The International 2016 Betting Guide

The biggest eSports tournament in the world kicks off August 3rd featuring a $18,000,000+ prize pool! And the pool keeps growing and could very well exceed $20,000,000 when the tournament starts. You’ll get to see 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world battle it out in Seattle from August 3 to August 13. Our listed sportsbooks have boosted their odds due to The International 2016!

the international 2016 betting

The International 2016 Betting Sites

Betting on Dota 2 gives you another layer of excitement when watching the games, not only do you get to enjoy some of the best Dota 2 in the world, but you’ll also win money. We’ve listed our top sportsbooks below, they offer great odds and will, of course, offer real money bets on The International 6.

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The International 2016 Groups and Format

16 teams are split into 2 different groups where the top 4 teams in each group advance to the upper bracket while the bottom 4 advance to the lower bracket. All group stage matches are bo2.

All matches are Bo3 except the first round in the lower bracket which is Bo1 and the grand finals which are Bo5.

Group A
Natus Vincere
Evil Geniuses
LGD Gaming
TnC Pro Team
Escape Gaming

Group B
Vici Reborn
MVP Phoenix
Digital Chaos

The first 6 teams listed were invited directly while the rest qualified.

Perhaps the most impressive team since TI5, having won 2 majors and several other tournaments including ESL One Frankfurt and Dreamleague. Definitely one of the favorites to win it all.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid have been playing very consistent this year having scored 3 2nd places and one huge win at Epicenter. 3 of those second places were in the majors and while Liquid struggle against the very best teams they do always get at least a 3-4th placement.

After several roster changes, Newbee has improved considerably and won the Nanyang championship earlier in July where they beat Wings Gaming. They are currently one of the best Chinese teams along with Wings.

LGD Gaming
Having failed to qualify for a lot of tournaments we haven’t seen too much of LGD lately, despite this, they did earn an invite to TI6 after placing 4th at The Manila Major.

MVP Phoenix
A South Korean team that shocked everyone when they won several tournaments earlier in the year. They are a bit unreliable and you never know where they might end up in the tournament. Could very well get a top 4 finish or go out first.

Natus Vincere
This legendary team has struggled for 2 years now, but with the latest roster changes, they took the 2nd place at ESL One Frankfurt 2016 which earned them an invite to TI6. It is unlikely that Navi will go very far.

Evil Geniuses
Having won TI5 you may be a bit surprised to see that EG had to qualify for this tournament. Due to changing rosters, they were forced to go through the American qualifiers which proved an easy task. We can’t say much about EG as we haven’t seen them play a real tournament.

Digital Chaos
Finished 2nd in the NA qualifiers and is made up of several veteran players from Europe. While impressive against NA teams they have not shown too good result internationally.

Wings Gaming
Perhaps the best Chinese team right now after winning The Summit 5 and beating OG 3 – 1. They are known for picking different heroes every game and surprising the enemy team.

Team Secret
After changing rosters Secret went from the best team in the world to one of the worst. They changed rosters again and had to qualify for TI6 where they crushed the other teams. How they will perform at TI6 is hard to say.

This Swedish team have been in a slump for 2 years now, but did win two tournaments this year and finished 2nd in the Europe qualifiers.

TnC Gaming
A team from the Philippines, they won the SEA qualifiers. Will most likely not go very far in the tournament.

A team from SEA, they finished 2nd in the SEA qualifiers. Could surprise but unlikely that we will see them proceed very far.