Esports Betting UK

esports betting ukEsports is the latest addition to the online gambling world. Popular computer games that many of us simply play for recreation at home have made the transition to the competitive professional sports world. Now it is possible to watch top-level players battle it out for the top spot in a wide variety of esports games. With this popularity, there has been a rise in interest from the viewers to be able to place bets on these events, after all, what better way to get involved, raise the stakes and increase excitement, than by getting in on the action yourself.

To help you get the most out of your esports betting in UK, we will outline the best sites and what titles are available for you to get involved with. Other areas that are covered include how to gamble and an outline of legalities that go along with it.

Best UK esports betting sites 2019

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
3 Bet €10 get €30 in free bets Review Play
4 100% bonus up to €50 Review Play
5 Check bonus info Review Play
6 100% bonus up to €100 Review Play

There are a number of esports betting sites UK that stand, for various reasons, head and shoulders above the rest and these include Bethard, Betway, bet365 and Mr Green. The following are why these sites should be your go-to sites.

  • Security – Each of them ensures that all data provided by you is protected so that no third party has access to it. In addition, the sites are all licensed and operate under fair gaming rules and regulations demonstrating that all the games and betting options will be fair and unbiased.
  • Esports markets and the game selection – Each site offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging list of games that are available. This includes a number of the mainstream games as well as some of the more recent game offerings. These sites also offer a great selection of betting options, allowing players the chance to make more complicated bets on specific games.
  • Bonus offers – There are a wide number of different bonus offers available ranging from free bets through to match deposits. There are different terms and conditions attached, so players are recommended to check these prior to settling on one casino.
  • Payment methods – There are numerous ways to pay offered by each of these casinos. Harking back to the aforementioned security for each of these sites, the payment options available all follow on from this and only vendors with stellar reputations are used, ensuring that all transactions occur in a swift and timely fashion.

Bonus offers and free bets for bettors in the UK

esports betting uk free betsCasino bonus offers are often a point of contention as many players are unclear whether accepting them can be a hindrance or a help. If utilised correctly, these bonuses can be of great use in not only helping you to gain a little bit of extra cash but also in offering invaluable practice and experience in the gaming environment.

There are a number of different bonus types offered to players on these esports betting sites. One of the most common of these is a match deposit bonus. This simply means that when a player makes a first deposit, the casino will match it usually around 100%, meaning that the initial deposit will be doubled. Doubling a deposit means that the bankroll is that much bigger and allows players to try out more games, bets and other aspects of the site without fear of running out of money.

Similarly, free bet offers allow players to put money on bets they might otherwise not have taken. It gives them valuable insight into the way the betting system works. Even better, some of these bonus bets are offered risk free, which means that if you lose your first bet, you will get the money back to try again. However, where players come to their downfall is when they don’t look at the requirements that are attached to these bonuses. Not paying attention is where things can go wrong and cause players to lose money rather than gain it.

Where can I find the best offers?

There are a number of sites that offer excellent bonuses, particularly as welcome offers to new players. Betway, for example, offers a 100% match deposit bonus available if the player makes a first deposit of £10. In addition, a free bet is also awarded up to the value of £30, though this value will depend on the amount originally deposited. The reward must be claimed within a week of registering an account and there are a number of terms and conditions that must be adhered to following acceptance of the bonus.

Bethard also offers a number of different bonuses. A welcome bonus offers players up to an extra £50 to play with depending on the deposit amounts that have been made. In the first week, players will be entitled to an extra £5 bonus every time they place a wager of £100. This can be claimed up to ten times but is only valid in the first week of play. Players should note that a minimum deposit of £20 must be made in order to qualify.

Mr. Green also offers similar bonuses along with boosts that will change depending on the market that it is being applied to. This will be applied to markets and a variety of sports as well.

Is esports betting legal in the United Kingdom?

As with all betting and casinos, esports betting is completely legal in the UK. However, there are a number of licensing restrictions that sites must go through in order to adhere to the strict regulations that are in place with the country. Alongside a number of other European countries, the UK has legalized and regulated online esports betting as long as the site is a legitimate one. Players participating in the activity must be over the age of eighteen though.

All gambling sites within the UK are under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission. In August 2016, steps were made to ensure that esports betting was made safe for UK gamblers, partly due to the issues arising over skin gambling where players could swap items won from games as a form of cash to place a bet. In fact, the UK Gambling Commission was the first in the world to put legal clarifications on to paper regarding esports betting.

The research that followed allowed the governing body to determine that esports betting did, in fact, constitute a form of gambling and therefore would be regulated under the usual gambling rules currently in place. This important step meant that there are boundaries in place to monitor esports betting and help to protect those who participate in this form of entertainment, preventing gambling from becoming a source of criminal activities, protecting minors and ensuring that all operations are fair and open.

Payment methods available for UK players

payment methods united kingdomWhen it comes to making esports bets in the UK, there are a large number of different methods that UK gamblers can use to pay for their online esports betting. The first of these are the more traditional options such as simple debit or credit card transfers using Visa or MasterCard. The most popular and commonly offered method is through an eWallet such as Skrill or PayPal, as these offer fast and secure transaction options with some of the lowest fees and withdrawal times. Another option is bank wire transfer, though this is usually reserved for those who wish to deposit large sums of money.

In more recent years, there is the option to pay through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, though not all online casinos accept this form of payment. Likewise, there is the ability to pay using skins. As previously mentioned, skins are items that are gained by playing one of the esports games. Players can trade these in for a specified and agreed upon value, which can then go towards the bet they would like to make.

Which esports titles are available for betting?

When it comes to esports betting United Kingdom residents are lucky in that esports betting has been made completely legal. As the sites improve and the sport becomes more mainstream, there is a growing library of games available. Currently, players can enjoy placing bets on some of the really big names in the esports world including CSGO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

How big is gambling in the UK?

Throughout recent years, gambling has become much more accessible through these multiple online platforms. As a result, the industry in the UK has boomed. Between 2015 and 2016 the UK Gambling Commission released figures showing that the remote sector comprised of 32% of the market as a whole with a gambling yield of £4.5 billion. The total for the entire gambling industry was a whopping £13.8 billion, a massive 2.9% increase over the previous year. As of the end of 2017, the remote gambling market has risen a further 1.5% making up 34% of the entire UK gambling market and this upward trend doesn’t look likely to slow any time soon. However, with all this growth, the jurisdiction is keeping a close eye on proceedings to ensure that customers are protected at all times no matter the industry growth.