Esports Betting Bonus

When it comes to any online betting, there are always numerous bonuses that can make the game even better and esports are no exception. We have gathered the best esports betting bonus offers in 2019!

Best esports betting bonuses 2019

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
3 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
4 100% up to €100 Review Play
5 Bet €10 get €30 in free bets Review Play
6 100% bonus up to €50 Review Play
7 Check bonus info Review Play
8 100% bonus up to €100 Review Play
9 3 deposit bonuses Review Play
10 100% up to €100 Review Play
11 10% Cashback Review Play

When players are looking to bet on esports, as well as checking the odds available and games that are on offer, they should also be looking to see what promotions and bonus offers are available to them before signing up to a particular betting site.

These bonuses will vary greatly between sites and also have different wagering requirements, which players should pay particular attention to as some bonuses cannot be withdrawn until the requirements are completed.

In addition, many esports bonuses are dedicated to new customers only, but there are those dedicated to long-term players as well so it is important to check out whether the player is even eligible. Outlined below are a number of the different bonuses that are available for players who choose to partake in online esports betting, as well as those more traditional bonuses that have been around for a longer period of time.

Deposit bonus on esports

A deposit bonus is one of the most common types of online bonuses and is usually found in the form of a welcome bonus. To access this bonus, players need to be new to the site in question and must make an account with the betting site. They will then be required to make a first deposit, and there is usually a specific range of betting amounts that must be made in order to qualify for the bonus.

The bookmaker will then match the deposited amount with the specified percentage amount advertised by the bonus. For example, some sites will offer a match deposit bonus of 100% on values up to €200 while other sites may offer a 200% match on values of €50. It is therefore important that players check all of the offers before selecting the site they wish to play at.

There are huge advantages to utilising a bonus of this kind, the most obvious reason being that it can greatly increase the amount of money the player has to play with. They will be able to make more bets and test out a wider range of options on essentially, the same bankroll budget that they have set aside. Of course, it is important to check what the wagering requirements are for this type of bonus, as some have strict conditions that can prevent a player from accessing any of their winnings.

Free bets

Free bets are another very common form of a bonus that is offered specifically to new players. Some sites will offer a bet of a certain amount completely for free just because a player signs up to their site. It should be noted though, that this free bet amount is determined by the amount that the player initially deposits into their casino or betting site account. As with the previously mentioned bonus, there are wagering requirements that must be met if the player wishes to retrieve any of their winnings.

Failure to meet the requirements can result in the site simply taking back the bonus free bet and all winnings that have accompanied the free bet. In some cases, even when the player has fulfilled all requirements, the player will only be allowed to keep the winnings they have made, with the casino then taking back the free bet after all conditions are met.

A less common version of the free bet is the no deposit free bet. This is much sought after as it is free and, as the name suggests, does not need the player to deposit any of their own money into the account, all they need to do is sign up. This is a great bonus to take advantage of as it is completely free and any winnings are a complete bonus.

Players can make bets and trial out areas of the site that they might otherwise not have tried out had it been with their own money. The bonus amount will vary from site to site, though it is usually of a much lower value than the bonus offered alongside a player deposit. As with the other bonuses, there are usually wagering requirements in place.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets are also commonly found in the esports world. This type of bet is offered to new players in order to get them involved in the betting world. Essentially what happens is that players will make a wager on an event or eSport outcome. If they win then they will get to keep their winnings as is usual with betting. However, the bonus comes into play if a player should lose. In this instance, the player will be credited with the value of the bet directly into their account, leaving them with a completely risk-free bet.

However, there are requirements that must be fulfilled by the player in order to receive back the bet value should they lose and these must be adhered to otherwise players can risk losing the bonus completely.

An example of one such bonus would be something along the lines of getting 100% on a bet of up to €50. Requirements could state that the bonus must be played through three times in order to make a withdrawal, so if the player were to play the €50 three times and lose all three times, then the money would be reimbursed in full to their account.

The requirements are usually the same should the player win, with the winnings needing to be played through three times before withdrawals can occur. It should also be noted that some sites also have specific bet or odd limits which must be adhered to, preventing players from just betting on any game or event.

Other types of bonuses within esports

Esports betting sites don’t just offer bonuses to new players, but also offer bonuses to older or loyal players as well. These types of bonuses often occur as a monthly bonus and come in a wide variety of options, including the aforementioned bonus types. Loyalty bonuses are also rather more commonplace these days, with players earning points when they make bets at the specific casino or esports site.

These points can then be converted into prizes, cash or other bonuses when a certain point value has been reached. In some instances, this comes in the form of a free bet, particularly when there is a big game on and they know many players will participate.

Bonus code / promotion codes

For most of these bonus types players do not need to enter a bonus code of any kind but simply need to make an account with the site. Some sites will require a code and this can be input by the player when they are prompted. Sometimes this means that the code will need to be entered when the player signs up to make an account for the first time.

At the end of the day though, it is important the players do check the various options on offer before jumping onto the nearest bonus that they see. Terms and conditions should be read through carefully, paying particular attention to the time frame and the number of times the bet has to be played through.