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EnVyUs was established in 2007 and is an American team involved in esports. They have a number of short names and nicknames that include nV and The Boys in Blue. Like many of the other organisations, the group has teams in a wide number of different games, such as League of Legends, StarCraft, Halo, Gears of War, Overwatch and CS:GO. Though successful in all of these different games, it is for their success in Call of Duty that they are particularly known for and the reason they were originally founded.

Overwatch Team

EnVyUs’ Overwatch team is a fairly recent addition to the overall roster, having been created in 2016. It came together as a result of IDDQD joining EnVyUs in order to play the game. Since its inception however, both Talespin and Internethulk, who were original team members, have left, and the current line-up now stands as Cocco, Chipshajen, Harryhook, Taimou, Mickie and Effect. Though new to the Overwatch world, the team has already seen a number of successes in various tournaments, earning themselves prize money between $1000 and $32,000.


The CS:GO team was created in 2015, and therefore hasn’t been around that much longer than the Overwatch team. Despite its rather short run at this time, the team has enjoyed a number of successes around the world, including ESL One, StarLadder Series and the Gfinity Spring Masters. Recent years have seen the line-up change rather a lot, which does not make for a totally stable environment or a very cohesive team. The current line-up is Happy, SIXER, Rpk, ScreaM and xms, and this has proved to be a very successful combination.

League of Legends Team

The League of Legends team surfaced in 2016 after EnVyUs managed to get three Renegades players to join their ranks. Their first games were exciting, demonstrating their team spirit, yet despite an early winning streak, they were unable to go all the way through to the end of the first split. A roster change in mid-2017 brought new blood to the team in the form of LirA, Nisqy, Pirean, Seraph and Apollo.

During the past few years, nV has seen their fair share of ups and downs, however 2015 and 2016 were both particularly fruitful years across a number of different esports games, with a plethora of first place wins garnering them some great prize money wins. 2017 wasn’t as successful; with only a few wins in Overwatch, and as yet, 2018 has not seen a successful campaign, though there is plenty of time for the team to turn it around.

As well as achieving a number of successes in the actual gaming world, nV has also achieved a number of awards in various player and team categories, with wins for both best esports player and best esports team of the year, demonstrating their ability to be great across the board. The organisation is always improving and adding to its roster, bringing in new games to play and widening their horizons in the gaming market.