The Manila Major Complete Betting Guide

The Manila Major Complete Betting Guide

The Manila Major Betting Guide

The Manila Major Complete Betting Guide

Tournament: The Manila Major 2016
Date: 3-12 June
Location: Manila, Philippines
Prize pot: $3,000,000

The 3rd and final major before TI5 is rapidly approaching with group stages beginning 3rd June. This is sure to be an exciting major as teams are not only fighting for their share of the $3,000,000 prize, but also for an invite to The International 6. We got old favorites like NaVi and Alliance playing in the same tournament again. China will be looking to redeem themselves after the Shanghai Major whilst western teams like Team Secret and Evil Geniuses need to show that their new rosters are capable of winning.

Schedule, Groups and format

Group Stage – June 3rd – June 4th

  • Split into four groups with four teams in each
  • All matches are best of 3 with double elimination format
  • The top two teams in each group advance to the upper bracket of the main event
  • The bottom two teams in each group advance to the lower bracket of the main event

Main Event – June 7th – June 12th

  • Double elimination bracket
  • Eight teams start in upper bracket and eight teams start in lower bracket
  • The first two lower bracket rounds are Best of 1, the rest are Best of 3 except for the grand finals which are Best of 5

Group A: OG, Team Empire, Newbee & CompLexity Gaming
Group B: Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos, Team Secret & Natus Vincere                           
Group C: Team Liquid, Alliance, Vici Gaming Reborn & Fnatic
Group D: Evil Geniuses, Mineski, MVP Phoenix & LGD Gaming

Betting on The Manila Major 2016

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Participating Teams

There were 12 direct invites for this major instead of the usual 8. The last four teams in the list played through qualifiers.

Team Secret
Won the Shanghai Major with an impressive performance against Team Liquid in the finals, but after that, they made some surprising roster moves. Mid player w33 and offlaner Misery were both kicked in favor of Arteezy and Universe, both from EG. They have since then played 3 tournaments and finished dead last in 2 of them and a 5-6th finish in the other. We have seen this happened to Team Secret before and it was a month before the Shanghai Major which they ended up winning. You should absolutely not count Team Secret out based on their last tournament performance, especially since they have only played 3 tournaments.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid have had an impressive run for the past months having finished 2nd in Shanghai Major and ESL One Manila and winning EPICENTER a few weeks ago, a tournament with all the top teams attending. They can be seen as the big favorites to win the major.

Evil Geniuses
Having lost 2 players to Team Secret, EG has struggled for some time now. Their new players Bulba and Aui2k have struggled to fit in and captain PPD can’t seem to find a playstyle for the current patch that fits them. It’s unlikely that they will win the major and at most we can expect them to reach the upper half of the tournament.

MVP Phoenix
This South Korean team have shown impressive results at the tournaments they’ve attended and recently won WePlay Dota 2 league earlier this month. We haven’t seen them play any of the stronger teams in a while, but they have proven that they can take down a lot of teams like Empire, Navi, and EG.

Wings Gaming
A lower tier Chinese team that won ESL One Manila 2016 back in April. A few days ago they played in The Summit 5 qualifiers where they won and beat every other Tier 1 Chinese teams. The Chinese scene has been unstable for some time now with teams taking turns beating each other so it will be interesting to see how Wings will perform.

Vici Gaming Reborn
Not to be confused with Vici Gaming, which is another Dota 2 squad under the same organization. They are one of the stronger teams in China but have recently been losing out to a lot of the other top Chinese teams like LGD and Wings.

The strongest SEA team After MVP Phoenix. They have shown great results against other teams in their region while struggling against teams from the west and China. They also switched out their support player recently.

OG prove they are a top 8 team by consistently beating other teams like Navi, Complexity, Alliance and more. When it comes to facing other top 8 teams they can be very inconsistent and you never know if they’ll win or lose often creating nail-biting series. While they probably won’t win the major you can definitely expect them in the top 8.

Complexity Gaming
One of the 2 NA teams at this major, though they only have 2 players from NA. Still a bit better than the other NA team Digital Chaos who only have 1 NA player. Complexity is a team with incredible talent and if they play their best they have shown they can beat nearly any team, but they often “choke” or draft poorly and lose before the game has even begun.

Alliance seemed to be on a comeback as one of the greatest Dota 2 teams earlier this year but have since then suffered a number of defeats. For this Major, they are using Synderen, a dota veteran, as their new coach. We will have to wait and see if Alliance has made any major changes to their strategies since their last tournament a few weeks ago. If they haven’t then they might go out before reaching the top 8 even.

Natus Vincere
The most famous Dota 2 team by far. Natus Vincere used to be legends and one of the best teams. When their captain Puppey left the team in 2014 the team struggled to find a replacement and have since then played poorly and often not qualified to tournaments. Things have looked a bit brighter for them recently where they have gotten some decent tournament placings but still losing consistently to higher ranked teams.

LGD Gaming
They have been trading wins with other Chinese top teams but we haven’t seen them play internationally for some time now. It’s hard to say how they will play.

Digital Chaos
Featuring former Team Secret players w33 and Misery this is a relatively new team. We haven’t seen much from them and what we have seen has been against other NA teams where they have performed well.

This team recently went on a 21+ win streak with wins both in China and internationally. For a brief time, they looked unstoppable but were eventually put down by Team Liquid at Epicenter where they lost 2-3. We saw them a few days ago lose a series to Wings Gaming. Other than that there haven’t been anything and despite that loss, Newbee should still be a team to be feared at the Major.

Team Empire
Once the best team in the CIS Region, they have, however, been struggling for the past few months. They recently rebuilt the entire roster and we have seen them play a few international teams like Team Liquid and EG which they lost to.

The only team representing the Philippines and came through the SEA qualifiers. There isn’t too much to say about them and they should be one of the first teams to go out.


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