. They’ve had successful performances at previous Major tournaments, reaching the finals twice. We will most likely see a Team Liquid that is hungry for revenge after missing out on the last Major.

With players like Miracle-, MATUMBAMAN and KuroKY they’re absolutely a team that can win a tournament based out of both skill and strategic aspects.

Odds: bet365 6.50 | Betway 6.50


Evil Geniuses

dota 2 eg

Evil Geniuses lost the analytic part of their game when PPD decided to leave the team. However, they have surprisingly still played very well, with several top placements. One of them being the semifinal at the Boston Major, losing to OG who later went on winning the tournament.

One of EG:s strengths are their pre-game strategies, they know when and how to pick heroes. It’s been working well so far, but they could get in trouble if the opponent does something unexpected. This is what happened during DAC 2017 when the Chinese team’s drafting took EG by surprise. However, we have to bear in mind that DAC took place three weeks ago, EG will come prepared for the Chinese teams in Kiev.

Odds: bet365 5.50 | Betway 5.00


Invictus Gaming

invictus gaming

Invictus Gaming came out of nowhere and totally wrecked every top team during DAC 2017. Even though many are hyping up this team right now, some are claiming that their win was just a fluke, due to teams’ lack of preparation. Time will tell, the Kiev Major is just around the corner so they will get to prove the doubters wrong. IG has proven themselves to be very adaptable during a match.

We witnessed BaBoka coming up with amazing plays during DAC. He’s definitely IG’s backbone and he will have to deliver in Kiev if they want to stand a chance against the better teams.

Odds: bet365 5.50 | Betway 6.00



team newbee

Newbee has been stepping up since their horrible placing in the last Major. They often run a 4 protect 1 strategy where they pick a late game carry – Alchemist, Sven or Jugg and then goes on choosing four heroes that will give space for the carry. This strategy worked well during DAC, but can be troublesome of they get counter-picked. It will take something new and unexpected if they want to go all the way.

Odds: bet365 11.00 | Betway 10.00


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