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Dota 2 Shanghai Major 2016 Playoffs

Dota 2 Shanghai Major Betting

Tournament: The Shanghai Major 2016
Date: March 2 – 6
Location: Shanghai, Kina
Prize pool: $3,000,000

Shanghai Major Playoffs

The playoffs begin March 2nd and features 16 of the best teams in the world at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. The group stage that took place a few days earlier came with a few surprises with both Fnatic and MVP finished in the top 2 of their respective groups with MVP finishing first. We’ve provided an image of the playoffs bracket so you can see how the tournament will play out. Note that the 2 first rounds of the lower bracket are Best of 1, the rest of the matches will be BO3 except the final which is BO5.

Dota 2 Shanghai Major Brackets


Bet money on the Shanghai Major playoffs

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Participating teams

This Swedish team has shown impressive results the past few months with the latest patch suiting their playstyle perfect. They have returned to the same roster they had during 2013 when they were winning every tournament. They received a quite easy group and finished 4-0 and it remains to be seen if any of the top teams have figured them out.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid got one of the harder, if not the hardest group in the tournament. Despite this they still clawed their way to the 2nd place and now face Alliance in the playoffs.

MVP Phoenix
A team from South Korea that surprised everyone when they finished in first place in their group with a 4-0 record. This is in a group with big favorites EHOME.CN and Secret.

LGD Gaming
The only Chinese team that will start in the upper bracket. LGD almost beat OG but lost 1-2 and had to settle for 2nd place in their group.

Won the Frankfurt Major where they managed to make their way from the beginning of the lower bracket all the way to the finals where they beat Team Secret 3-1. Have shown decent results since then but not quite as impressive as they were previously. Got first place in their group.

Team Secret
Have performed poorly after the latest patch and have struggled to adapt to the new meta. Managed to clinch a second spot in their group after defeating EHOME 2-0 and look like they are performing a lot better than earlier this year.

Evil Geniuses
Arguably the best Dota 2 team currently and easily won their group but did manage to drop a game against Complexity.

A Malaysian team no one expected to do well but they managed to defeat Vici Gaming and grab the second spot after Alliance.
Were one of the big favorites before this tournament and the best team in China but they unexpectedly lost 0-2 against both MVP and Team Secret and will therefor start in the lower bracket.

Team Archon
A North American team who are most likely the worst team attending this tournament. Went 0-4 in their group and ended up last.

The best CIS region team and also one of the best in the world. They ended up in the hardest group and managed to defeat Team Liquid 2-0 but went 2-5 afterwards and ended up on third place.

Vici Gaming
Used to be one of the best Chinese teams but have struggled in recent times and is now behind both LGD and EHOME. Went 1-4 in their group and got last place.

Team Spirit
A team from Eastern Europe that went through qualifiers and have previously not shown any big results but they do have a few known players such as Goblak and Alwayswannafly. Managed to beat Vici Gaming 2-0 in their group and got the 3rd place.

A team from North America with 3 European players. Managed to take a game from EG in the groups but went 1-4 and ended up getting last place.

CDEC Gaming
A Chinese team mostly known for an impressive TI5 run where they finished 2nd. They have not shown any decent results since then and went 2-4 in their group which gave them last place.

Another Chinese team that used to be one of the best but not anymore. They went 3-4 in their group and got a third place.


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