The International 2017 Betting – Dota 2 TI7 Odds & Predictions

The International 2017 Betting – Dota 2 TI7 Odds & Predictions

the international 2017 betting guide

The International 2017, the biggest esports tournament of them all, starts in just a few weeks, on the 2nd of August to be exact. And this time around the prize pool is larger than ever, it currently adds up to $21,871,001 and keeps growing. A total of 18 elite Dota 2 teams will participate in the pursuit of becoming the next TI champions and get their share of the largest prize pool in the history of Dota 2 and esports. In this article, you’ll find the best The International 7 betting sites, odds, facts and predictions.

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TI7 – odds & betting

Hundreds of matches will be played, what this means is that you’ll have plenty of great betting opportunities during TI7. Several sportsbooks provide The International 2017 odds, and we list the very best options. The group-stage kicks off August 2nd, and it’s not until then you’ll be able to place Match Winner bets. However, you can already bet on the team you have as tournament winners or the team you believe will reach at least the finals.

*Please note! Odds shown might have changed since this article was published. Follow the links to see the current TI7 odds.

The International 2017 betting sites

bet365 logoThe online betting giant bet365 is stacked with odds for this event, in addition to that, they also provide bets for CSGO, League of Legends and lots more esports titles. Navigate your way to bet365’s website through our links to see their entire selection of esports odds.

Follow this link to sign up with bet365. New players receive a 100% bonus up to €100.

betway ti7Betway realized esports’s potential early on and was one of the first sportsbooks to provide esports odds. They have, since then, established themselves as a leading force in esports betting. Here you’ll find a rich selection of The International 7 odds as well as plenty other tournaments. Also, nowadays Betway even provide live betting on esports where you place your bets during a match.

Create an account on Betway and claim your €30 free bet. Place a €10 bet and get €30 for free.

The International 2017 Odds

Both bet365 and Betway have prepared with odds on the upcoming TI tournament. Choose from Outright Winners, Team to Reach the Final, Region of Winner and Special Match-Ups. Among the favorites to win the entire event we have EG, OG and VP, but teams like Team Liquid and Newbee are also up there.

bet365 TI7

bet365 already has four available categories for The International 7: Outright Winners, Team to Reach the Final, Region of Winner and Tournament Match-Ups. These categories will close once the tournament has started, so you might want to get started right away. Additional odds will be available once TI7 is live.

To Win Outright

Bet on the team you have winning the tournament. It’s not the easiest predicting a tournament winner, but if you get it right, you’ll be heavily rewarded. EG and OG seem to be favorites heading into TI7.

bet365 the international 2017 odds<<Follow link to see current TI7 odds on bet365>>

Team to Reach the Final

Predict the finalists of The International 2017, the tournament’s last match. All the team you bet on has to do is get to the final, it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose it.

reach the finals ti7<<Click to sign up with bet365. New players get a 100% bonus up to €100>>

Winner of Region

Winner of Region is one of the more popular betting categories for esports. Europe and Russia are the regions which are favorites to bring home the trophy. Americas only have one strong contender while Europe and China have several, hence the lower odds. Not sure what region to pick? Check out our detailed preview of all participating teams.

regioner winners the international 7<<Claim your bet365 €100 esports bonus now>>

TI7 Information

ti7 tournament info

The International 7 starts August 2 and ends August 12 with a two days break between the group stage and playoffs. Valve has yet to release a schedule, but, the matches should start around 18:00 for Europeans. The tournament will take place in Seattle, USA like many times before.

Group stage

Date: 07/08/2017 – 12/08/2017
Location: Key arena, Seattle, USA
Participants: 16 teams

The opening matches in the lower bracket are played in bo1’s while the rest are settled in bo3’s and a best of 5 for the grand final. An advantage playing in the upper bracket is that the teams get an extra chance if they lose a match. Meanwhile you’re out immediately if you lose a match playing in the lower bracket.

Prize pool

Dota 2 tournament The International is well-known for having the largest prize pool in esports, and that is possible thanks to funding from the Dota 2 fan community. A prize pool that started at $1,600,000 increased with over $19,000,000 after Valve implemented the crowd/community funding. The current prize pool is over 23 million dollars, surpassing last year’s record.

prize pool the international 2017

To get a better understanding of how huge the prize pool is, we can compare it to other esports. The world championship in League of Legends for example, which is the most popular esports game in the world, had a prize pool of 5 million dollars last year. The International even beats traditional sports regarding money – the winning team receives over 10 million dollars, which alone is more than the entire prize pool of British Open.

Battle pass

the international 2017 battle pass

The battle pass is an item which has primarily contributed to the TI7 prize pool. You buy a pass, which then can be upgraded by purchasing levels. And for each level, you’ll get an award such as armor or animation for one of your heroes. 25% of every purchase goes directly to the prize pool, all of this adds up to a lot of money since Valve is releasing new items regularly.

A new Battle pass feature has been introduced by Valve this year; a co-op campaign which you can play with your friends or via match making with anyone with a Battle pass. And just like previous years, they have released chests containing different skins that can change the appearance of the character. Players cards have also returned, which you can use in Fantasy Dota to win unique items.

You can purchase a battle pass or via Dota 2 in the in-game store.

Tickets to TI7

If you want to experience the greatest esports tournament in the world on the spot, you obviously need a ticket. Tens of thousands of fans will fill up Key Arena in Seattle during TI7 and the tickets won’t last long. We have prepared a FAQ with additional information.

How do I buy a ticket to The International 7?
Tickets have been available since April 4th on TI is a hugely popular tournament so you’ll have to be quick with your order!

What’s the difference between all the tickets?
Midweek tickets price is $100 and gets you access to the first four days of the tournament, 7th to 10th of August. The final tickets give you access to the two last days of the event, August 11-12 and the price is set to $200.

How many tickets can I buy?
Maximum 5 tickets per household.

How do I collect my ticket?
You can collect your tickets at Key arenas east side. You must show a valid ID to be able to obtain your ticket.

Where can I stream The International 7?

The International 7 can be streamed for free on both and Youtube.

English stream: and

Since some matches will be played simultaneously during group stages Valve will have several live streams set up. All official TI7 streams can easily be found under the same roof on

Keep in mind that the tournament is played in Seattle, USA which is around 9 hours behind Europé’s time zone.

Teams & players – The International 2017

Six top teams have received an invitation by Valve while the remaining teams had to qualify. New for this year is that The International will have 18 participants, instead of 16 like before. Also, there will be no Wildcard tournament; all teams will have a spot in the group stage.

Among the invited contenders, we see a lot of familiar names, like OG, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Dota 2 experts have Evil Geniuses and OG as favorites heading into TI7. Continue reading to get useful information about every participating team and their chances of winning the tournament.

Invited teams

invited team to ti7

Six teams have received a direct invitation to The International 7 thanks to their previous tournament placings this season.


OG is without a doubt one of the most dominating teams in Dota 2 and have since 2015 won 4 out of 6 majors. They are, however, still in the hunt for their first The International title. OG has won 2 majors plus several other big tournaments this season alone. A worrying factor is a couple of disappointing results the last month but is still one of the clear favorites to claim the TI7 throne.

OG has kept the same players for the entire season, and their results have shown that they have no reason to make any changes. One of their more shining stars is Swedish s4, which previously have played midlane in Alliance. Transfering to OG he had to change his role a bit, to offlane, which has turned out to work well, and he has even saved OG several times in important games.

If OG manages to bring home a tournament victory in Seattle, they will be considered the best team in Dota 2’s history. Their recent losses shouldn’t count for much since it’s common to see top teams lose matches before an important tournament. OG is a safe bet in TI7.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Boston Major (1), Kiev Major (1), DAC 2017 (2). (EU)

VP is perhaps the most exciting team this year; they have a pretty chaotic period behind them. It’s been a real rollercoaster for VP, with periods where they’ve won plenty of tournaments but have also had rough times with zero wins. Luckily, they’ve managed to find their way back to a winning streak right before TI7.

Their current roster has proven to be extremely good at adapting their play style. We saw an example of this during The Summit 7 where they decided to not choose the same hero the entire tournament (!). Play’s like that makes it super hard for opponents to predict’s moves.

The players in VP are on an even level when it comes to skill; their strength comes with the synergy within the team. They have stayed in shape for the second half of this season, but it’s still uncertain whether they’ll do well or not in Seattle.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: The Summit 6 (1), The Summit 7 (1), Kiev Major (2)

Evil Geniuses (NA)

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest teams in Dota 2 and has had several different lineups representing the organization. But, they have, despite all the roster changes, managed to put on consistent performances since 2014. EG already has one TI title in their bag and could potentially be the first team to be two times The International champions. They’ve won 4 tournaments and hundreds of thousand dollars in prize money since September 2016.

EG has always put a lot of burden on its team captain. The legendary player PDD has earlier been the captain, but nowadays the Dane Cr1t has taken over the role, and it seems like he’s doing a great job so far. Cr1t forms, together with Zai, EG’s support duo and is often seen putting up massive combos for their team with heroes such as Warlock and Void.

Arteezy and Sumail are two incredibly talented players that can dominate their opponents, given that they have the right leadership. The offlaner Universe is famous for his ability to land amazing skill shots. EG has everything they need to secure their second TI trophy; it’s up to Cr1t to compose the perfect drafts as we saw earlier this season.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn (1), China Top 2016 (1), The Manila Masters (1)

Team Liquid (EU)

Team Liquid has been on a dark road after losing its captain Jerax and mid player Fata. But they have bounced back in 2017 and won a couple of tournaments; they won Epicenter 2017 just a month ago where they beat elite teams like EG and VP.

Team Liquid has a lot of new blood on its team; they still have the experience they need in player Kuroky. Kuroky is TL’s backbone and solely plays off of his strategies. Miracle, Matumbaman, Mind Control and GH are all brilliant players, but they can look a bit clueless without the right in game leader to tell them what to do. A top 6 finish for Team Liquid is not unlikely if they can perform like they’ve done the past weeks.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: EPICENTER 2017 (1), Dreamleague Season 6 (1), Starladder i-league Starseries Season 3 (1)

Invictus Gaming (China)

IG was considered to be one of the best teams in Asia just a few months ago, but their current form is awful, and they’re nothing more than a mid tier team right now. An invitation was still handed to them, they’re still a well-known name, and we’ve seen them destroy opponents like OG and Chinese teams.

IG is struggling with adjusting to new strategies, which seem to be common among Chinese teams. Their star player Boboka is often ”target banned” so they have to pick his hero during the first picking phase. IG tends to prioritize the wrong picks and end up with heroes they don’t understand how to play.

However, they have been fighting their way back to decent form and could do well in Seattle. One thing is for certain though, they will have to get their draft game straight in TI7, or they’ll be in trouble.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Dota 2 Asian Championships 2017 (1), Kiew Major 2017 (3-4), Dota Pit League Season 5 (4)

Newbee (China)

Newbee got the second and last Chinese invitation. They’re the number one ranked team in China. What Newbee is lacking is a great leader, we’re not too sure that they’ll go far in The International 2017.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Nanyang Championships Season 2 (1), Dota 2 Professional League Season 3 (1), Zotac Cup masters (1)


A total of 12 teams qualified to The International 2017 and everyone will participate in the group stage since Valve has removed the Wildcard stage.

Team Secret (EU)

team secret ti7Team Secret is not the same team they once were. They used to be one of the best teams on the planet, but have fallen off lately. They’ve not received a lot of invitations. Instead, they’ve had to qualify for many tournaments. Team Secret is in a weird spot where they are considered a tier 1 and tier 2 team at the same time.

The support player Pieliedie shockingly chose to leave the team back in May this year. So Puppey had to switch to position 5 and replace PLD with Yapz0r, and these two have proven themselves to be an excellent support duo. Yapz0r is famous for his Rubick which almost always gets banned during the first phase.

Team Secret is often trying to out farm their opponents early on in matches. They tend to pick heroes they’re comfortable playing, but can also adapt to different play styles. The team leader Puppey has a lot of experience which shows with his picks and bans. It’s tricky predicting an outcome for this team, could either go far or leave the tournament early.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Summit 7 (2), EPICENTER 2017 (3-4), Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn (4)

Planet Dog (EU)

planet dogQuite a new team to the competitive Dota 2 scene, the team was in fact put together just before The International 7 qualifiers. Their players may be unknown, but the reality is that they’re experienced and have participated in lots of minor tournaments. TI7 is their first big tournament, and we don’t know what to expect, they could surprise.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: The International 2017 Europé Qualifier (2)

Team Empire (EU)

team empireIt’s been years since Team Empire put on a good showing in a tournament. This season has been tough on Team Empire, but they did at least win the CIS TI7 qualifier. We’re sure they’ll come prepared, and we firmly believe that they can get out of group stage. The question is if they can perform in playoffs?

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 (5-6), Summit 7 (7-8), Moscow Cup (1)

iG Vitality (China)

ig vitalityiG Vitality is a relatively new team and plays in the same organization as Invictus Gaming. iG dominated the qualifier in China – a qualifier with lots of top contenders, like LGD and LGD Forever Young. This team is a mix of new talents and veterans, keep an eye on their star player Paparazi.

Paparazi can be compared to EG’s Sumail – an incredibly talented player who got discovered playing solo queue and in house leagues. iG players Dogf1ghts and Sakata are new to the professional scene as well. This is a team to follow during The International 2017; they can go far if their superstars deliver.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: World Cyber Arena 2016 (1), Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 (4), Dota 2 Professional League Season 2 (2)

LGD.Forever Young (China)

lgd forever youngA Chinese team who grabbed the second place in the TI7 qualifier, they have plenty of competent players like DDC and Super. They recently also finished second place in Mars Dota 2 League 2017. LGD. Forever Young is currently on the same level as LGD Gaming. However, LFY has improved a lot since 2016, but we’re not sure if it will be enough against top contenders in The International 7.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Mars Dota 2 League 2017 (2), EPICENTER 2017 (3-4), Boston Major (5-8)

LGD Gaming (China)

lgd gamingOnce considered one of the best teams in China and internationally with plenty top placements in tournaments. Their focus this season has been China with mixed results. LGD did, however, win Mars Dota 2 League and defeated teams like OG and Newbee. LGD Gaming can go far in Seattle if they can perform at a level they have the last couple of months.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Mars Dota 2 League 2017 (1), Summit 7 (3), Dota 2 Professional League Season 2 (3)

TNC Pro Team (SEA)

tnc pro teamA team from the Philippines that has primarily played in the SEA region, for this reason, we haven’t seen much of them internationally. However, they did shock the Dota 2 scene when they finished 7-8 in TI6. We’re not expecting TNC Pro Team to accomplish a lot this year though. At most, we believe they can go through to the playoffs if they’re lucky.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: World Electronic Sports Games 2016 (1), Kiev Major (9-16), Starladder i-League Invitational #2 (2)

Fnatic (SEA)

fnatic dota 2One of the best teams in the Southeast Asia region, that’s not saying much though, as SEA is one of the weakest regions. Lost against TNC in the qualifier and haven’t had much luck earlier this year either. Unfortunately, things are not looking too good before TI7.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: ESL One Genting (7-8), ZOTAC Cup Masters (3-4), MPGL Southeast Asia Championship (4)

Execration (SEA)

execrationAnother SEA team which arguably is one of the weaker teams attending The International this year. They will probably not even make it out of groups. At the same time, their aggressive style can surprise a lot of opponents, so there is a small potential for an upset.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: MPGL Southeast Asian Championship (1), ROG Masters 2016 (2), Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 8 Championship (3-4)

Team NP (NA)

team npFive successful veterans make this North American team. We’re sure you’ve heard of EternaLEnVy, FATA-.MSS, aui_2000 and Peiliedie before. Their captain is known for his aggressive playstyle and questionable calls which have caused a team wipe for NP. There’s a lot of experience within in the team, but their current form is pretty awful.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: The Manila Masters (3), Summit 7 (4), ZOTAC Cup Masters (2)

Digital Chaos (NA)

digital chaosDC went against all the odds during TI6 and went all the way to the final where they sadly enough lost. They haven’t accomplished a lot since then, and the roster is completely different today. If they can’t sort out how to play in TI7, they will probably head out of the tournament faster than they would like.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: Kiev Major 2017 (9-16), Summit 7 (5-6), ZOTAC Cup Masters (5-6)

Infamous (SA)

infamousValve has introduced qualifiers for underrepresented regions, such as South America, where Infamous claimed a spot to TI7. They’re based in Peru, and their only known wins are in South American qualifiers. We can’t find any international success, apart from a few wins against American teams. Infamous is the most inexperienced team in TI7.

Top 3 results 2016-2017: World Electronic Sports Games 2016 (4), WESG 2016 Americas Final (1), Dota 2 BEAT Invitational Season 8 (3)


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