Kick off the new year with these ESL One Genting 2017 odds!

Kick off the new year with these ESL One Genting 2017 odds!

betway best esports odds

Not even a week into 2017 and ESL are already hosting a $250,000 Dota 2 tournament in Malaysia. We’ve got a mix of Western and Asian teams which will make for some exciting matches.

Among the teams, you’ll find Team NP, Wings Gaming, and Digital Chaos. There’s the potential for some huge upsets. Betway and bet365 are offering some spectacular odds, and you could be in for a huge payout if you bet on the right ones.

The tournament format is a classic group stage with teams split up into two groups with the top 2 from each advancing. This will also be the first big tournament on patch 7.00!

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Group A: Virtus.Pro, Fnatic, Newbee, Team NP
Group B: Digital Chaos, Execration, Wings Gaming, Warriorsgaming.Unity

From 6th to 8th January you have the chance to make money on one of the most interesting Dota 2 tournaments of the season.

Who to bet on at ESL One Genting 2017

As we mentioned ESL, One Genting provides us with one of the most interesting mixes of teams for a tournament this season. We’ve gotten some help from our friends at Betway and bet365.

Betway and bet365 have provided betting on eSport for a long time and have a deep understanding of it. They take it as seriously as any other sport and ensure you have the greatest odds and latest matches ready for betting.

The odds listed are for the winner of the entire tournament.


This CIS team has been impressing us lately with their win at The Summit 6 and 5-8th placement at The Boston Major 2016. A lot of the teams that have been giving VP trouble will not be attending this tournament, increasing their chances to lift the trophy.

Betway odds: 2.75
Bet365 odds: 3.00

Wings Gaming

You probably already know of this Chinese Dota 2 team since they won The International 6. Since then we’ve seen nothing but mediocrity from the once all-time greats of China. Wings should still be able to put up a fight against most of the teams attending Genting.

Betway odds: 3.80
Bet365 odds: 4.00

Digital Chaos

After their impressive TI6 run, DC have been busy showing that it wasn’t just a fluke. With a 5-6th place at The Summit 6 and a 3-4th one at The Boston Major 2016 they may just have proven us wrong.

Betway odds: 7.00
Bet365 odds: 8.00

Team NP

Team NP is a team very similar to DC right now, and it’s unsure where they will place. They most definitely have the potential to defeat every single team at Genting, especially on the new patch. We look forward to seeing how they will perform.

Betway odds: 11.00
Bet365 odds: 13.00

A new patch

Dota 2 receives patches all the time which inevitably shift the balance among the teams. The latest one is more than just a patch, however. The latest patch goes under the number 7.00 indicating major changes.

We strongly suggest that you read up on a lot of new features as they have altered the gameplay significantly.

A team that was mediocre on the previous patch could very well challenge the best of teams now and vice versa.

betway best esports odds


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