Prepare yourself for Dota 2 Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 3 with these spectacular odds!

The last season of the SL i-League StarSeries was highly successful and provided us with some of the most entertaining Dota 2 matches in a long time. So, of course, it’s no surprise that we and other Dota 2 fans are incredibly excited for Season 3. February 23-26 are the dates you want to mark in your calendar if you want to watch and bet real money on high-quality Dota 2.

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Secure a massive payout with these insane odds

You can already get a bet in on which team you think will win SL i-league Starseries Season 3 on Betway and Bet365. Pick the right odds, and you could hit the jackpot.Below we’ve provided a list of the odds that offer a big payout while also taking into account the team’s chances to win.


Odds: Betway 2.75 | bet365 2.75

This is the safest choice and looking at OG’s recent performance most experts believe they will win. OG did recently lose to EG, but EG aren’t participating, meaning OG won’t have to face their biggest threat. Safe odds tend to offer a little payout, but the current odds at 2.75 means you can earn the big bucks depending on your bet amount.

Team Liquid

Odds: Betway 5.50 | bet365 6.00

Team Liquid is looking to redeem themselves after a rough last few months. TL have had a hard time adjusting to their new roster, but they have some of the most talented players in the scene. They finished 1st in the qualifiers beating teams like Secret and Navi.

Digital Chaos

Odds: Betway 13.00 | bet365 13.00

Digital Chaos have quite high odds considering they recently won ESL One Genting 2017 and are regarded as one of the better teams in the world. While not a 100% safe it’s worth placing a smaller bet here and potentially strike a goldmine.

All listed odds were updated 9th February 1 AM CET and may have changed since then.