WCA (World Cyber Arena) 2015, december 17 – 21

WCA (World Cyber Arena) 2015, december 17 – 21

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16 of the world’s best Dota teams compete in China from the 17th to 21st December for over $672,000 in prize money. You can of course bet real money on all of the matches. Here you can find information about the tournament as well as reviews of the best sportsbooks.

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Teams and Format
All the group stage matches are played best of 2 and the top 2 teams from each group advance to the playoffs. The remaining teams are eliminated from the tournament. The playoff matches are all best of 3 except the grand final which is a best of 5.

Group A
Team Secret
Wings Gaming
Team Empire

Group B
LGD Gaming
Team YP

Group C
CDEC Gaming
Invictus Gaming
TNC Gaming

Group D
MVP Phoenix
Team Liquid
Digital Chaos

In Group A the big favorites are Team Secret and although they have shown some lackluster performance recently they should breeze through their group. Team Empire are looking to take the second playoff spot, despite changing their carry player recently they are still a strong team compared to Fnatic and Wings Gaming who are both considered very weak.

Anyone advancing from Group B but LGD Gaming and Newbee would be a big shock. Team YP and Leviathan are both weak teams from the NA region who have only succeeded in small online tournaments and lack the international experience. In Group C we have a similar situation with the big chinese teams Invictus Gaming and CDEC Gaming and while neither of them are considered among the best teams in China they are still miles ahead of the two other teams who both hail from the Philippines.

Group D is the most interesting out of the four groups. Here we have the swedish team Alliance who just a few weeks ago kicked their support player and brought back EGM to their roster which means they have the same lineup from their TI3 days.

Team Liquid recently won The Defense 5 where they beat both OG and Alliance so they are the favorites to come out on top in this group. Both MVP Phoenix and Digital Chaos are considered to be mediocre and unable to compete with the bigger teams but with Alliance recently performing very poorly it could become an interesting battle for the second playoff spot.

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